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Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room

Mini Fall Family Room Makeover-Pillows from Etsy, Pottery Barn and H & M

Welcome to my modern farmhouse fall family room and second week of the Farmhouse Holiday Series hosted by my friend Kristen at Ella Claire. I am honored to be a part of this talented group of farmhouse bloggers as we head into the festive season ahead.  Last week these ladies shared their kitchens and I was blown away. So….if last week is any indication of what this week will bring, grab your cup of coffee and get comfy.


If you follow my blog then you know I like to change things up. I keep all my larger items pretty neutral so I can play and have fun with each season. If you visit last year’s fall tour then you know what I am talking about, my home feels completely different this time around. As I get older I have this need to simplify and hold onto things that make me happy. I really wanted a change in here so I made some simple adjustments that made a huge difference. Often we get overwhelmed thinking we need to change everything at once. You definitely don’t, setting a clear plan for the look you want will help you achieve your house goals over time. Creating a mood board or Pinterest board for each space is a great way to start.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-fiddle fig tree and caramel leather chair

I started with the coffee table. I loved my old one but it was time. After looking for over a year I finally decided on this one from Industry West and  I couldn’t be happier!!! This room is our main lounging hub so I knew I wanted something large. Truth be told I was nervous it was too big, you can tape off and measure all you want but until you have it in the space you just don’t know how you will feel. It is perfection!!! Is it possible to be in love with a piece of furniture? Well, I am!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour & Mini Makeover-Ikea Hacked Desk & Vintage Light. Restoration Chair, Target Basket

My hope for this modern farmhouse tour is that it feels effortless and easy to achieve. I didn’t want to overcrowd the space but to feel like autumn is here with textures, organic tones, rustic elements, lots of greenery and cozy details. The art above my fireplace from Minted is still a favorite and the color palette reminds me of fall.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Ikea Sectional & Leather Chair

The second thing I changed was the rug. The old rug had a large trellis, Aztec pattern and although I do still fancy it, I thought a rug with a softer pattern might feel nice. And I was right, it does!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Vintage Stereo as TV Console

And the third thing I added to this large space is a large plant. I have been on the hunt for a Fiddle Leaf Ficus plant for years and found one last week at a local flower shop.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Ikea Ektorp Sectional, Large Modern Coffee Table, Pillows Etsy, Pottery Barn & H & M

I also added pillows, surprise! My collection keeps getting bigger and bigger, its crazy, time for a yard sale:). I found these on Etsy , it’s my favorite place lately for pillow covers. I love being able to wash them and use feather inserts, it makes a huge difference!

Fiddle Leaf Ficus Plant

I used pumpkins sparingly here, I wanted them to feel like an accessory.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Ikea Hacked Desk, Vintage Light

Isn’t that rug yummy!! You can find it HERE. Paired with a rug pad it feels great underfoot. It’s funny Jack immediately was like “mom this feels great on my toes!”

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Using Neutral Furniture & Accenting With Indigo

This room gets flooded with light which is wonderful but sometimes it is hard to photograph. I tried to get the room at different angles so you could see the layout.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Ikea Slipcover Sectional & Layered Indigo pillows


Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Using Natural ElementsFerns make me happy. I layered in quite a few different species, hopefully I can keep them alive through the winter, wish me luck, seriously!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Rustic Desk & Vintage Light

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Leather Chair by Article

This embroidered pillow is from the Pottery Barn Outlet, I bought 2, one for my fall backyard and one for my family room. When I see a good deal at the outlets on pillows I need to get a pair. I am so glad I did, they are prettier in person!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Ikea Ektorp Sectional

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Simple Mantle

Like I said this space is BIG, so when we host events and celebrations this is where everyone ends up oddly enough, I think its the fireplace. We huddle around the coffee table, using all the stools, ottomans and poufs, in addition to the sectional and chair. It’s actually really nice, it’s super cozy. Christmas Eve is always a favorite!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Industry West Coffee Table

Isn’t this coffee table incredible?!

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Barnwood Ikea Hacked Desk

This rustic Ikea Hacked desk is the perfect place to work as I have views of the bay. It doesn’t usually look like this though. Usually it is covered in notes and papers.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Moraccan Rug from Rugs USA

Nothing says fall like cozy slippers, a warm blanket and a cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Cozy Rug from Rugs USA

Modern Farmhouse Fall Family Room Tour-Simple Fall Mantle With Ecualytus

Are you comfy yet? Good, because here is the rest of the incredible farmhouse family room tours:)!

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And today’s featured guest – A burst of Beautiful.

A big thanks to Country Living for hosting this tour!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a beautiful day friends!

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  1. Looks so beautiful and cozy! Could you give your Etsy pillow sources, please? I’m always on the lookout for great pillow shops. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Jen. Your living room keeps getting better… even when I think it can’t possibly. The coffee table. What?! How do you even find these things!? The rug– so YOU but so much better than before! Also. Your pillow game is KILLING IT lately. Can you just buy all my pillows for me? mmmmkay thanks. 😉

    1. Thanks Rachel, your comment made my day!! I am in love with that table and I love that shop so I am always on the look out:). The rug is like a breath of fresh air, loved the one before but…ahhh…Haha! Heading over to yours now!! Jen

  3. Hi, does your sofa have feather cushions? If so can you let me know how you keep them from going flat.

    1. Hi Lisa, no its not even close, haha, its from IKEA. I have had a all down sofa and it was very hard to plump. After that sofa I went to a cushion that was wrapped in down and that was much better. These are very basic foam cushions but believe it or not they still look good after 4 years. Good Luck! Jen

  4. I absolutely love your space!! I was wondering if you could give the source for the desk in front of the windows? I love it!

  5. I love your mantle and that picture above it! It goes perfectly with the sofa’s and the whole room, plus it gives you that calm relaxing feeling. Awesome job on everything it looks so perfect.

  6. Beautiful room. Would you be willing to share your wall color? Love the neutral color and it is strong enough to pair with white for a nice contrast.

    1. Hi Tracey, it’s Valspar Natural but its discontinued:(. It is really pretty with white. Thank you so much! Jen

  7. Perfection!! I can’t keep my eyes off your t.v console. Please disclose info, I must have!

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