Haven, Blogging Perspective + 6 Simple Boho Picnic Ideas

Hi friends! I am off to Haven tomorrow so I thought I would pop in before I left. This is my 2nd year going and I am super excited. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this blogging conference, its focus is DIY and decorating & let me just say this is such an amazing experience if you are a blogger whose focus is that. The nice thing is everyone is in the same genre, so there is so much to talk about, blog goals, techniques, SEO, decorating, DIY but for me the best part are those little conversations I get to have with friends old and new that make me feel connected and a part of something much bigger.

Haven Conference in AltantaThis was taken with Lucy, Rachel and Bre at the end of a great trip. I was so sad but also happy when I left because I had such an unbelievable time. That is often the thing you don’t see behind the blogs is that there are real friendships there. This year the amount of people I am excited to see is outstanding, be sure to follow me on IG and Facebook so I can share with you some of the highlights of the event.

Last year I left feeling refueled about blogging and energized to put all I learned into action. But I also left with great perspective. I think as a blogger we are so used to being everything and doing everything for our business that although it may seem effortless, there is so much that takes place behind the scenes that has such a learning curve. I was at my HS reunion last weekend and I was excited to see my childhood friend who does video and he was saying that he has someone in his team that edits. I was surprised because I am so used to doing everything myself, well I do have help from THIS amazing girl, she is my VA and she is  lifesaver but for the most part I am on my on. When I worked with BHG on a series of 3 videos last year they also had a team. Maybe someday I will get there but until then I will just have to do the best I can. Ok, getting back to perspective. Jon Acuff was the opening speaker and boy did he set a good vibe for the entire conference! Not only was he hilarious but he also made us feel connected. One of the things he spoke about resonated with me and I have kept this in my head & heart this last year. He talked about seasons of your life and how different seasons are meant for different things. Right now my season is being a mom, yes, I am also a business owner who loves her job but my first priority is always them. I realized that sometimes opportunities are meant for different seasons and that it was ok. This last year I have said yes to some amazing and wonderful things but I also said no, because I knew the timing wasn’t right.  One of those was a book deal & as hard as it was to walk away from I knew it was meant for a different season/chapter in my life. With age has come clarity and I am so grateful that my forties are teaching me to listen to myself. So with that, I always ask myself with business and with motherhood, “am I doing the best I can?” And if the answer is yes, then I am doing something right and it is enough.

Last week I shared a summer picnic I styled in my backyard & I can’t wait to recreate it in the fall when we entertain. I was inspired by the idea of simple, casual and chic ways to make the most of your outdoor space, especially since I don’t have much to begin with:). I am over at Better Homes & Gardens sharing 6 simple ideas for getting this look with a unique boho flair.

Boho Picnic-Simple Styling IdeasHave a fantastic weekend!

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