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Front Door Color Research + Paint Giveaway

Hi there friends! As I mentioned a few weeks ago I have decided to re-paint my front door, yay! I have wanted to tackle this project for a while. When we moved in I just picked a color I liked and did it. After a few months I wasn’t so in love anymore, but it still worked. It wasn’t hard or time consuming but the idea of re-painting, then leaving the front door open for hours was, ugh!

So now is the time, I am ready! I love my Sherwin-Williams store(s), so I am thrilled to be working with them on this. I have 2 that are local and both stores are so helpful, when we moved a few years back I found the store locator so convenient. I popped in last week and spoke with Robert the store manager, he walked me through the store, showed me the in store ColorSnap system and also told me about a brand new product that he thought would be perfect for my front door called SnapDry, which dries in as little as one hour. This meant less time the door would need to stay open to dry, sold!At My Local Sherwin-Williams Store

At The Color Snap Studio at Sherwin-Wiliams

Finding the Right Color Blue

Picking a front door color is serious business so 2 days before this visit began the “color research” to find the perfect match for my color scheme, siding and style. I have recently used Naval & Cyberspace which I LOVED. But was there another color out there better suited for the front entrance? Well there was only one way to find out, so I went right to their ColorSnap Visualizer. I have so many pictures I have taken from living coastally and I am always inspired by the hues. You can use this online color system to navigate color from your computer, iPhone and iPad. I have to warn you, you will become obsessed with this color tool. I couldn’t stop uploading photos, an hour +, no joke:)!

These I found online at Sherwin-Williams….Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer-Pussywillow (SW 7643), High Reflective White (SW 7757), Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179), Extra White (SW 7006), Fawn Brindle (SW 7640), Charcoal Blue (SW 2739), Tinsmith (SW 7657), Tricorn Black (SW 6258).


found these colors with ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPhone-Roycroft Mist Gray (SW 2844), Gray Area (SW 7052), Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179), Knitting Needles (SW 7672), Pussywillow (SW 7643

These I created on my iPad a few months ago….

Sherwin-Williams Color Snap Visualizer-Network Gray, Gale Force, Passive, Granite Park, Tricorn Black

Sherwin-Williams Color Snap-Dowling Slate,Palisade, Mount Etna, Misty, Monorail Silver

Sherwin-Williams Color Snap-Tricorn Black, Caviar, Gale Force, Wall Street, Ponder

Sherwin-Williams Color Snap-Westchester Gray, Tricorn Black, In The Navy, Frank Blue

These were from my iPhone….


FullSizeRender (3)  FullSizeRender (6)


FullSizeRender (8)


FullSizeRender (10)

Pretty cool right?! I do have some top contenders. What do you think? Any favorites?

Sherwin-Williams Dark Night

Dark Night

Sherwin-Williams Gale Force

Gale Force

Sherwin-Williams Naval


Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog

Salty Dog

Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh

Now for the GIVEAWAY for a $200 gift card, just leave me a comment with your local Sherwin-Williams store location. I will let you know the winner after the giveaway closes on August 12th.

Also, more exciting news!!! Sherwin-Williams is having a 35% off sale on paints and stains from August 12-15, so if you need to get any projects done, now is the time, this is an amazing sale you don’t want to miss!!
Have a beautiful day sweet friends and I will see you at the end of the week with the BIG REVEAL!!

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  1. I am going through the same process right now! I have about 10 SW swatches attached to my door. I am leaning towards a navy blue but want one which is not too dark. My local store is Maplewood, NJ.

    1. Ketchum, ID I love the paint!!’ In the middle of repainting my cabinets now with it.

  2. Love this! We’re preparing to move so this info will come in handy! Our store is in Simpsonville SC. Thanks!

  3. I just found this tool last night to find colors for a faux brick wall want to do. Such a great app! Nearest store is in Goshen, Indiana.

  4. What a great giveaway! I’ve been planning on painting our door this year and need to get it done before our MN fall/winter arrives. 🙂 My store is in Apple Valley, MN.

  5. I was planning to head there for the sale before it ends, to get paint for the front of my house, door, and shutters. My closest store is Opelousas, LA,.

  6. Like you, I love our local Sherwin Williams store! Where else can you bring in a pillow and curtain to have someone spend time helping you find the perfect color?! They are wonderful out here in Conway, PA! I’ve used their paint on our entire upstairs, and when the kids head back to school I’ll be painting the first floor. No more builder grade beige!

  7. What a great tool, thanks. Our deck is in need of a new paint job. This will come in very handy. We live in mount kisco, ny.

  8. Love it! I’m hunting for a front door color as well. NOW, I know how! My nearest Sherwin Williams store is in Owasso, OK.

