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Best Garden Hack for Your Tomato Plants + More-Potassium Water

I’ve been on a quest for years to up my tomato-growing game. And if I’m being honest, it hasn’t been going so well. But this year is going to be different, a change is coming, thanks to the amazing advice on Gardentok.

Garden Hack for Your Tomato Plants + More-Potassium Water

I’ve consulted professionals and avid gardeners for years, and most said spend more time on the soil, fertilizer, and watering. So year after year, any morsel of advice I try. There were a few good years but didn’t harvest as many as I’d hoped. You see, I hand water, and summer gets busy. I know in an ideal world, I would do it twice a day, but often I fall short. This year I vow to be better with that.

Best garden hack for growing tomatoes!
Lets make potassium water for our tomato plants

Getting back to this year. I am armed with tips and tricks for this season, and I’m bringing them to you in the hopes it might also up your tomato game. Let’s start with a garden hack that has been all over the internet, potassium water.

DIY Potassium Water.

This is so easy! Slice your banana peels. I usually do one per container. And add them to water, around 32 ounces. Let that sit for 24-48 hours and then strain. Pour onto the roots. This is great for tomatoes, peppers, roses, orchids, succulents, fruits, and flowers. It’s supposed to aid in root heath as well as fertilizer and pests. If you have an organic garden, just be sure you’re bananas are also organic. And be sure to google this method if in question if it’s right for your plant.

Beat garden hack-Potassium Water

I’ve also had so many questions about my tomato trellises, aren’t they pretty? I’ve DIYed my own version for years, and they weren’t great for the vast amount of effort. This is one of the best purchases of the summer. You can also visit my OUTDOOR SHOP, most of the items I’ve already bought and tested, and my main Amazon Storefront.

Bamboo Trellis for garden Amazon

Have a happy day, friend,

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