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Top On Trend Pillows + Tips For Picking The Right Ones

Thank you all so much for the sweetest comments you shared about our new den and furniture. I am in the thick of painting today and so far, it’s looking good. My pillows & my art arrived yesterday and my vision for this room is finally coming together, yay! Pillows & art are a great way to personalize a space, make it feel current and authentic to you & your family. I wanted to take the planning of my den and break it down to offer some advice and/or ideas to you as I go along. Today lets talk pillows.

Here are 7 no fail tips for selecting the perfect pillows and my top 20 on trend picks….

My Top on Trend Pillow Picks-City Farmhouse


Think texture, this is always a top priority for me. Do mix linen, leather, woven textiles, embroidery, crewel, mudcloth, hand-dyed, shag, faux furs, etc. There are so many textures out there to play and have fun with. You can usually tell if a texture is off, for example I wouldn’t mix a shiny sequence with a linen or mudcloth.

2 City Farmhouse Fall Family Room Mini Makeover 2

Know your style. Some of you may have more experience with this than others and usually time is the factor. We all want our homes to be feel pretty. Well knowing your style not only will save you time but money as well. I know this from personal experience. My advice, start a Pinterest board and if you do already, revisit them to see what your pin pattern is. I also wanted to add this, you can have a few styles within your personal style, like “modern farmhouse or “refined Scandinavian.”

Stay within a color palette you are drawn to. I know I am fond of blues, creams, whites, grays, black, organic hues and at times a pumpkin or pale blush. Knowing this I would stay away from reds. The fun part is you can introduce new colors within your palette. For example, in the summer I might introduce a green palm print to mix in with this combination. It still keeps within my coastal, organic & textured aesthetic so it works.

Vary your sizes. Typically I will start with a 20 x 20 and go down to a 16 x 16. Your sizes can be symmetric but do not have to be. And throw in a lumbar from time to time for fun.

Mix patterns together. My rule is alternate the scale. You can have a large print and mix it with smaller scale prints, textures, geometrics and mini prints. You can repeat your patterns say on your sofa for a symmetric look but many times I do not.

Vary your sources. I find pillows everywhere from Target, West Elm, Pottery Barn, HM to Etsy. When you feel confident to mix styles and patterns you’ve hit a home run, that showcases an authenticity than not everyone else has.

Pillow covers with feather inserts. This one little thing will make your lives so much easier for 2 reasons, you can wash the covers and pick your inserts. I love the ones from Pottery Barn, they are a feather mix and plump up really nice.

DIY Floating Bench

In the search for pillows for my den I have found quite a few that I really love so I thought that I would share my favorite top 20, on trend pillows with you. Personally I do so many DIY’s myself that it is easier for me to find pillow covers already made. But I do know many of you sew which is awesome!

While we are on trends, brass is a favorite these days too. I am sharing 5 reasons to bring back the brass and my own feelings about it growing up it everywhere over at BHG.

CB2 Brass PIcture Frame Gallery Wallvia

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Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I love pillows and totally agree about the feather inserts. However, I am not a trend follower. You will probably never see a mudcloth pillow in our home. LOL Just not something I am crazy about. I march to the beat of my own drummer! Thankful too that I can sew because some of those covers are so pricey!!

  2. One of my favorite ways to change up pillows quick and inexpensively is to use cloth napkins! I will sew 2 together, a 20 x 20 pillow form fits inside (Ikea has great and inexpensive pillow forms) add a zipper to close or simply sew shut. I have found great napkins at Pottery Barn, World Market, Home Good, and Target.

    1. Hi Patty, I have done this as well. It is an amazing idea and saves a ton:). I like the ikea ones as well, nice and big. Have a great day, Jen

  3. I just purchased an oversized pillow for my den with a New York Theme – I love this pillow on my sofa – it reminds me of my NYC Adventures & Broadway Shows – so I am thinking about changing up my den with a Broadway theme – and making a collage out of my many Playbills to put on my wall adjacent to the couch!

    1. That is such a fun idea Olivia! You will love looking at that every time you are in there. Have a happy Saturday, Jen

  4. Love to read comments, so many fantastic ideas on ways to make pillows, what to make them out of. One of my favorites is napkins. Few years ago I found placemats on sale at Pier One, opened up bottom enuf to get pillow form in, sewed it back up to have differently shaped pillow with decorative fringe.
    There are so many ways to go with pillow covers, love possibilities. Love to visit fabric shop, see what different trims, buttons, ribbons, maybe to go on pillow, maybe even add fabric paint design, use stencils. Only limitations are imagination. Don’t need too much fabric so can buy small amount of higher end designer fabric to put on top side. What an impact pillows can make.
    Loved your pillow choices Jen, always enjoy seeing what you choose. Have my creative juices perking, time to make some new pillow covers for Spring.
    Have wonderful weekend

    1. Thank you! And you are so right, there are so many options and it is a fun project to get creative with. Have a wonderful weekend yourself:)! Jen

  5. I am not very good with selecting pillows but I learned a little with Jen’s blog post and with the comments about using them. Right now, we have some neat woven pillows we leave on our couches. They are a little thick on the enmbroidery so I might hunt for some new ones to replace. Thanks for the posting Jen – I will be sure to visit your blogs regularly to get a better idea how I could fix my house to look better 🙂

  6. It is not mud cloth if it is not dyed using mud. Authentic mud cloth is cloth of hand spun cotton woven on a tri-pod loom and would have black or very dark brown color either solid or with a design. The pure white pillows that are referred to as mud cloth are made from the same African cotton (most likely West African) strips of hand spun cotton thread and woven on a tri-pod loom but with no dye at all.

    1. HI Mary, thank you for that info. However these aren’t my pillows or listings. You may want to gear these comments to them. Have a good day, Jen

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