  9. We are repainting our shutters and front door this fall. Have to wait for cooler temperatures! We love Sherwin Williams. The sales staff has always been very helpful! Here in New Bern, NC, our store is a short ten minutes away.

  10. The paint store we’ve used since buying our home in 1996 recently closed. I’m game for trying the Sherwin Williams store in Lawrence KS. My front door needs some love, too!

  11. I have been using this fun tool for 2 years for ALL my painted creations, and I LOVE it! I make frequent trips to the S.W. Orange, CA store#8280, as they take the time to answer all my questions, and try to teach me a few painting tricks each visit.

  12. I’m going through the same thing at our new house and am actually going to use Sherwin Williams auto paint… My store is Toledo.

  13. I can always use new paint! The ColorSnap Visualizer looks like it would be fun to use. My store is on Battleground Ave. in Greensboro, NC.

  14. I love Sherwin Williams large sample paints!! My closest store is on 7th Ave in Phoenix, Arizona.

  15. Thank you so much for the giveaway! We purchased a home last year that needed every room repainted. Can you believe we didn’t have any decor to go with fire engine red, shiney purple, or blended frog green? 😉 We still have the large dark blue room – floor, walls, and ceiling – the basement and some trim work to go. Plus the back deck. The Sherwin Williams on Interchange in Elkhart, IN is my store and Karen is my “Knight in shining armour” when it comes to helping me pick paint colors. I love your blog btw and hope you’ve had a great summer.

  16. The closest Sherwin Williams store to me is Scottsdale #8122 at 8710 E Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ, 85260. I love Sherwin Williams and have been buying paint from them for decades.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  17. I have been contemplating this myself!! I’m just a bit scared due to I need to figure out what surface my door is before I feel confident enough to paint it. I love the feature that lets you color match! My local store is 1280 N. Flagler, Homestead, FL!

  18. Hi Jen,,
    I’m your neighbor on the North Shore….Shoreham!!! I guess my local stores are either Shirley or Riverhead? I love the things you can do with that app..

  19. Mine is : Sherwin-Williams Paint Store: Waterloo #8705

    This is awesome! I need to repaint my baseboards and do touch ups all over the place so this would be an amazing prize!

  20. How cool I’ll have to take a shot of that particular house I’ve been obsessing over and Bring it on over to our sherwin dealer right around the corner in Delray Beach and finally match up that gorgeous color for my own house! Thanks for the tip!

  21. What perfect timing! I was just thinking that my front door is in need of a refresh. The quick dry paint seems like just the thing I need. My Sherwin Williams is in Flemington NJ. Can’t wait to see which color you selected!

  22. This is so cool to be able to take a picture and have it match colors, inspiration colors for you!
    I have a couple of projects in mind that I have been going back and forth on colors on, so this is a great tool to help me in my design problem (or add to it :-))
    My local store is
    Cartersville #2440
    Cartersville, GA 30120

  23. I am a frequent flyer at my store onFM 2499 in
    Flower Mound,Tx as I have been painting my entire house getting ready to put on the market.
    Still will need paint for the living/dining room that has 14 foot ceilings. That will be a few gallons:):)

  24. I like Seaworthy! I have such a hard time choosing paint colors but we are closing on our new home in 9 days and I’m so looking forward to those decisions. Leland, NC.

  25. Love Sherwin Williams. I’m in Holland, MI and they are always so nice. Loving Naval & Anchors Aweigh. You are so talented it will look great no matter what color you choose.

  26. Just painted my cottage and the front door a navy blue. Will be painting the door red soon. My Sherwin Williams store is in Grosse Pointe MI

  27. Thank you so much for this post! I have been reluctant about painting our front door because of dry time and possibly having to leave it off the hinges overnight or closing it before it’s dry. The SnapDry sounds perfect! Great motivator for me! Thanks! My store is Baraboo, WI.

  28. There’s a store on Broad St in Columbus, Ohio, not too far from where we live 🙂

    And I love the color visualizer! I have a ton of photos on my iphone that could serve as inspiration for our boring walls.

  29. My local store is in Easton, PA. I just moved into my new house this weekend and have tons to paint. The builder used SW paint on our front door and it looks great! I’m thinking of painting the interior side of the door too.

  30. I just visited my Sherrin Williams store a week ago in Murfreesboro TN why because we are building a house and this is who our builder prefers for us to use!

  31. First I wanted to say my favorite was Anchors Aweigh from the ones you posted. Can’t wait to see what you pick! Love my local SW store. Ours is Fayetteville, NC.

