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Behind The Blogger Videos With BHG

Hi there friends! It is a rainy Wednesday morning here in NY but wanted to pop in quickly and share some exciting news. Back in April I shared a sneak peek, behind the scenes photo on Instagram  of a day spent with the video crew over at BHG, making a Behind the Blogger Video(s). Better Homes & Gardens has been so good to me over the last few years {as I wrote in the last post} and to all bloggers for that matter, so any opportunity in which I get to work with them I am always ecstatic and grateful.

There are 3 in all so here we go!

Maximize A Small Space Nook

Storage Solutions: Vintage Dresser

Maximizing A Small Hallway


I am also over at Style Spotters today sharing 12 Clever Uses for Crates in your home along with a fun personal story of how I created a stylish home when we first moved to Colorado in my late 20’s, with very little money.

Flea Market Chic-12 Clever Uses for Crates


The other morning while on my daily run I began to think about the pretty, seemingly perfect house pictures that are all over social media these days. I have to admit there are moments I scroll down and feel that my home is less than, with 2 young boys, a budget to consider and lack of resources at times {my husband is NOT one bit handy} we can only do what we can. I know that and most of the time I am OK with it. But there are those times I scroll down my feeds and feel less than inspired. So after my run I sat down at my computer and started a new hashtag on IG #myhomeismorethan. It has been received with big hearts and beautiful words on what home means and the real life moments that go on behind the pretty pictures that make it “home.” I have LOVED getting to know all of you better and in a way that is pure and so genuine, so thank you for embracing this idea, that home is more than a pretty picture. If you want to follow along just hashtag you IG, FB or Twitter pictures and I will feature one each Friday for the next month. Oh & be sure to follow me.

I am off to Boston tomorrow for Heart Home Conference hosted by Wayfair, wish me luck:)!

Have a beautiful day! 

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  1. you’re home is lovely and you are charming. Your presentations were perfect and you have a very open authenticity which I love. Wonderful DIYs.

  2. Aw, don’t make yourself feel bad by comparing your house to other people’s houses. Just do the best you can, and strive to improve if that’s what makes you happy. There are always gonna be people out there with more time, more money, more resources, and fewer responsibilities, who end up having better looking houses. It’s not fair to you to compare yourself to that.

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