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Summer Picnic-A Creative Space For Outdoor Entertaining

Summer Picnic With Wayfair

Picnics aren’t just for the beach or park anymore, they are also a fun way to create a whole new space for outdoor entertaining in your very own backyard. I am so thrilled to be partnering with Wayfair to bring you this creative summer idea. Whether you have a small yard or a large one, this is a great way to break up conversation areas and add a stylish element to your party. I happen to have a small yard, so this idea of creating a whole other outdoor room for hosting has always intrigued me.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Use Large Floor Pillows

This process is not only fun but easy. I started with a large outdoor rug, you can use one or a few to achieve a layered look. I used it on an angle to add visual interest. Then comes the drink station, aka bar. I love the idea of a rolling beverage cart with this pop up picnic.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Add Floor Pillows and Small Poufs to Your Outdoor Space

Next I added an area for guests to sit, eat, drink and chat. The round rattan ottoman/coffee table is the perfect height to add large throw pillows around. Mixing and matching pillows with small poufs is a great way to add interest around this playful conversation area.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Rolling Bar Cart is Perfect For Entertaining

When designing an outdoor space creating a sense of privacy is a must, plants are a great way to do that. I used a variety of potted tropicals, herbs and ferns to make the space feel enclosed. Tip-bring your indoor plants outside for the event, but do it gradually so the temperatures don’t shock them. I also added lanterns and DIY string lights for some evening ambiance.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Bar CartStyling with my favorite summer colors, coral, aqua and navy, they play so well together, especially in the summer.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Create Another Outdoor Area For Entertaining

I used a large cheese board with classic black and white plates along with the aqua hand towel to add function to this space by making it a place to eat and drink.

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Create Another Space to Entertain

The garden stool is multi-purpose, it can be used as a table or for extra seating. Every backyard needs a few of these in my opinion:).

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Use a Bold Rug

Backyard Summer Picnic Essentials-Add Plants

Backyard Summer Picnic With Wayfair

Couldn’t you just picture the candles lit, the string lights glowing, music playing while chatting & sharing time, food and drinks with great company. It is a cool idea, right?!

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Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. Jen, this is so beautiful. We’re big lovers of picnics in the backyard but this has given me even more ideas. With so much time still left in summer, I’m glad I read your post. x

  2. I love how creative this is! You completely add on additional lounge space with just a few key pieces that can be used elsewhere when not picnicking! (is that a word? haha) Where did you find your little orange tree?! Obsessed.

    1. Thank you Rachel! Haha, so true, love that part! Its a kumquat tree from Lowe’s last year. I had 2, sadly one didn’t survive the winter in my house:(. I know I love this plant too. I bought it around this time of year. See you tomorrow! Jen

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