Rustic Chic Family Room + New Rug

Rustic Chic Family Room + New Rug

Hi friends! I am finally sharing some rustic chic updates in my family room as well as my new rug. A rug can make a room, at least that was what I have always heard.  I am a reformed neutralist when it comes to rugs, my love of sisals dates back to over a decade. I realized lately I wanted more- pattern that is. And yippie yay, I found the perfect wool trellis rug at Rugs USA!!! Oh my gosh, what a difference a rug can make! It is a little more modern but I love how it works seamlessly with all of my rustic furnishings.

Rustic Chic Family Room-getting the look for less

 The rug really is perfect, it has a large pattern that will not fight any other patterns I introduce in the room, the grey + cream still keep it neutral & it’s is so soft under foot.  You can find it HERE.

Trellis HK85 From Rugs USA

If you read THIS post then you know I originally wanted the rug for my dining room but decided to do a switcheroo. I swapped my bleached sisal {which is my favorite sisal of all time} from my family room and put it in my dining room {picture is at the end of post}.

Rustic Chic Family Room-Rug from Rugs USA

This room has evolved over the last 3 years + that has been the fun part. I don’t want a room to be finished, I think that is why I take my time with things. We as people are ever changing so why shouldn’t our rooms do the same, at least that is what I tell myself:-).

New Family Rug from Rugs USA

I did put a rug pad underneath + it makes it even more cozy. My family loves to lay on big floor pillows + watch their games.

Rustic Chic Family Room-Dollar Store Vases

Rustic Chic Family Room + New Rug from Rugs USA

Trellis HK85 From Rugs USA + Ikea Hacked Table

Trellis HK85 From Rugs USA + Ikea Sofa

 After 3 years of DIY’s, budget friendly projects the room finally feels complete.TV on vintage stereo flanked by mirrors + shelf

White Ikea Sofa + Rug from Rugs USA {Trellis HK85}

 And the dining room with my bleached sisal. I just love it! I know I said I was done with sisals in here but sometimes when you move things around you change your mind.  I just needed a change from the original. We have had a few accidents already + a little Oxy Clean Laundry Stain Remover saves the day every time.


Rustic Chic Dining Room


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Rugs USA is having an amazing sale right now, head on over!

Have a beautiful day,

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  1. Jen, I LOVE them!!! Both such great choices!! Just when I think your rooms can’t be anymore spectacular, I love it when you prove me wrong. They are both just so great!! Love RugsUSA

  2. Wow, I love all the neutral rugs! I think the one you chose is my favorite and it looks so great in your space! So cozy. Makes me want to come over for coffee and chat. x

  3. Absolutely love it! So amazing how much a rug changes a room. Loving the feel from your new rug. And switching out the sisal too…WOW!!! It looks more natural & textured than the other one. Love it! Also, loving your pops of coral & teal. Just well, loving it! Ha!

  4. We seem to love same colors, gray, teal and coral. I have those colors in our living room since we painted this past summer. Have gray, coral and apple green in bedroom. The colors seem so soothing to me, love being in room with them.
    Your family room is incredible, so welcoming and relaxing looking between your furniture, accessories and anything else in room, it’s fantastic. You have look I’ve been slowly working to emulate in my own way. You are an inspiration to me. My tastes and ideas of decorating have changed so much since I started hanging out on blog land. I have my favorite bloggers and designers.
    I sure love your new rug, makes a person want to lie down on it. As good as curling up on bear rug on a hearth.
    Happy days and hope you’re enjoying the season

  5. You have great style, I love the soft palette in your home. I am trying to achieve this look a little at a time and bought a table similar to your coffee table. I am looking for a stain for the table but can’t seem to find one like the color on your table.. very frustrating! Could you please tell me what color of stain is on your table and the brand? I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Hello, I love your curtains in both of your rooms, the color is just what I am looking for. Do you know the source and can you please share? =) Thank you!!

  7. everything turned out beautifully! i have admired the color in your living room- i am sure somewhere along the way you have posted it, but i cannot seem to find it- would you humor me and tell what color that is? thanks!

  8. I’d love to know where your coffee table is from, or is it another of your masterpieces??

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