Oh, hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m so happy you are here.

First off, your home is beautiful, just the way it is. You’ve worked hard and sacrificed an enormous amount to say it’s yours, so let’s sit in that miracle for a moment. Now, let’s embrace the idea of progress. Let’s stop putting the pressure on ourselves to have the perfect house yesterday and start shaping a sanctuary with meaning specific to our needs. And in the process, let’s give our home the gift of time; after all, home wasn’t built in a day.

A little bit about me: I’ve loved home for as far back as I can remember. Long before my love affair with decorating started, it was simply a sense of belonging that felt different from home to home. I am a third-generation DIYer, yup, that’s right, even before it was a thing. My grandmother, on her days off from the phone company, would restore a piece of furniture by day and make the most delicious homemade fettuccini by hand at night. My mother stripped and painted furniture she found at yard sales, sewed professional-looking clothes, and loved her ceramics.

I founded City Farmhouse in 2011 with the intention of crafting a creative career while balancing life as a stay-at-home mom. The goal was to build a resourceful platform to inspire other home enthusiasts to embrace the idea that a loving home takes time to bloom. What I didn’t expect was the flood of incredible opportunities with well-known brands and magazines that came along with it. As a designer, style expert, and photographer, I learned skills that I could have never learned in a classroom. The cherry on top was meeting the most supportive group of creative women.

A fun fact, I am also a writer. In late 2020 I finished my first novel as a tribute to my late sister. Redefining what it means to be a late bloomer and how seasons can surprise you. I am currently being represented by The Seymour Agency and am on submission with two books. Fingers crossed. I write small, beach town romances set in the Hamptons and the North Fork of Long Island with good design and lots of heart. Think Something’s Gotta Give meets Something Borrowed. Currently, I’m working on my second novel; it’s set in a small coastal town with a reality television element, incredible houses, and love.

We live in a renovated cottage steps from the bay on the east end of Long Island. Unfortunately, my husband John isn’t Bob Villa, nor does he wish to be. But on the plus side, I’m learning skills I would have otherwise never had to learn. When he’s not busy paddle-boarding, surfing, or golfing, you’ll find him at least weed-whacking or cutting the grass. Although I wear many hats, my biggest and greatest accomplishment yet has been being a mom to two fun-loving, kind, and intelligent boys. And I can’t leave out my furry child, Denver, the love of our lives.
Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me!