Decorating Ideas For Summer E-Course Giveway

Happy Monday!

I am thrilled that summer is finally here, how about you?

With summer comes so many wonderful things I LOVE & plenty of  inspiration.

 It me feel alive inside

& that always sparks my creativity.

I am sure I am not the only one:).

My e-course Decorating Ideas For Summer E-Course begins next Monday, July 8th.


what perfect timing.

I am SUPER EXCITED about this class & ALL I am sharing,

so I am giving away 10 free spaces!!!

And each person that wins a space in the class will get an extra to give to a friend or family member!!!

Sounds fun, right?

Click HERE to read more.

Creatively Made Home Summer Series-Decorating Ideas For Summer

If you follow my blog then you know that I am TRULY passionate about sharing the things I have learned.

We all want  a loved & connected home and to create things that are meaningful.

This class has brought together all of my BEST ideas & things I have never shared in such depth.

This class is broken down into 4 classes,

 which I will teach technique, give tips & resources for you to carry these ideas over to so many other projects within your home.

1.Create Weathered Wood Finishes
2.Create Original Art
3.Create Canvas Art From Your Favorite Summer Images
4.Build A Large Rustic Tray

summer is time worn-City Farmhouse

Are you excited???

I am!!!

If you are not a giveaway person , no worries you can register HERE.

Summer Series Creatively Made Images Summer Tray Tutorial

Summer Series Creatively Made Images Learn To Weather Wood

Creatively Made Home Summer Series-Create Your Own Canvas Art From the Season

  Summer Series Creatively Made Images Summer Tray Tutorial Learn Something New

Summer Series Creatively Made Images Create Canvas Art

 Summer Series Creatively Made Images Create The Look of Weathered Wood


1. Leave a comment, tell me what  your favorite thing about summer is?

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 *Leave another comment saying you shared on what.

The more you spread  the word the more chances to WIN!!!

3. Follow me on,

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Make sure you leave a comment saying you did:).

I will announce the winners on Friday!


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  1. My favorite thing about summer is the time we spend at our family cabin, the memories made are priceless for my family! Happy Summer!

  2. My favorite part of summer is getting to see my grandchildren!

    Following you on all social media sites- Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter; and shared on my Facebook personal page; getting ready to share on my Blog at Give me a paintbrush

  3. My favorite thing about Summer is week-ends at our cabin. Love spending time there wether it be water-skiing, hanging out in our ski boat on a beautiful lake, working in my wild flower gardens, sitting on an Adirondack chair on our porch, dreaming in a hammock, casting a reel trying to lure a fish to take a nibble or designing my vintage redesigned jewelry while at my cabin studio. I love it all!!!
    Would so love to win a spot in your class, as I’ve recently rediscovered your blog, and am absolutely WOWED by its coolness.

  4. I enjoy the Summer because of the slower pace and more time to spend with family.

  5. I Love Everything about Summer!
    I would love a chance to win a spot in this e-course. Looks like it will be really informative and fun.
    Thanks Jen!

  6. My favorites going about summer is being with my kids. I love the warm air, longer days, and fun activities together. 🙂

  7. I love summer, the scent, the warm air at sunset colors, the sea …. is in fact all I like! i follow you on facebook!

  8. I love everything about summer – the weather, the long days, the more laid back attitude, more family time. I could go on! Love all of your projects – just beautiful!!

  9. My favorite summer loves are corn on the cob, iced tea and summer decorating 🙂

  10. I love summer because the days are longer. I live in Alaska and we have almost 24 hours of light during the summer. You can get a lot of outside projects done.

  11. I love summer evenings on our screened in porch with cocktails, gardening,warm weather, spending time at our lake house and spending time with our grandchildren doing fun things like miniature golf, swimming, watching sports outside..just love the long light days and evenings too.

  12. My favorite thing is that my hubby is home all summer long! He’s a teacher. 🙂

  13. My favorite thing about Summer is twofold. Working in the garden and watching my flowers bloom. Riding on the motorcycle with my husband as we enjoy the sunshine, breeze and views.

  14. My favorite things of summer (can’t have just one!) are longer days, whipporwills calling in the evening, summer storms, harvesting honey from my bees, and sitting in the shade on a lazy afternoon.
    I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest, and shared this on Facebook!

  15. I love summer just because it seems to be less stressful, even though the kids are around most of the time. Even when I have appts it seems just to be more mellow. 🙂

  16. I’m so excited about your class!! I’ve already signed up so I don’t need to be part of the giveaway but I’m adding this to my FB page to let everyone else know.

  17. What an awesome giveaway! My favorite thing about the summer is the long days, flowers and weather! Following you on facebook and twitter!

  18. My favorite thing about summer is just being outside and knowing that a vacation is just around the corner!

  19. My favorite thing about summer is the extra family time together. I love getting snow cones, eating on the back patio, my house full of teenagers who all call me “Mom”, and the sound of the birds chirping in the morning.

  20. My favorite thing about summer is the Farmer’s Market & all those fresh berries, fruits & veggies for canning, summer meals & baking cobblers & pies!

  21. favorite thing about summer is just the wonderful weather (though florida can get pretty humid and hot), going to the beach, being more relaxed, getting together with friends

  22. My favorite thing about summer is spending more time with the family…. and getting projects done!

  23. Shared on fb with my friends. Your e course would be a great thing to do this summer!!!

  24. It was really a great giveaway, i can above lots of people are following you and i am also one of them, i like your post, you did great work keep it up..

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