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DIY Modern Coastal Art-Using An IPhone Picture

DIY Modern Coastal Art-Easy Tutorial. Coastal Decor-FREE Printable

Hi there friends! Are you feeling the summer vibe? If so you will love this post! With the warmer weather comes dreams of days spent at the beach, feeling the hot sand in my toes and warm sun on my face. I have often said beach days are my favorite days because of the pure gratitude felt while being able to be entirely present with my family. The days seem to be simpler and much more relaxed, throw on my favorite chambray shirt over a swimsuit and I am good to go. There is certainly less time to fuss and more time to play and I LOVE that! As many of you know we live out on eastern Long Island, the pace is a little slower out here and the sandy coastlines are endless. The east end is also home to the Hamptons and the North Fork, which is wine country, so I do feel blessed to live where I do, plus the city is a little over an hour, so I have the best of both worlds:).

Ok, getting back to summer and the beach, it is our happy place so when designing Jack’s room I knew I wanted a modern coastal feel and since he LOVES ocean life it was a win, win for both of us. I am not much of a theme person but I did want to bring in coastal elements in a modern way, yet still have it be fun & playful for Jack, who just turned 6. I also wanted it to be meaningful and a great way to do this is by adding DIY art. I saw THIS print and knew I could create something myself that had significance for our family. I started scrolling down my iPhone pictures from last summer, looking for the right seascape and colors & bingo, I found it – the one. The colors were pure & perfect, so I knew I had to invest in the printing part so the tones would hold their value, as I was planning the color scheme around the SURF & TURF palette.

Are you ready to make some DIY art? This entire process is SO easy! I kid you not,  if I can do it, then so can you! Here is how to create your own modern coastal print…

1.Find a clear shot from your iPhone or camera. Look for abstract qualities, like layers of colors that are uneven. If you have pictures from a tropical vacation, this would work really well since you would have a beautiful variation of blues.

2. Upload to Pic Monkey, you can use other programs & software, I just think this is the easiest. I pay $5 a month for upgraded options but you should be able to create this with a free account.

3. Make it square and be sure it’s under 2000 x  2000 px.

4. Play with the filters, I think I did a little “dusk” and “rapture” & faded them a lot.

5. Go to “frames” and click “shapes”, then “circle,” I made the background white. At this point your seascape should be in the circle and the outer portion white.

6. Save to your computer.

7. Time to print. I chose THIS online source, they allowed me to choose the size I wanted, other sites wouldn’t print pictures this large. I did pay a little extra but it was well worth it, I have had things printed less expensively but the color quality wasn’t there. Something to note, they said the clarity wasn’t going to be 100% but I took a chance anyways and it’s perfect.

8. Time to hang your print. You can buy a frame or hang it with THESE wooden dowel hangers. I saved a little money by going the less traditional route plus it’s rustic, which works well for his room.



DIY Tutorial for Making This Modern Coastal Print, plus FREE Printable

If you want to use this print for your own home & for personal use ONLY please feel free, just right click and “save as.”


DIY Modern Coastal-easy tutorial to make this custom print + FREE Printable

Using an Iphone Picture You can Create Modern Coastal Art

Stay tuned, I am working on sharing Jack’s inspiration board for his modern coastal room for next week, in the meantime, you can check out Shane’s room HERE. In cased you were wondering, the wall color is Sherwin Williams Pure White, which I am now obsessed with and want to paint my entire house with it:).

Pure White Sherwin Williams


While we are on the topic of kids rooms, lets talk vintage. The easiest way to make a space feel balanced and connected is by using things from the past, with history and meaning, along with your newer items of course. Here are 10 great ways to give your kids rooms vintage style, and the best part, you will save money in the process! Click HERE to read the article at Better Homes & Gardens….

Kids Rooms-10 Great Ways to Add Vintage

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. This came out so great, Jen! I love everything about it – the circle shape, the photography, and the way you hung it. Looks soooooo good!

  2. What a great piece of art! I think using photographs in the home is a wonderful way to personalize the decor. I am going to do a similar thing in my teenage son’s room. He has a wall that needs a little something on it. I have some great photos from the beach in Santa Barbara, as well as some fantastic photos from our vacation home on Balboa Island. Now, I just need to find the image I want to enlarge.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

    1. Thank you Michelle! Ooo, that sounds so mice! I bet it will look great! Have a nice weekend! Jen

  3. I love this! I am curious as to what size you printed and the kind of paper that it was printed on. Thank you.

    1. I’m so sorry to keep bothering you, I think that you are referring me back to the original posts to find the size and type of paper that the image was printed on, I just do not see the answers when I go back, I must be missing something? I know the image is a square just not sure how large it is and when I go to the printing site that you used I’m guessing it is photographic paper?

      1. Hi Suzi, so sorry! The print is 30″ x 30″, I hope that helps, and yes, its photo paper:). Have a good night! Jen

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