Favorite Neutral Rugs + Finding The Perfect One

 Happy Friday friends!

Are you up for a little rug shopping today?

Favorite Neutral Rugs + Finding the perfect one

I have a confession to make…

when it comes to rugs I am slightly non-committal {well up until this point}.

The thought of committing to a pattern or color would scare the heck out of me.

The reason being that

a. they are costly

b. my style is constantly evolving

Can any of you relate?

But…I have been wanting a change for while now.

So I decided to take the plunge & begin looking again for my dining room.

Simple Fall Dining Room & Table

Although I like my sisal, it is so hard to keep clean with 2 boys, a dog & a husband who likes to come in with wet feet from the bay:).

I adore patterned rugs & decided that it might be a better choice for a dining room.

Finding the perfect rug isn’t always easy, so here are some things to keep in mind…

purpose, size, material, weave, color, price.

I first began pinning all the ones I LOVED at first glance.

Then went back in & began holding my I-pad up to floor-

this can be tricky as color may not be accurate but at least you can see scale of patterns & compare.

Take your time, sometimes you can get caught up in selecting based on a trend {guilty}.

I am happy to say, I found one!!! Yay!!

But you will have to wait to see which one.

In the meantime here is a round up of all my

Favorite Neutral Rugs from Rugs USA….

{their phenomenal 60% sale ends today}

Rugs USA Charcoal TRellis

1.Nava Trellis

Rugs USA Charcoal Ikat  2.Surya FrontierRugs USA Cream Shag

3.Keno Moroccan Shag

Rugs USA Gray Wool

4.Trellis Rug

Rugs USA Beige Wool TRellis 5.Tuscan Nadra Trellis

Rugs USA Wool Trellis Rug

 6.Homespun Nelina RugRugs USA Wool Stripe

7.Cotton StripedRugs USA Moraccan Shag

8.Moroccan Shag

Rugs USA Light Gray Wool 9.Tuscan Ikat

Rugs USA Brown Trellis 10.Homespun Moroccan

Rugs USA Gray Ikat

11.Ning Ikat

Rugs USA Velvet Gray

12.Velvet Trellis

I hope this list helps you in your rug search!

Have a beautiful weekend,

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  1. I’ve been seeing all your rug pins on Pinterest, and I can’t get over how awesome these rugs are. I want them all, especially that Moroccan Shag..In Love!! Can’t wait to see which one you picked 🙂

  2. These are all great rugs…I’ve been to Rugs USA and they have some awesome choices. Shopping for an area rug is like shopping for a sofa…pattern? No pattern? Color? Neutral? Yikes! Sisal is gorgeous and a border can really tie it into a room, but as you said, it’s tough to keep clean. I just found a rug for my living room at One Kings Lane. I still have two more I need so I will go back to Rugs USA and check out your Pinterest board.

    Jane xx

  3. I found a rug I really loved in your selections. Been looking for while as so many rugs have brown in them. I’m really sick of brown, tan, whatever. Our living room is painted a very light gray and art is in mostly light aqua frames and more aquas in other accessories with some slightly darker grays. It’s very soothing and light in our l/r now. I want an area rug to cover up as much of that awful carpet as can be. No replacing it is not a financial option, groan.
    The carpet on floor that came with house is horrible, mixed brown/white high low. YUK! Want to take it up but we need something to help warm up floors in winter as we live west of Grand Junction, CO which gets pretty darned cold. We have ceramic tiles on kitchen/hallway, mudroom and bathroom floors, very cold. There is no foundation under our mfg. home so believe me in winter I wear 2 prs. heavy socks and my ugh boots to keep tootsies warm. OH and the carpet in other rooms is dark green high low. Gee whomever picked things for this house needed some help. You should see the awful plastic paper patterns on walls. EEEEK. We painted our living room early summer and what a difference it made in the room so looking forward to painting rest of rooms. Bathrooms were painted year or so after we bought this house.
    Look forward to seeing what you picked for your dining room. I get much inspiration and ideas for my own home from so much I see on blog land.
    Happy weekend and Fall.

    1. Hi JaneEllen,
      I bet it does get cold up there, we used to live in CO too:). It sounds like you are making some nice changes in your home, layering a rug on top of your wall to wall sounds like a good idea. Someone said they just extended the sale, yay! Let me know how you make out. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jen, these are gorgeous!! I have to admit I was sad because I thought I missed the sale only to discover it has been extended!!! Okay I am asking your help here… please!?! So our dining area is a high traffic area, as in its the main path from the family room/back yard to the living room/kitchen hallway and currently has “wood” laminate flooring (biggest mistake ever as i dislike it but that is a story for another time….) which is glossy, shows ever single foot/paw print. So how does one figure out out what size rug to place under the table? Especially since it is somewhat narrow. One side of the room opens up into the kitchen but to keep the table centered under the lighting the table is closer to a wall of shelves which serves as an open pantry of sorts. Yes by removing the wall of metal shelves all would be properly centered (and I know that is we were to put the house on the market I would have to remove them as they could possibly send the message that the kitchen doesn’t have enough space but I just have more in the kitchen than the normal homeowner…. big into preserving AND having a WELL STOCKED pantry.. ha ha!) You can email me if you want…. (and if it would be easier.) Thank you so much! Oh yeah we have a BIG dog which is one of the reasons I am thinking of adding the rug, add warmth and less paw prints. Once again thank you so very much for any suggestions you might have.

    1. Hi Peggy! I would be happy to help:). We could set up a consult, you can send me photos of the space & we could do it that way. My email is [email protected]. It sounds like you have lots to consider, would love to chat.
      Have a great afternoon!

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