Dining Room Chair Reveal

 Hi friends! Some of you may have been curious after my dining room chair post as to which chairs I selected for my makeover so I thought I would finally share, drumroll please….it was the Greyson Chair!

Greyson Chair-most comfortable & stylish dining chair from Arhaus

Are you surprised? When asked which chair should I choose, the votes were definitely spread out but most of you thought I should either go with one of the wood chairs or the slipcover. To be honest I loved them all, I wish I could have ordered all of them:).

Even though the selection wasn’t easy I kind of knew what I was looking for and wasn’t. Although I do love slipcovers I wanted to change it up a little from THIS look. I also knew I wanted fabric to offset the amount of hard surfaces I had in the room and soften the space. Linen would give me that balance of texture I was looking for. From there I looked for a warm, light & neutral tone. I was immediately drawn to these linen wingback chairs & I do think often your first instinct is right.

Dining Room Makeover-Selecting the Right Chairs

Dining Room Makeover-Greyson Wingback Chairs from Arhaus

 I have a bench along one side for all of the kids to sit so I wanted continuity for the other 4. Maybe at some point when I don’t have greasy, sticky fingers to worry about I will change it up and get 2 different head chairs but for now I want my babies to stay little so I am not rushing this part away:).

Grey Linen Chairs from Arhaus

Linen Wingback Dining Chairs

 Everyone in my family loves these chairs, my husband, my boys {they do their homework in here} and of course me! They are by far the most comfortable chairs we have ever had. Not to mention stylish, the linen fabric, along with the tufting and nail heads makes this traditional chair also feel a little rustic and you all know I like that.

Dining Room Makeover-Mixing Traditional & Rustic Elements


This is a sponsored post by Arhaus, all opinions expressed are my own.

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I will be back on Monday for the first of many summer tours, dining room peeks will be in there so be sure to come back!!

I hope you all have a happy holiday weekend!

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    1. HI Lorrie, thank you! I can just picture your table with them, how pretty they must look! Have a happy holiday weekend! Jen

  1. Those would have been my choice also. Looks beautiful. Love the paint color & curtains too.

  2. Looks like your choice is quite unanimous, love them myself and that style isn’t usually my style. Those chairs will endure and you could use couple if you needed extra seating in living room. Very nice, enjoy them. Happy weekend to you.
    It’s been raining here for almost 3 weeks straight, ugh, supposed to rain for at least another full week, don ‘t ever remember it being this yucky in May since we moved here end of Aug. 2004. Can’t even get chance to hang laundry out.
    Love those curtains and paint, might as well say love all you do, awesome style.

    1. Thank you Jane Ellen! That stinks!!! I hope the sun comes out soon for you so you can hang your laundry and do some other fun things outside! Thank you, we really love them! Have a happy holiday weekend! Jen

  3. Excellent choice Jen. I am crushing on chairs these days that have tufting and nail head trim. It would be hard to get me out of them to do the dishes!

  4. I thought those looked the most like you. They look so cozy. I think I’d be ready to nap in them after stuffing my face. Haha That might be dangerous at Thanksgiving. I’m dying to see the reveal of this room!

  5. What is the exact color name of the chairs? I see they have three colors! Thank you 🙂

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