  32. I am sooo anxious to paint our front door. It is a forest kind of green that the builder chose way back in 1997. I would like a teal but don’t know if our terracotta brick would look right.
    Good luck with yours!
    My SW store is Greenville #7713 Greenville, Texas 75401

  33. I like Salty Dog.
    We need to paint our front sooo bad. It’s a forest green the builder chose back in 1997.
    I would like a teal that will go well with our terracotta colored brick.
    Good Luck!

  34. This is FANTASTIC. I am just starting a much needed painting project. We’ve been in our home for five years and I have finally convinced my husband to let me paint!!! We are choosing SW colors for all of the main living areas, including the entry, living room, dining room, family room and kitchen. I have been to my local Sherwin Williams store every few days the past few weeks! (My kids are over it). LOL My current favorite is Analytical Gray but Agreeable Gray is a close second. I adore your blog and live vicariously through you, as I live in the desert but adore the relaxed, coastal, casual and yet elegant feel of your home! My local store in Phoenix. : )

  35. We recently bought a house and almost every room needs painted. Great giveaway! My local store is in Charleston, WV.

  36. I have been looking at colors too!!! The 1 hour dry time is perfect, less time for the dogs to escape!!! I will be at my Salem , MA store this week!!!

  37. I love Anchors Aweigh! I have 2 stores that are super close to my house in Nashville, TN., and am in the process of mulling over colors for most of my downstairs and outside doors! Making decisions by finally choosing my colors has been the obstacle and I know the tools you told us about in your blog will be really helpful! Thanks !

  38. Hi Jen,
    The app is fantastic! I’m your neighbor on the north shore…..Shoreham! I believe the closest stores are Shirley or river head?

  39. Love! I painted my front door Blue Sky by SW and love it! Getting ready to paint my porch ceiling the same color. I have so many projects to finish, would love to win that gift card! Thank you! Love my local store in New Smyrna Beach, FL!

  40. I was just there getting paint, but i have other projects in mind so I would love this. My local store is in Austin, TX

  41. I always get my paint from Sherman Williams because they’re the best! Hands down! ( BooCoo) Charlotte NC

  42. We just picked up a bunch of paint from our local store, Longmont, CO #1654! And coincidentally grabbed some paint for the inside of our front and back door! I think the painting will start this weekend!

  43. We moved into our “new-previously loved” house in January. Our entire house is a work in progress. We have five more rooms to paint and shutters to build and paint. We just painted the exterior – using SW, naturally.
    Our SW store is on Hwy 7, Blue Springs, MO. Great group of guys and gals!

  44. 3410 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor Michigan. We actually have two stores in Ann Arbor but this one is closest to me!

  45. Thanks for the heads up on the sale! Our local store is in The Colony, TX and it’s only 1/2 mile from us. As soon as the weather is cooler we plan on painting our front door. It’s currently the original paint color (1999) and needs some love. I’m leaning toward Naval or the Tricorn Black. We’ll see once the swatches actually go up what we actually end up going with.

  46. I just picked out my front door color- Tidewater by SW(of course). I picked Naval for my shutters so that will have to be my favorite for you! My SW store is in Eagle, Idaho
    Eagle #8246. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  47. Naval is nice! My SW is Chicago/Berwyn IL and I’ve got a porch project coming up this Fall.

  48. I have 3 paint chips taped to my front door right now! The Anchors Aweigh is nice. My Sherwin Williams store is in Hillsboro, Ohio.

  49. My local store is Gambrills, Maryland. I would love to finish my upstairs in agreeable gray! Thanks.

  50. We are moving into a house that needs PAINT because ALL the walls are white! EEEKKKK I”m excited! I’m going to do the front door too! I love the salty dog. I’d be forever grateful for winning because I’m going to need all the $$$$ I can get! Toledo, Ohio

  51. I am inspired to do this now! I love the idea of this new tool with Sherwin Williams. I love their paint. The local store for me is in McKinney TX. Thanks for the info here!

  52. Simpsonville SC just around the corner. I have already been in the store several times for supplies used to paint a few rooms in our new home.

  53. My local store is Bozeman, Montana, #3923! I went in to try to match the hardest paint, the ceiling, which was 7 yrs old and the match came out perfect!! Not to mention when I went in, the store was staffed by a great group of gals who were amazing! I am currently in the process of trying to find a color for my front door as well!

  54. You’ve provided the exact colors I’ve been wanting! Thanks for doing the hard part. LOL
    My local SW is in Ooltewah TN

  55. My vote is for Anchors Aweigh! I just painted my front door SW Raisin, and I get so many compliments on it! Strangers have even knocked on my door asking for the color!
    My local Sherwin Williams store is in Milford, MA

  56. Love Stamped Concrete for my shutters and shed! Want to use Alabaster next for my dining room walls.

    My store: Phillipsburg, NJ

  57. My store is right up the road on 95th St in Overland Park, KS. I’d love to try their paint!

  58. Decatur, IL…..This is the perfect blog post for me right now. We are renovating, got a new front door and a front porch. We are trying to pick a favorite color. Thanks for the ideas.

