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A Modern Coastal Boy’s Room

Modern Coastal Boy's Room Mood Board. Rustic Bunk Beds, Whale Art, Leather Pouf, Modern Kids Chairs and Indigo Bedding

Hi there friends! I am finally ready to share the inspiration board for Jack’s room! I probably should have done this a little sooner as we are almost ready for the reveal but never the less, I think it’s nice to see the design elements separately in a mood board. We were going for a functional space that felt fresh, playful and modern, oh yeah and coastal too. We live coastally and it’s a huge part of our life, through every season we find ways to explore the beach plus Jack LOVES ocean life so I thought a modern take on coastal with a surf + turf color palette would make it feel naturally connected.

The most import thing I wanted to achieve with this space was to give Jack, who just turned 6, a place that fostered his creativity. Before the space felt small because we had a queen bed in there, thinking it would be great for overnight guests. Guess what? We have used it for that purpose 2x in 5+ years so it felt like we could get a whole lot more from his space. I am happy to say we did just that.

I have been working with ATG, Minted and Sherwin Williams on this makeover. While a good part of this room was sponsored, there is a good amount that I hunted, shopped and bought myself from furniture, bedding to accessories. There are also some vintage pieces thrown in as well.

Minted Whale Art

Minted Whale Art

Whale Prints

Wooden Dowels From Urban Outfitters Wooden Dowels

Pure White Sherwin WilliamsPure White

Leather Morracan Pouf ATG

Leather Moroccan Pouf

Henna Curtains ATG  Henna Curtains

Black Sconce ATG

Black Sconce

Sherwin Williams Naval


Modern Kids Chairs ATG  Modern Kid’s Chair

Flokati Rug ATG

Flokati Rug

Rustic Kid's Table ATG

Rustic Kid’s Table

DIY Modern Coastal Art-FREE PRINT

DIY Beach Print


Indigo Tween Bedding Pottery Barn Outlet  Indigo Bedding

Tin Light ATG

Tin Ceiling Light

Rustic Bunk Beds ATG

Rustic Bunk Beds

Dream Catcher Urban Outfitters Dream Catcher

H & M Velvet Pillow

Turquoise Velvet Pillow

I can’t wait to show you the reveal!!! Stay tuned, next week it begins!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. That is going to be some room, can hardly wait to see full reveal.
    Wow Jen does all that have to only be for kids? They have all the fun. Saw lot on this post that made me wish my boys were still kids. Shoot their boys are almost adults already. Ok who took those last 20 yrs. while I was busy having fun?
    My boys pretty much shared room in kid years, got too big for bunks. The things they did off their bunks would make you shudder. They’re 16 months apart and youngest boy was called Tasmanian devil.
    When they were adults and we’d all be together they’d tell stories about things they used to do, eeeek.
    How far apart are your boys? Is one of them more full of being boy than other? Boys are so different in things they do compared to girls, my oldest and youngest are girls, 10 yrs. apart.
    Looking forward to seeing Jack’s awesome new room. Happy weekend

  2. Can’t wait to see the final product! I love all the elements you’ve compiled. As a mother of a 5-year old boy I think I can use some of these tips when we do a bedroom makeover.

  3. Wow! Jack’s room is amazing! I can tell you took your time with a well thought-out plan for the room! I bet he love’s it! It looks modern and it’s a room that he will love for a long time. I love the bunk beds and the rustic kids table. Every detail is beautiful and the curtains are gorgeous. If I had kids at home, I would definitely try something like this. Excellent job with the wall art too.

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