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Rustic Urban Tween Room

Rustic Urban Tween Room Feature

Hi friends! I hope your week is off to a great start. Last week we had our winter break, so we were home for a few days and then mixed it up by heading HERE for a long weekend. It is a great little getaway for us, we hop on the ferry from northern Long Island, Orient to Connecticut then drive an hour and we are in the quaint, historic, New England coastal town of Newport, RI. We love it, do you have a place you just love to visit? I would love to hear about it, I am so fascinated by different parts of the country, the history and what makes it special.

Ok, lets get to the good stuff. I have been busy designing both of my boys bedrooms the past month or so, these things take me forever. Last week I shared my favorite navy paint colors because I have been in search of the perfect shade to paint some furniture in both rooms, I will use some vintage pieces I have already along with some new items from HERE and lots of bargains I have picked up along the way {& a few splurges too}.

It has been 5 years since we moved into our home and I am just now designing my boys’ rooms. It has been said before but let me just say again, I take my time with decorating especially when I am unsure. I never really wanted to commit to a theme or a moment in time with them. I think that is partly why it has taken this amount of time. I like to be certain before I jump into things, even decorating, lol. Plus, I wanted to see their little personalities develop because at the end of the day this is their space too. First up is Shane, I will share Jack’s room design in the coming weeks.

Some negatives about his room, it is small, dark and 2 walls are unusable, so I have had to get really creative with this space. I am not sure why but I did paint Shane’s room Navy a few years back. I love the color but it made it even darker, which I loved at first but his room often feels like a cave.

The Plan – brighten up the walls, paint the trim and doors gray, give more storage, make it cohesive with color by painting his furniture {including bunk beds} a dark navy, bring in texture for a cozy, rustic feel, layer in old with new, add things he loves and hold meaning, make it functional by bringing in extra seating, much needed lighting & shelf space and rearrange the furniture.

Rustic Urban Tween Room Source Guide

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This is the before shot from when we first moved in….

Shanes Bedroom Before 1


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Stay tuned:)! Have a happy day!

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  1. They new paint job looks great! Especially compared to what it was before… I suppose it wasn’t bad for a nursery for something, but it’s definitely not a “tween boy” paint job. You definitely fixed that 🙂

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