  59. Love the post! We are renovating and always need help with picking pain colors.

    SW store Big Cove, AL


  60. My local store is in Gaylord, MI. I was just there yesterday, and plan another paint purchase in the next few days. Fingers crossed!

  61. Love this site!! My whole house needs some freshening up… My local store is in Indiana, PA

  62. Love playing with that paint match tool! I have several stores near me. Savannah, Ga and Bluffton, SC

  63. Our local Sherwin-Williams store is located at 652 Riverstone Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114 Canton,GA. I would donate the gift card (or the paint and supplies purchased with it) to update a special needs wheelchair accessible raised garden bed at school! The kiddos would love to help pick the paint colors!
    Thank you!

  64. I have recently purchased paint for my new front door that is suppose to be installed tomorrow. I love our local Sherwin-Williams store on Kerry Forest Pkwy. In Tallahassee, FL.

  65. My local store is in Yorktown, VA. I will say that when we lived in Colorado Sherwin Williams was able to match my homes paint color perfectly so we could do touch ups. I cut out a small piece of the wall and they took the time mixing colors and sheens and would dry it there with a blow dryer in the store. They kept working at it till they got the color right. It was perfect. Great customer service.

  66. I love my Franklin, MA Sherwin William store. Thanks for the tip about the sale. I’m planning on painting our front doors too.

  67. My store is on 6th St in Hartsville, SC. Thanks for the post it has given me some inspiration. Our front door could use a fresh coat of paint in a new color. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  68. love all your colors! My Sherwin Williams is at 204 Hwy 114 in Roanoke Texas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. 348 SE 10th Ave, Hillsboro, OR97124 I just finished painting the exterior of my home with the SW. First time I’ve used the paint (and I’ve been painting professionally for years). It’s beautiful. I used Griffin.

  70. The Sherwin Williams store I visit most often is in St. Joseph, MO. Painting my front door is on my to-do list!

  71. First, pick Salty Dog. Second my Sherwin Williams store is #1016 in Lexington, KY. I love these guys…they can match anything!

  72. Hi Jen,
    Love the colors from all of the scenery! This is such a great concept… Capturing the colors you have a difficult time describing – Perfect!!!

    Niceville, Fl

  73. We are building a house in Ohio, the home state of Sherwin Williams. Our nearest store is in Defiance, Ohio.

  74. My Sherwin Williams is Arkansas City,ks & for my main store it
    is my commercial store in Wichita,ks

  75. Very cool stuff! Moving into new house soon, so really comes in handy. My local Sherwin Williams store is Bainbridge, Ohio (or may be listed as Chagrin Falls, OH). Thanks for the opportunity!

    Lynn E.

  76. My local Sherwin-Williams store is on 411 W. Main St. in Norwich, CT
    As for your door color, I think I would have opted for the “Naval” shade of blue to go with the other colors of the entry area.

  77. We have several rooms that need repainted, and Sherwin-Williams is our go-to store for painting supplies. Our local store is in Florissant, Missouri.

  78. My local Sherwin Williams store is
    1824 Lake Lansing Rd
    Lansing, MI, 48912

    I have been thrilled with this store, and I have purchased more than 20 gallons of paint there in the past 2 years. The employees have always been super helpful and friendly.
    No matter what color you pick, I think it’ll be a winner – they all look like fantastic choices!

  79. I love this giveaway! Our house is completely done with Sherwin Williams Paint. My store is 979 S. Washington Street Millersburg, Ohio 44654

  80. I love the salty dog color using that for my kitchen table and bottom cabinets. I am doing a antique white on top. I love their paint. My store is in Ketchum, ID.

  81. 3301 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA
    Oh boy, oh boy!
    I’m looking at really similar colors for our front door. It was so nice of you to begin narrowing the field for me! 😉

  82. My store is at 1720 11th St. In Portsmouth, OH. Our paint all came from there! I like salty dog also!

  83. Love the new paint color Surf that they sent in their last email and still trying to figure out how to use it without moving! We have two stores I’ve been to but the one I choose is on Sir Barton in Lexington KY

  84. Thanks for your tips on choosing paint colors! My Sherwin Williams store is 4182 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, Michigan

  85. I’m working on a front door paint project myself, and just hit up the Sherwin Williams on Plainfield Ave in Grand Rapids, MI for some inspiration!

    Looking to do green on the front door, but I have several navy paint chips on my living room wall too.

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