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Hi friends! Are you ready for the holidays? I am in pretty good shape, I think, I hope! Even though we are not hosting Christmas or Christmas Eve this year I have already hosted some fun events for my boys. For me, the holidays are a great time to get organized, I know it sounds silly because January is usually the month that inspires organization but lets just say December is my warm up month:). I have done a dry run with most of my first floor and that includes my mudroom. With the winter months ahead,  going through shoes and keeping just what is needed is a must.

When we first moved into our home I had no idea what to do with my super tight & slender back door mudroom. For the longest time I used a bench with drawers I found on clearance from the Pottery Barn Outlet. It was fine for scarves and gloves but the shoe and boot mess left me wanting more for this area. Because it was tight & a weird shape, I had to think vertical, after looking for a bit of time I found it!!! An old canning shelf from the 1940’s for just $75! It sort of looks like this shelf below from Better Homes & Gardens. I am sharing a ton of clever ways to store shoes & boots using vintage pieces over at BHG Style Spotters, you will be blown away, really! Some only costs a few dollars and you may even get some ideas for re-inventing a piece you already have.

To read more of my article over at Better Homes & Gardens click HERE.

BHG Clever Storage Solution for an Entry or Mudroom


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I will be back next week to share some thoughts on the year and the year ahead. I want to wish you ALL the happiest of holidays, I hope you enjoy every minute of sharing time with your family & friends!!!

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. I must ask what is a “canning shelf”? I worked for a shoe company in Maine for quite a while and I am sure that is a rack that would have been used in the manufacturing of shoes. 24 pairs of shoes would have been rolled around from department to department on those racks after they had been lasted (put on the form that shoes are molded onto) Is there different colors of stain on the rack? Enjoy and Oh what I would do to get a few of the old shoe racks.

  2. Honestly, Jen, what would it take for you to eliminate the pop-up ads on the bottom of all your photos? They are so distracting and annoying that I’m thinking of giving up on your site and unsubscribing. They bother me that much!

    1. Hi Jill, I am so sorry to hear that, of course I would not want to loose your readership:). I understand as a reader they bother you, I get it. For me though this is how I keep this blog going. If I don’t have an income coming in then I cant justify the 40 hours a week I spend on it. I do hope you will stay on with me, I have lots of exciting projects ahead. Have a great day! Jen

  3. I can’t believe this is the simple solution for mud shoes at home. This is so genius and cool! I love the crate looking boxes idea the most. My latest achievement at home for the New Year was installing motorized blinds for my windows. But that is nothing compared to this so affordable ideas. Here is where I got my latest gadgets for my windows http://www.blindsonline.com.au/motorisation

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