DIY Holiday Art {Baby It’s Cold Outside}

Happy Monday Friends!

I am sorry I missed a post at the end of last week:).

Some weeks it is easier to balance it all & last week well….

so much to do & not enough time.

Do you ever feel that way?

This time of year is especially busy because I am in DIY bliss making & creating so much for the holidays,

which I can’t wait to show you!!!

If you would like to see my progress, you can follow me on  Instagram HERE.

Who doesn’t LOVE that song Baby It’s Cold Outside…..

Such a classic!

Plus it is from ELF, which we love & have already watched 5 times in the past week:).

I thought it would be cute to create something fun with the lyrics.

Baby It's Cold Outside Easy DIY Wall Art-Full Tutorial-City Farmhouse

1.Take a background that you love, can be lined paper, chalkboard background, plain color, etc…

You can search Pintrest for free backgrounds or scan one of your own{like I did} in.

Just make sure the background is subtle.

2. Find your lyrics or saying you love.

Upload your  background to PicMonkey, like you would a picture.

Then copy & paste your words & play with the fonts.

This is easy & fun.

3. Once you have it the way you want it, save it to your computer.

Go to Vista Print and select a poster size and upload it.

Tip-keep your words centered in case the size cuts off some of your image.

4. Your poster has arrived, yay!!!!

Lay flat for a day, it will be easier to work with.

5. Take a piece of MDF that is a little wider than your print.

My print was 24 x 30.

6. Take your Mod Podge, foam roller, bubble roller & flat tool to get all of the bubbles out.

Be sure to set up on a strong steady surface that is at table height, it seems to be easier on your back.

7. This part can be tricky, be patience & go slowly.

Roll on your Mod Podge all over the MDF.

Make sure it is even and not too thin.

8. Lay your print on top.

You will have time to move it around.

Press firmly from center out, using all of your bubble remover tools.

You may not be able to get all of the bubble out, do the best you can.

9. Roll on the Mod Podge to the top

{these posters will not bleed but others may, if you are not sure then spray with a sealer first}.

Even if you see bubbles it will work itself out when both layers dry.

10. After both layers have had time to dry,

run your hands over the top pushing down any last remaining bubbles.

Baby It's Cold Outside Easy DIY Wall Art-City Farmhouse

The Simple Frame….

1. I took my pieces, measures them & cut with a miter box.

2. I distressed with some tools & used steel wool & vinegar and  another stain to age it a bit.

3. Sand them.

4. Using my T-square and L brackets{think that is what they are called}

I created the frame.

5. I nailed & glued it to MDF base.

Baby It's Cold Outside Easy DIY Wall Art-City Farmhouse- Customize your favorite song or saying for the holidays

Baby It's Cold Outside Easy DIY Wall Art-City Farmhouse-EASY Art perfect for the holidays

Baby It's Cold Outside Easy DIY Wall Art-City Farmhouse-Simple poster on MDF

DIY Holiday Wall Art-Baby It's Cold Outside-City Farmhouse


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I hope you have wonderful Veteran’s Day!

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  1. could you please share the type of “other” stain? id love to recreate this similar look… and is the wood pine?

    love the look! so beautiful!

  2. I love this project so much! Elf is one of our family’s favorite movies, too. I hope to recreate this at some point. Thank you for the great diy. I love adding something unique and personal to my family decorations, any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

    1. Thank you Dana! Me too, I love when the house is decorated but also has fun & whimsical touches that speak to the kids:). Good Luck! And Happy Holidays!!

  3. I just love this to pieces! Did you distress the poster itself…it looks like it has some smudges on it. Also, did you give the measurements on your frame, just wondering how big this is. SO cute!!


  4. Could you share your file with us of where you scanned and typed the words already so we could just upload and print? That would be oh so helpful!

  5. love this idea!!! I was so excited to try this, my poster arrived today and the words are so blurry 🙁

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