DIY Birch Bark Car + Tree Terrarium

DIY Birch Bark Car + Tree Terrarium

When I was little we had a very large baby blue station wagon, crazy as it seems now but I would sit in the front seat in between my parents for our little adventures. I was the baby, my siblings were all much older than me so it was just us 3 every year driving our XXL wagon to the Christmas tree farm. My dad would of course let me have the final say + when that perfect tree was found we launched it to the top of our vehicle, tied it up and headed home happy as can be listening to my dad’s favorite holiday tunes. My brother + 2 sisters would be waiting home to decorate and that was the best part. I remember Christmas and all the things that led up to it more than anything else from my childhood. My mother poured her heart into Christmas, with the holiday cookies, the decorations, the tree trimming, the music and of course helping others + giving back. I feel so blessed to have those memories locked away in my heart.

DIY Car & Tree Terrarium {perfect fun decortion the kids will love}

Every year you all know I decorate big for the holidays + showcase my home for the Holiday Housewalk. I decided this year to make it more fun for my boys and go all out for them in their playroom. I will be using classic reds and adding some fun tones, not so typical for me but I am excited. I want them to remember these moments and that they had a part in it too. I also have another reason for wanting to make their space this year to be magical, I will share more soon, I promise!!!

DIY Christmas Tree & Car

 With that being said I have some cute DIY’s up my sleeve for this season. One of which is this super easy Birch Bark Car + Tree Terrarium.

DIY Car & Tree Terrarium {City Farmhouse}

The car + tree has been a popular theme for ornaments + decoration so I thought why not make a terrarium. While I was making it Jack, my little guy wanted to actually play with it, so of course I had to make him his own. We are sure getting in the holiday spirit early here but I am LOVING it!!!

DIY Christmas Terrarium-simple & fun project

This is so simple, the list of things you will need is below. I do have one tip for you, find your car 1st {I buy mine as CVS} then the bell jar or glass top. I had a few in my home luckily, there is nothing like having this idea + not being able to finish it.

DIY Birch Bark Car + Tree {what you will need}

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Have a beautiful week,

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  1. I saw something similar on pinterest, and then they used glass etching to do small little dots of ‘snow’ on the glass dome itself. Cutest idea ever! I guess you couldn’t reuse the dome for anything else, and I’ve never etched anything before, but it just looked so adorable. thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Will have to check Michaels out for birch bark slice. Haven’t seen them at our Michaels tho. Maybe I can find them online in their store. Want to make this, just really need the car. Saw really cute little squatty station wagon at Tractor Supply so will have to get one very soon. Have seen this same thing in a jar, both are great. Love the idea. I have a few cloches so made scenes in all of them last year, looked so Christmasy, loved how they turned out. Great project. Happy season.

  3. I have been wanting to make one of these! I looked at a couple of CVS stores for the car, but no luck at mine. 🙁 Any hints as to where in the store I might have missed looking? Thanks for sharing your adorable ideas.

  4. I pinned this several days ago, and was in CVS today and found the same red station wagon! Thrilled! My toddler son is playing with it and I plan to add a tree to the roof in the very near future. Finally a Christmas decoration I can keep within his reach!

  5. Is the station wagon an ornament or a toy? Does anyone know how much it was at CVS and what section of the store it was, holiday ect? thanks

    1. Hi Staci, they are toys. they should be on the end cap somewhere & they are 5.99. Hope that helps:).

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