DIY Craft Paper Frames, Silhouettes & Family

Hi friends!

I am sorry for being absent from blogland this past week.

Do you ever get to a point in your busy life that you need a break,

to take a step back to once again be fully present in your life?

The last 2 weeks have had so many highs with Better Homes & Gardens Makeover Madness


most days I seriously wanted to pinch myself that I actually made it to the FINAL 4!!!

But with the excitement and happiness surrounding a dream come true

came some very tough & sad news of a dear & close friend.

With that came a need to take some time off from projects, posts & social media.

To just take a deep breath, to reflect, to just be grateful & to be all there with my family:).

Maybe you can relate.

Speaking of family….

I made these Simple Silhouettes a while ago.

I placed them on chevron background,

{you can use any scrap book paper or wrapping paper following the link above}

and scanned them into my computer.

Onto the frames…

Do you have a ton of old miss matched frames, like me?

If so then have I got a fun project for you using,

 Craft Paper!

It is the perfect natural tone, I love using it for DIY,

check out THIS wall art I created a few weeks back.

Craft Paper Frames & Silhouettes {City Farmhouse}

What you will need for the Craft Paper Frames….

1. old frames

2. craft paper torn into small strips

3. Mod Podge Gloss

4. foam brush

5. Burnt Umber craft paint

beautiful neutral textured frames-City Farmhouse

The easy how to….

1. Wipe down your frames.

2. Take your craft paper strips & apply the Mod Podge to the backs.

3. Add each strip on frame pressing firmly, adding a layer of glue on top of paper as well.

4. You will repeat this process until the whole frame is complete.

5. Let dry

6. Take your burnt umber & apply around the edges unevenly to give a worn look.

Craft Paper Frames & Silhouettes {City Farmhouse} Easy DIY project for all of your old frames

Craft Paper Frames & Silhouettes in Neutral Spring Family Room {City Farmhouse}  The worn caramel texture works well with the gray silhouettes.

DIY frames with craft paper - City Farmhouse

 DIY Speckled Paper Mache Eggs City Farmhouse

Some simple touches for Spring, click HERE for the Speckled Egg Tutorial.

Simple Neutral Touches for Spring {City Farmhouse}

And here is my little Jack playing behind the sofa with his trucks as usual:).

DIY Frames & Neutral Family Room {City Farmhouse}


On another note,

I am leaving shortly for my trip to Better Homes & Gardens.

I will be competing against 3 amazing bloggers in a DIY Challenge.

I am super excited!!!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram,

I will be posting lots of pictures from my trip:).

The final voting will be Tuesday April 8th,

I will be sure to remind all of you.

And thank you again for ALL of your support!!!

It has meant so much to me:).

Have a beautiful week,


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  1. I’ve been in the process of making silhouettes of our family {getting a profile picture of my two-year old has proved a little challenging!!}. Using scrapbook paper is such a great idea!!

  2. Awesome craft! I was wondering what color your wall is. I absolutely love it.

  3. Dear Jen,
    I am so sorry to hear that it has been such a difficult time for you. Congratulations on being part of the final 4!! I was so excited for you when I found out. Have a wonderful trip! And thank you for sharing your lovely frame project with us! Have a wonderful day, my dear!!

  4. Jen, LOVE the frames, good way to spruce up some dollar store frames! Congrats on making it to the final four. My other team made it too (Gators!) Sorry that something sad put a damper on that happiness and I wish you well in your grief.

    Have fun and don’t forget to remind up to vote- I’m old and forget!


  5. Woo Hoo! So excited for you! And yes, I understand the need for a break…it is good to slow down on occasion. I never want to miss the important moments of life for the sake of busy-ness! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  6. Love the frames!! It amazes me how creative you are. Congratulations on being a finalist. Awesome!!

  7. Love these frames and silhouettes. So beautiful, Jen! So sorry to hear about your friend. So very sad. x

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