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Linen + Leather: Den Reveal (Part 1)

Today is the day, I am finally revealing my new den! After months of anticipation & decision-making I am happy to say it is almost finished and we couldn’t be happier about the switch up. As I was editing the photos it occurred to me the texture combo was why I loved this space so much, hence linen & leather. I am so thrilled to be partnering with Article on this room. Their mid-century tufted sofa was the jumping off point and inspired the rustic modern mix of textures, styles and accessories.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Mid Century Modern

In case you are wondering I do still need to paint the walls, I found a shade of white that will look beautiful with THIS piece of art I created for over the sideboard.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Cozy & Modern Space

If you remember this was my dining room. I really wanted an additional space the family could hang out while I was cooking, to maybe enjoy a quiet moment in the afternoon to read or play games on the weekends. From the moment we made the change we have been using it ever since. This is also where I binge watched Netflix in the wee hours of the mornings over winter break, lol.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Article Linen Sofa

Denver likes it too, it is warm & bright and he gets to watch all that goes on outside. On the weekend mornings Jack snuggles right up next to him with lots of blankets and they catch up on a show on his iPad, it’s really cute. I said when we got this little guy, no furniture but he was so small and cute, how could I resist? Just look at that face.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Little Denny

The marble table was also love at first sight. It is so well-built, sturdy and not to mention beautiful!!! It is perfect right under my orbit chandelier.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Linen Modern Sofa from Article

The mix of rustic, glam and modern styles gives the space personality & the textures play so nice together.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Sven Leather Chair with Woven Indigo Pillow

This is my favorite chair of all time! I had been searching for almost 1 year for a leather chair for my family room when I found this one. The Sven is the perfect size, color and is so comfortable. I can’t tell you how many leather chairs I have sat in that felt firm and stiff. This one is absolutely perfect! Oh and the lumbar pillow is from Home Goods, just $12 on clearance, what?!

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Artcle Furnishings Sofa, Chairs & Table

I actually moved the leather chair from my family room and replaced it with a dark gray woven chair about the same size.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Article SofaThe pillows just arrived from Etsy, can’t wait to share those with you, they are perfect in here. The artwork will be changing as well. I envisioned a more artsy, rustic vibe on the walls. I am adding more of my own art as well.City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Marble Coffee Table, Leather Chair & Linen Tufted Sofa all from Article

I have had a lot of questions about my plant on the left, it is actually a snake plant. I buy a good amount of my house plants either at Lowe’s, my local nursery or Ikea. This one is from Lowe’s.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Neutral Sofa With Pops of Blue

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Marble Table & Sven Chair

The mobility for this space was important so I opted for a smaller, round coffee table. I still love this print, it is such an important message, especially now.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Modern & Neutral

The grid pillow is a DIY and the indigo one is from Etsy.City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Leather Pouf

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Side View Of Modern Arm On Linen Sofa

The arms on this sofa are extraordinary! I love that this piece has traditional elements with a modern sensibility.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Soft Sunlight in New Space

This is how is looks in the early morning when the sun is just coming up. It is my favorite time. You can’t tell from the pictures but you have a beautiful view of the bay from both sides.

City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Morning Light 1   He sneaks in here every chance he gets, little rascal.City Farmhouse Den Reveal Pre Paint-Pup

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer. Stay tuned for part 2 and the paint reveal!

Have a beautiful day friends!

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  1. Everything is so perfect! Especially love that coffee table. The couch is gorgeous ! I know you will enjoy this room and use it more. Beautiful view too I bet.

  2. I am in desperate need of a new couch for our new house and absolutely love the looks of this one(actually I really want the Sven sofa with the chaise but it’s over my budget). Buying furniture online makes me nervous without being able to sit on it first, how comfortable is this sofa?

      1. It is for the family room. We have 4 boys so things have to be durable around here. However, they do have their own play room/TV room so this would be more for quiet lounging and relaxing. I need something beautiful, comfortable, and durable.

        1. Hi Ginger, I think for the family room I would go with a loose bottom and back sofa or sectional. If you like Article’s style then I love the sven, I have the leather chair, it is great with the kids and SO comfortable. You inspired me to do a post on buying online, stay tuned. Have a happy Saturday! Jen

  3. I love the sofa and am wanting to order it. How is the sofa holding up? I am looking for a well made sofa that the cushions don’t start sagging. Just wanting to know if it is worth ordering for a family room.

    1. Hi Susan, so far so good. How much use will the sofa get? Will it be for your main family room? What kind of cushions have you has before?

  4. I love the new couch and the other elements – leather chair, round coffee table, etc. And, of course I would take that pup in a second! 🙂 Where is this room in relation to your living room, family room and kitchen. I don’t ever remember seeing how your home is laid out. Just wondering…..

  5. as usual I love what you have created. How warm and inviting! Perfect mix of casual and modern. Can’t wait to see you own art- you inspired us to create a paining for over our mantle and now whenever I look at it it makes me smile since it was a group effort. Thanks again for sharing !

  6. What a beautiful room! (Of course I loved the gorgeous dining room it was before, too.) I vote to keep the current paint color…I think it looks so cozy with the dark and all your furniture pieces and accessories stand out more against the dark. =)

  7. Reminds me of my mom’s Irish linen sectional in front of our fireplace. This was in the early to mid 1950s and she was such a stylemaker. She also used a round coffee table with a large piece of coral on it from Florida. The walls were a mid to dark mocha and across the room she had a Chinese red brocade couch with deep fringe paired with dark teal brocade chairs.

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