Simple DIY Anchor Silhouette Canvas

We are back on land!
Although it feels like I am still at sea.
 I am told this is quite normal :).
The cruise was so much fun & I will definately share photos soon.
I need to edit and sort through them first.
Today I thought I would share some details from 
one of my favorite and EASY DIY projects
 that I did not too long ago.
for my very tiny half bath.
I thought it would be a good focal point and
add a little fun to the space since we live coastally.
Click here for more photos.


a canvas-24″w x 30″l
2 paint colors
(I choose BM Texas Leather & BM White,
 both left over latex house paints)
2 small rollers
3″ painters tape
medium flat artists brush
(which you will create from below)

 I have labeled them for you 1-4.
Right click hit “save as” for each one ( I save in pictures).
Now you are ready to print.
Make sure you print each FULL page in LETTER size on CARDSTOCK.
Cut white areas out.
Tape 1 to 2.
Tape 3 to 4.
Now tape top of anchor to bottom.
Voila, you have the anchor template. 
Roll on your border color over entire surface (I chose crisp white.)
Let dry for a few hours.
Take your 3″ painters tape and cover each edge
entirely, the covered areas will become your border.
Press firmly so paint doesn’t bleed.
Now take your second color and fill in the middle,
2-3 coats will do it( I used Texas Leather.)
Let dry.
Measure the middle and lay your template on top.
Put small pieces of tape on edges so it doesn’t move.
Trace with pencil.
Fill in the anchor using a medium painters brush & paint
(I used crisp white.)

Let me know if you have any questions.
Good Luck!
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 Have a great Labor Day Weekend:)!!!



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  1. Cruising!! The only way we do family vacations. We try and do at least 1 a year, but this year, due to health concerns we have yet to do one.
    Usually March and November /December. Still time …
    Cheers, Gee

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