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Front Door Makeover-It’s Amazing What Paint Can Do

Front Door Makeover-What Paint Can DoHi there friends, happy Friday! Today is the day, I am finally revealing my front door color. People often say (including me) that it is just paint but it is still a commitment, so when it comes to selecting the right color it is always best to do a little homework, I call it color research. As you know I was torn between 4 tones, which were all a variation of my favorite hue, navy. Drum roll please…I ended up choosing Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh.  I have to say this was a tough choice, Sherwin-Williams has some incredible navys, but at the end of the day I wanted a rich, dark blue that could work all year round with the changing faces of my front porch.

Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

New Front Door-Deep Dark Navy-Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh

I mentioned in my previous post that I had been putting off painting my front door for a while, the sheer fact is that it takes so long to dry and it’s a pain to leave the door open for hours at a time. After speaking with Robert at my local Sherwin-Williams store I was convinced SnapDry was for me.

Front Door Makeover-used a great new product called SnapDry

First off this product was a lifesaver!!! I painted the door on a day when the humidity was the worst, I almost didn’t do it but after calling the store they assured me it was ok. I painted the door then left it open for less than an hour and then shut it and went out for the day. When I came home I have to admit, I was nervous to open it. When I did I was so pleasantly surprised, no frame marks, it was still perfect.

Some things to keep in mind when using this product, it does dry faster than regular paint but don’t panic, you have plenty of time. You can pick up a very helpful cheat sheet at your local store it explains the directions well. One thing I found, especially if using a dark color, go with a satin, I used a semi gloss, which I think will hold up much better but you can see the variations more. Either way this product is awesome!

Front Door Makeover-Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh & Front Porch Updates

Front Door Makeover-Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh & Front Porch Summer Updates

I wanted to show you how the new front door color looks with my front porch so I did a little mid-summer makeover. My favorite part of summer is layering my front porch and backyard with plants, ferns, tropicals, herbs and succulents, the more the better.

Front Porch Mini Makeover-I Have A Navy Door!

I used some newer items to refresh the space, if you recall I used the striped rug, garden stool and wicker ottoman in my backyard picnic post. I just love how the whites, blues and organic tones make the space feel fresh and happy.

Front Door Color & Mid-Summer Porch Updtaes

Front Door Makeover-Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh and Mid-Summer Front Porch  Front Door Makeover-Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

I honestly love it and am so thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Sherwin-Williams on this project.

Front Door Makeover-Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh-DIY Sofa and Outdoor Rug by Dash & AlbertHere is just a quick look at the other side of my front porch.

Front Porch Mid Summer Makeover

The great thing about this front door color is that I can change out the pillows and accessories with the seasons and it will look beautiful. Anchors Aweigh is one of those colors that looks great with everything, it’s almost a neutral in a way.

Front Porch Mini Makeover-Navy Door, Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

Front Porch Makeover, Dash & Albert Striped Rug and Rattan Ottoman

Front POrch Mini Makoever, New Navy Front Door, Rug From Dash & Albert, Wicker Ottoman & Floor Pillows

New Front Door Color-Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh

The response to the paint giveaway I shared on Monday has been overwhelming, thank you for taking the time to share your local store! In the meantime Sherwin-Williams is having a 35% off sale on paints and stains starting today, August 12-15, so if you need to get any projects done, now is the time, this is an amazing sale you don’t want to miss!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! The whole porch is beautiful. Very inviting. But the dark blue really pops. My front door now is similar to your before color and your makeover is getting me thinking.. 🙂

  2. Love this pop of color!! Can I also ask you what type of siding and color is in your home? Thank you much;)

    1. Hi Jamie, its actually vinyl shake:). Everyone thinks its the real deal, we live on the water & I am so thankful because of the low maintenance. Thank you so much! Jen

  3. I know you said your exterior was a siding- but could you tell us a color that would be close to it? It’s just beautiful!

  4. Love the door color. The other color was pretty too. That’s an amazing front porch. Wish I had it. Mine is tiny. Just steps up to our front door. Can’t fit anything.

  5. That is a gorgeous color, and I didn’t know about SnapDry or the great sale! I love all of the Sherwin Williams stores I have shopped at. They are so helpful!

    1. They are great Cheryl! Thank you so much! Good luck with your project, hopefully you find a good color! Have a nice weekend, Jen

  6. we are currently in the process of adding a room on our home. our house is light grey and i had planned to paint the exterior doors red and had picked out the exact perfect color. then i saw your door and instantly knew the red was all wrong. today my new doors were painted a beautiful navy and with the brushed nickle knobs, i must say it’s stunning! thank you so much for the inspiration!

  7. Mine stuck. My door is otherwise beautiful. Looks awful. Now I will have to re-sand. Any tips to make it right?

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