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Easy Pottery Barn Inspired Sign

It’s Emily here again from The Wicker House and I’m sharing a little sign I made for our bathroom.

I thought hanging a sign on the bathroom door could be a cute idea to help our guests find their way around easily.

I was actually inspired to make the sign from this Pottery Barn one, which is no longer available.

So if you like the sign too, re-creating it is your best option.

I found a piece of wood in our garage. I measured it to fit our door, and then cut it to size.

I then painted it in a Valspar color called, Night Sky.

I went to my computer to create this stencil template.

You are welcome to use it if you would like.  Just right click on the image and save to your computer. Size it to your board and print out.

I then centered and taped the stencil to my board.

I found some carbon paper at my husband’s office that worked great for stenciling on the letters.  However, I’m not even sure if you can buy carbon paper anymore, and I’m sure most of you are asking, “what’s carbon paper?” Well, it’s for making copies on a typewriter. And again, you’re probably thinking, “what’s a typewriter?” So in this case, you can just refer to my other method of scribbling a pencil onto the back of the letters, as seen in this post.

Once I outlined my letters with a sharp pencil, I removed the stencil and was left with letters traced onto the wood.

Using a small paintbrush, I filled in all of the letters. 

I painted the letters with two coats of paint.

Once it dried, I attached picture hooks to the back of it and hung it onto our bathroom door.

I think my sign turned out just as cute as the Pottery Barn one.

I also think it fits in perfectly with the rest of the room.


My boys think I should have made my sign to say, ‘BOYS’ since this is mainly their bathroom.

I think that would have been cute too.


Thank you City Farmhouse for having me today.

I’ll be back soon with more fun ideas for you.

In the meantime, be sure to follow me here:



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  1. So cute and so creative! I remember typing my papers in college, none of that cut and paste stuff. Kids today have no idea! I am wondering if my hubby will let me put a sign like this on our bathroom door. It is in an area where there are 4 doors, a bedroom, the laundry room, the pantry and the bathroom. This would help guide the guests. I would love it if you would come by and share this at my Celebrate it Sunday link party! It is open for links until Friday! I think my readers would love this! I am pinning and sharing over at FB!

  2. Another very easy way to transfer is using graphite paper. Find it in the art supply section of a local hobby store. Comes in different sizes and number of sheets per package. I’ve used it for years to transfer designs to wood for my wood carving. Your sign looks great.

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