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DIY Sharpie Pillow & Fall Family Room

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Happy day friends! Today I am joining my blogging girls for Seasons of Home, Autumn Edition. It’s a chance for us to share  projects, vignettes and thoughts on fall in an intimate way.  I love these women to pieces, they are creative and kind & value home and family like I do. I  hope after my post you will hop on over and give these ladies some love.

Fall is a great time to reinvent your home, isn’t it? By simply changing a few accessories & pillows and adding some texture you can change the look & feel of your space. I know what you are thinking, that all takes time & money. And you are right for the most part, it does take time but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. I move things around my house all the time and many times re-using what I already have, that can save you a ton. Another tip- pillow covers, by simply changing out the covers each season you can easily transform a space. The best part about covers, you can take them off, wash them and then store them in your linen closet for next season. I buy most of mine from H & M and also West Elm. Lately I am obsessed with checks, plaids & grid patterns and what a perfect way to transition into the holidays. So I thought I would share my own version, a DIY Sharpie Pillow-for under $5.


I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE this easy & simple project! First, you need your pillow cover, I found mine HERE, mine is the 20″ x 20″ cream canvas but you can use any light tone. You will also need a Sharpie, a yard stick, pencil and iron.

HM pillow




 Find your center and make your first horizontal line, then follow it up and then down, making lines along the side of the ruler. Your ruler will be your guide, just be sure your first center line is even.

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5

 Then do the same for the vertical lines. After you are done, erase any pencil lines and iron to set the ink. For washing, use cold on delicates or hand wash.

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5

 Easy right?! For under $5 you have a pillow that will go with everything. The 2 pillows either side are from HERE.

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

This is a shot from my FALL TOUR, see the difference?

Fall Tour BHG

The plaid throw is a vintage picnic blanket from Etsy.

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

Target, Cost Plus and Painted Fox Finds

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

 DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

DIY Sharpie Grid Pillow for Under $5 & love of plaids

Please head on over, these girls are amazing & you will be so inspired!

Seasons of Home Fall Edition

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Thank you for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I like the combination of the sharpie pillow, the blue plaid and the black tribal print. Did the tribal print pillow come from Target as well? I can’t find it on their website.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, its actually from H & M also:). The leather & plaid are Target. Have a nice night! Jen

  2. Love your blog and inspiring posts…just got my ikea Ektorp 2+2 sofa and footstool? Had seen it on your blog and had done some research and just love it? Now have to add some pillows!

  3. How pretty, Jen – I love the simple check pattern. I don’t know which look I love more – the more colorful early fall pillows or the darker look now with the plaid. They’re both so inviting!

    1. Awe, thank you Jen! I LOVED your video but had a hard time commenting, I had to login or something. Just wanted you to know I think you are amazing:)!!!

  4. So adorable, Jen, I would never know you did that with a sharpie from the photos. Brilliant. xx

  5. Such fun to see how you bloggers make things, how you combine, what you manage to do with your old stuff to renew it. Not enuf time to make and do what all I see and am inspired to do every day. Love your pillows, didn’t know could get sharpie pen to set with iron also. Have curtains with the window pane pattern, white with dark blue, have had for years, 2 yrs. ago made burlap valances for them, looked pretty nice for summer. Got tired of them just took valances off til I want to use them again, who knows how. Love things that can be used in several ways, get too tired of them otherwise.
    Our old Suburban doesn’t run, is out in bottom of back yard so it’s used by me for storage of curtains, clothes, what have you til I want to use them again, then hubs not complaining about all my “junk” cluttering up his shed, – whatever.
    As soon as I got the BHG Christmas ideas magazine (few weeks ago already) I found article about your family right away, enjoyed very much. Happy for you to have been featured. Your boys are quite handsome.
    Will have to look in to H&M for pillows. Usually I buy decent old pillows at thrift stores then wash heck out of them for my use. Have quite a collection of pillow covers. Will need to get bigger container to keep them in soon. Like to change up pillow covers for each season, makes such a difference in how room looks.
    Have wonderful weekend and enjoy Fall. Happy daze

  6. You always have such clever ideas, Jen! Love the sharpie pillow and how you paired it with the other pillows!

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