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The Best Planter Idea For Your Outdoor Space

Every year the week before Mother’s Day to a garden center to pick out flowers. But it’s not just any garden center, it’s the one my mom took me every year the same week when I was a child. Although she’s been gone twenty-six years, these little traditions keep her alive in my heart. She would buy herself flowers for Mother’s Day, and I do the same. And when I plant them, I feel her with me.

As much as I tried to keep it simple this year, I couldn’t. This is my main splurge of the year, and honestly, it brings so much joy to my life. So, I guess I’ll have to go without Ulta this month, ha. The main focus of the trip to the flowers nursery was to get flowers for my NEW POTS. I found them at Walmart and in my humble opinion, they are the best bargain of the summer!

The Best Planter Idea For Your Outdoor Space.

Okay, back to the flowers. You never know what you’ll find, but to my surprise, I found Gardenia topiaries, BINGO! This led to the best planter idea for my outdoor space, so I needed to share. Then came the filler. I knew I needed some height at the base and to balance the white with a classic hue. I also wanted a parity of aromas, so I added Lavender and Silver Bright to the bottom.

I have a few tips for your container gardens. First, if you need a lightweight filler for drainage and filler, try cutting up pool noodles. Second, perlite in the soil. it helps with drainage. And third, use coffee grinds for acidity, which Gardenias love.

Gardenia topiaries planters for summer.

You can shop my FULL OUTDOOR FAVORITES to see what I’m loving this season. Most of the list I have purchased like the EGG CHAIR, TREE STUMP TABLES, and LANTERNS.

Lavender and silver bright filler. Walmart fluted planters.

This post contains affiliate links. It just means that I make a small sale by curating and using my favorite products.

Porch life, City Farmhouse by Jennifer O'Brien

You can shop my FULL AMAZON STORE here.

Gardenia topiaries, the best planter idea for summer!
Egg chair from Amazon
Ellan fluted pots Walmart
Summer front porch and planter idea. City Farmhouse by Jennifer O'Brien.
Best planter idea for your front door.

Happy day, friend!

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