The Best White Quartz Alternatives To Marble

We are finally updating our kitchen!!! Like most people, I have been enamored with the idea of using Carrara Marble for the last several years. This natural stone is surely stunning but what about it’s functionality and maintenance? We all know messes and spills happen, especially in a kitchen. Because of it’s porous nature, I started to think it may not be the right fit for us long term. I began researching to find a white countertop surface that had less upkeep and more functionality. I found white quartz, it’s a great alternative to marble yet still gives that clean,bright and natural aesthetic.

I am currently partnering with HanStone, on this project. If you follow my blog, then you know I have wanted to update my counters for a while. They have an incredible selection of white quartz surfaces, which has made this a tough decision. They will all work well, if you also have a white kitchen in mind but some have more hints of one shade over another. See below for their descriptions.

The best white quartz alternatives to marble. HanStone

Some of the pros to using quartz…..

-it’s engineered, so it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles

-it gives a rich look but with less maintenance

-it’s a non porous surface, which means it doesn’t harbor bacteria, so it’s cleaner

-it has the same durability as concrete and granite

-it will not chip or crack easily

-it resists staining much better than granite, marble or concrete

The cons….

-it can be expensive

Initially I wanted a warmer shade of white with grays and browns but honestly they are all beautiful, it is tough to choose. I narrowed it down to 6 of may favorites below.

Chantilly  is described as white, grey and cool.

Chantilly HanStone Quartz

Chantilly HanStone Quartz: White and Black Bathroom Reno

2 Whistler is described as white, grey, warm, light and earth, which made sense if I am doing a earthy coastal kitchen.

HanStone Whistler White Quartz

Whistler HanStone Quartz. Rustic Kitchen Reno

3 Yorkville is described as white, grey, brown and warm.

yorkville quartz HanStone

Yorkville HanStone Kitchen Counters

4 Soho is described as grey, brown and warm.

Soho HanStone Quartz

Soho HanStone Quartz Counters

5 Monterey, described as white, brown, grey and cool.

Monterey White Quartz Countertop- HanStone

Monterey White Quartz Fireplace-HanStone

6 Montauk, described as white, grey, brown and warm.

Montauk HanStone White Quartz

Montauk White HanStone Quartz

My Earthy Coastal Design plan is below. I have to admit, I am excited but also nervous, any advice?

White kitchen makeover plan. Earthy coastal with long subway tile, woven CB2 barstools, black hardware, brass accents, a statement island in SW Cast Iron

I am going to be sharing my picks on IG stories later, so be sure to stop by and give your vote!

Have a happy day friends!

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  1. You are so smart to NOT use marble. It is super porous and easily chips. I used white quartz several years ago and it is still gorgeous. No maintenance issues – just beauty. Enjoy (and don’t feel bad about dumping marble)!

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen! using quartz over the normal marble might be expensive but it’s worth your investment.It is a non porous surface meaning its not friendly to bacteria.I’m definitely going for this.

  3. I used Hanstone “Campina” in my kitchen and love it! Looks similar to your selections — not too blotchy, but enough going on to be interesting. Very pleased with the durability and lack of maintenance issues.

  4. I love these quartz alternatives to marble. All the options look so elegant and gorgeous. Although quartz can be expensive, it’s definitely an investment that pays itself in the long run. Quartz looks so sophisticated and adds some special spark to every space you place it in, it’s really a smart choice. 🙂

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