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DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

Hi friends, I hope you had a nice weekend. Last week I was in NYC for the Lowe’s Spring Event and although it was work, it was also so much fun! I was given a bathroom & an outdoor space to design and both exceeded my expectations. The set team took my visions and brought them to life and the Allen & Roth new line of tiles blew me away. I got to explore the city with THIS  girl and her amazing friends, we started at the flower market on 28th and then explored Central Park, after that followed the Friendsgiving Event at the Ramsacle to launch Lowe’s new line. I remember looking over the city the first night, as I was finishing up my outdoor space thinking, how did I get here, I felt so blessed for the opportunity!

Ramsacle View NYC

Lets talk tassels! Tassels are a hot trend right now so I thought I would create an easy DIY that you can add to your holiday décor-Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments. Tassels tend to be sort of traditional looking so I decided to use leather, I love the caramel tone and texture, it makes it seem more rustic.

This is what you will need, its SO simple…



leather/suede lace [.125″]

[tip-I bought 25 yds at the craft store with a coupon, that way these will cost you just over $1 to make each one]

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

Start with an 8″ piece of lace, this will be the tie on top so you can use them as an ornament. Then wrap the leather generously around the cardboard with your 8″ piece on top.

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments Slide off the template and tie the top.

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

Take another piece of lace about 12″ and begin to wrap a section 1/2″ down from the top. These are rustic so they don’t have to be perfect.

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments Just tie in the back and trim.

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

Trim the bottom if needed.

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

Ta da…

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

DIY Rustic Leather Tassel Ornaments

This is an easy DIY, you can even make these with your little ones or grandchildren with yarn or tinsel, they will love that they are part of creating holiday decorations with you.

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Have a beautiful week,

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  1. wow Jen, how exciting for you to get to do that decorating job, gives me shivers thinking about how talented you are to be chosen to participate in that project. Then we have to wait til Spring to see what you’ve done? Darn. That is one breath taking photo you shared with us, thanks.
    Love your tassel ornaments, rustic but quite sophisticated. I loved all the projects you featured today and think I’ll be doing the antler ornaments. Will look tomorrow to see if can find the birch wood pieces, if not will fall back on making our own with wood blanks. Wish we had some branches that needed trimming, would love for my antler ornaments to look as nice as yours. Where in dickens do you find miniature deer to paint? Love that project also, so easy.
    I was trying to make some paper projects but left hand is just not cooperating at all so had to give that idea up, can hardly cut things out, one of those doggoned senior afflictions, arthritis. Just in time for me to be on deadline to get things made. Ah well, such is life, so began hunt for projects can do, hey, ya get lemons, make lemonade.
    Hope you and family enjoying Fall, happy week

    1. You are the sweetest person & I love reading your comments, thank you so much for taking the time to write these nice words, it really made me smile:). I am glad you like my projects, they are simple & fun. Let me know how you do. Have a great week! Jen

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