Seven of the Best Decorating Tips You Will Ever Get

Hi friends, a BIG happy Friday to you!! I am so excited to be a part of this decorating round up today hosted by my friend Kelly at My Soulful Home. Seven best home decorating tips

What if you had…

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Seven of the bHome bloggers got together today to share our best decorating tips.

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Seven of the Best Decorating Tips you will Ever Get

Decor tips from top notch bloggers

Add Layers to your Home to bring it to Life

by Bre of Rooms for Rent

Adding layers to any space is great way to add depth and dimension.

For me a space comes alive in the layers. Each layer adding a different element to the space.

Layered window treatments with bamboo blinds add dimension while complimenting the wood toned texture carried throughout the space.

Adding plush layers with throw pillows and blankets, help create a soft cozy environment. While adding layers to your walls with different textured decor help your space come to life.

Whether it’s a tablescape or an entire room, layers make any space one you want to linger in longer.

Pop on over to my blog & see all my layering in action. It really makes a difference in a room!

Seven best home decorating tips

Blend Decor with Storage for a Beautiful & Functional Home

by Shannon of AKA Design

One of the best decorating tricks I’ve implemented is to use beautiful pieces that can double as hidden storage.

Dressers as buffets, chests as coffee tables, shelves with crates or baskets all look pretty but work hard to keep clutter at bay.

This tip is great for all spaces, but is especially useful in smaller houses, home offices and homes with lots of kids’ paraphernalia!

Visit me here for more ideas on blending beauty & storage.

Seven best home decorating tips

How to add Farmhouse Style to any Home

by Anita of Cedar Hill Farm House

The best way to add farmhouse style is to add something with chippy paint.

The chippy paint look can be achieved by incorporating something old with chipped or peeling paint. It can also be created by using one of several faux paint technique to mimic the look of worn paint.

Click here to learn how to achieve the old worn look using paint and antiquing wax.

Seven best home decorating tips

Incorporate Natural Elements

by Ann of On Sutton Place

My best decorating tip is to add some sort of natural element to your space.

A few examples are preserved boxwood, a grocery store bouquet or something clipped from your yard like branches, leaves or flowers.

Natural elements add warmth and life to any room. Take a look here to see how I do this in my home.

They say welcome. They say cozy. They immediately send out the message that you love and care about your home.

Visit me On Sutton Place for many more tips & recipes galore!

Feb Bedroom & headboard 098

How to Create a Stylish Space for Less

by Jen of City Farmhouse

Creating a stylish space on a small budget can seem like a daunting task but with planning you can save money & have an abundance of style.

Recently I gave my master bedroom a rustic chic budget friendly makeover with stylish appeal. Honestly, couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out, even if I had spent more.

When decorating on a small budget make a design plan. Sketch it all out and create mood boards. This will give you an idea of perspective and direction.

Then create a budget, short & long term. When I am working on a room it takes time.

I don’t go out and buy whatever I wish for, although some days I so want to:). With my design plan in hand I create a budget, deciding what I can buy right away and what I have to wait on.

Shop thrift stores for accessories & furniture. This will save you a ton and remember, anything can be painted!

Enjoy the journey of making your house a home. Don’t be in a rush! Take pleasure in carefully selecting items that have meaning & significance.

For more tips on decorating well on a budget & details on my master bedroom reveal click HERE.

Seven best home decorating tips

Decorating with Pillows

by Yvonne of Stone Gable

Let’s focus on decorating with pillows on a sofa. This is the most common spot to have a nice array of beautiful & comfy pillows.

Five pillows are the idea number on a sofa.

Start with ‘anchor pillows‘ at either end. I like these to be in a solid or neutral color. These two should be 24 inch squares.

Next add two more ‘decorative pillows’ in front of the anchors. Ideally these two are smaller & have a pretty pattern or texture to compliment the larger pillows

Lastly, tuck in an ‘interest pillow’ in the middle. Just as the name implies this pillow should be interesting! Maybe a longer shape, a fur or other great texture.

Following my pillow tips will ensure you have a beautiful, comfy & interesting sofa!

Visit here to see how I followed my own tips with a variety of pillows for different looks.

House Tour My Soulful Home

Create Flow with Color, Texture & Design Elements

by Kelly of My Soulful Home

No matter your style, if you carry it throughout with color, texture and design elements you’ll have a cohesive and comforting home.

Repeating color, pattern, texture to varying degrees in each room allows your eye to literally flow from one to the next. This brings a sense of peace and calm. Your home is your sanctuary after all so this is super important!

I even start outside the front door, allowing the architecture of the house to play a role in determining the look & flow of the interior.

My house is a storybook style with shingled peaked roof lines, warm old brick facade, arches and an English garden.

To carry this look inside, I used warm gold tones, burlap, sisal & wicker for texture, tarnished silver, creamy ironstone & mercury glass as the elements to create the flow. All appear to differing degrees in each room.

Have a look here and here to see what I mean. The pictures will have to do, but I wish I could walk you through, oh, wouldn’t a visit be fun?!

My style & choices for this house are just an example of what you can do when creating a flow in your own home.

It is simple to do, just choose a main color, interesting textures & a few design elements and use all throughout your house.

If your eye can, in sense, connect the dots you have create a sanctuary!


Did you learn something? I know I did!

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  2. Thank you all!! We just moved to our house at the beginning of the month and between house moving and work I feel kind of overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful tips to help me keep calm and focused

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