7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm For FREE

Happy Holidays City Farmhouse Friends! It’s Emily here from The Wicker House. Today I wanted to stop by and share a few fun projects that I have come up with over the years to bring Christmas charm into our holiday decorating.  And the best part is that all of these projects can be done for free!  There’s no need to spend lots of money on holiday decor, especially this time of year when you already have a lot of other shopping to do.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
The first project that I want to share with you is this lighted peace sign wreath. This is something that I have recently made using a piece of cardboard, branches from an old broken Christmas tree, and a strand of lights.  Even though this cost me nothing to make, I think it looks like it would cost at least a hundred bucks in an upscale store. It looks cute hanging from the window in my bedroom, and it looks even prettier when it’s all lit up at night. You can find the instruction to make it HERE.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
For this large pinecone star, I used 5 old yard sticks that I had on hand, 50 or so large pinecones that I collected in the mountains, and a whole lot of hot glue. This star fit perfectly on our mantel last year and became the focal point of the room, which then allowed me to go really simple with the rest of my decor.  Instructions to make this large pinecone star can be found HERE
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE/Pine Cone Wreath
I know that I already shared my gallery wall with you  the last time I was here, but I thought I’d re-share it for any of you who may have missed it.  I like to use fabric or like in this case, wrapping paper, as photo mats in my picture frames.  This black and red buffalo check paper added so much charm to my otherwise boring picture frames. I printed out a few favorite pictures of my boys playing in the snow and it added such a sweet touch to our living room last year. This is something that anyone can do, with wrapping paper you already have on hand, and it will add so much charm to your Christmas decorating.  You can see more of this gallery wall HERE.  And if you are interested in the picture ledges, a tutorial to make them can be found HERE.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
If you have a book shelf in your home, then this is a fun thing you can do with it.  Just clear off the shelves and turn it into a gift wrapping station like I did here.  Just fill it up with everything you need to wrap a pretty gift. Not only is this useful to have all organized and at hand, but it also adds a fun unexpected touch in your holiday homes.  You can see more of this look HERE.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
I love displaying our Christmas cards once they start coming in the mail. Not only are they sweet little reminders of friends and family during the holiday season, but they can also double as decorations.  Here I have hung mine up on old shutters. If you don’t have shutters, I’m sure you can find somewhere special to hang up yours, perhaps a large frame or on a door. Having your cards on display will most certainly give you a smile every time you walk by them.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
To make this rustic advent tree all I did was go out to my wood pile to find some pieces of savage wood. I gave them a quick white wash, nailed them together, and hung small gifts and gestures to make counting down to Christmas a little more special for my boys. I thought it turned out really cute.  You can find instructions to make one for yourself HERE.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
And lastly, here is a picture of our entryway from last year. I just wanted to share how I decorated this space using  winter hats, scarves and boots. Yes, it’s practical to have these items by the front door, but by carefully choosing ones in all of the right colors allows your everyday items to play double duty as Christmas decor. You can also place a few logs on the floor to give that warm cozy feel to the space.
7 Ways To Add Christmas Charm for FREE
And there you have it, 7 simple ways to add Christmas charm without spending a dime. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to go shopping to create a charming holiday home.
Thank you so much City Farmhouse for having my over today. It’s always a pleasure.
Please stop by The Wicker House to see what other projects and decorating ideas I’ve come up with.
And remember, you can also find me here too.

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  1. I love everything you did. I plan on incorporating a majority of what you showed into my own home for the holidays. One question – where did you get the plaid “joy” pillow?

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