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Easy DIY Dipped Watercolor Napkins

Easy DIY Watercolor Napkins

Hi friends, the biggest happy Friday to you! Last week I was in Boston for Wayfair’s Heart Home Conference & I have to say, it was amazing! It was a great event for so many reasons, 1st-I love Boston, what a beautiful & charming city! Second, the speakers and session were different from most conferences I have attended, I got so much information from it & list of who was there blew me away, so many editors, omg! And you actually got to chat with them because the sessions were intimate. You can see the full list HERE.  Heart Home Conference

Even though it was a packed conference the flavor and tone was still very inviting, everyone was talking with one another, making new friends, exchanging lots of business cards, it was really nice to be a part of that. Another reason I loved this event was they did a great job treating us like guests in their home. The food, the breaks, the snacks, so much thought went into every little detail and the Wayfair team was so delightful and helpful beyond words! I even got a chance to spend time with my blogging buddies old & new.

My partner in crime for this conference was Michael from Inspired by Charm, we taught our DIY session together {Dueling DIY’s} and hung out most of the time. He is such a great guy!!! Do you ever meet people and just know right away they are genuine, yup, that is him.

Our class was set up to show how to create a DIY Napkin in your own style. Since the holidays are just around the corner we thought it was a good DIY to have some fun with. I taught how to get a dipped look using watercolor and Michael used a gold leaf technique to add a little glitz.    DIY Watercolor Napkins, Perfect for A Modern Farmhouse Holiday Table

DIY Watercolor Napkins, Perfect for A Modern Farmhouse Holiday Table

This is what you will need….

DIY Watercolor Napkins Supplies

6-8 napkins, I like a cream cotton/linen blend

test cloth

craft paint, I used Martha Stewart, favorites being deep sea {shown}, gold and black.

fabric medium

a large cup

a stirrer


measuring cup

craft brush {1.5″-2″}

DIY Watercolor Napkins 133

This isn’t the best picture but it gets the point across on how much:). So it’s a 2-1 ratio, I do 2 big quarter size of paint to 1 quarter size of fabric medium. Stir well.

To add your water start with 1/4 of a cup, you can always add more and this will allow you to achieve an ombre look.

DIY Watercolor Napkins  Remember, when choosing paint, it will always look lighter on your fabric than in the bottle, so this is a great time to test color and consistency.

DIY Watercolor Napkins

Now it’s time to paint. Do one row at a time then add more water. Tip-make sure your container is large enough to hold the water as you add it.

DIY Watercolor Napkins-getting an ombre look

Do you see how each layer is getting lighter? You do not have to do it this way, you can do one mixture all the way through but be sure you only do it at the bottom, so it looks dipped. When your napkin is folded you want it to show the contrast between the cream of the napkin and your color.

DIY Dipped Watercolor Napkins Just keep adding more water for each new layer.

DIY Watercolor Napkins 156

Last step, once these are dry, iron them to set the color. The best way to clean these would be to hand wash or to put in the delicate cycle, ALONE, in cold water.

DIY Watercolor Napkins & Rustic Tablescape

Each one cost around $4.00, so much cheaper than buying them {I know I bought them:)}. Plus, your guests will praise you for your craftiness and I am sure give you tons of compliments.

Here is another way to show off your DIY Watercolor Napkins…

DIY Watercolor Napkins & Modern Farmhouse Table Ideas for Fall

By simply adding jute and a feather from the craft store you have created a festive way to highlight your napkins.

DIY Watercolor Napkins & Rustic Table Ideas

Adding height at different levels keeps the tablescape interesting.

DIY Watercolor Napkins & Fall Tablescape

DIY Watercolor Napkins & Thansgiving Table Ideas

You can also find the “how to” for these easy White Dropcloth Pumpkins.

DIY Dropcloth Driftwood Petite White Pumpkins-Easy Project for Fall

DIY Dropcloth Driftwood Petite Pumpkins & North Fork Pumpkin Patches-Easy Fall Decorating Project_City Farmhouse

Thank you for stopping by today! We are off to have some fall fun this weekend, hope you are as well!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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