My All Time Favorite Sisal Rug

All time favorite sisal from Rugs USA- Maui Chunky Loop

Hi friends!  I recently began updating my dining room, I have shared THIS post about the paint & curtains and THIS one about the chairs. In also changing the rug for the makeover, I thought I would share a little story.

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with sisals. Way before I was even a homeowner, I knew I wanted them in my house. So of course with my first house came sisal rugs. At the time I was near broke so they were the cheap ones and although I loved the look they weren’t comfortable at all! Then came the next house and with a little extra in the decorating budget I splurged for a few nicer ones, they looked fabulous but still not comfortable to lay on or sit on. Then came along our baby boy and the thought of him trying to crawl on it gave me pain. So I ditched them for a softer rugs. Always admiring people that had them, but realized while he was little I was avoid them, then came our 2nd baby boy and I knew it would be while longer:). After getting settled in our somewhat new house 4 years ago, I said to myself, “this is it, I am getting my sisals, they will look perfect with my coastal farmhouse style,” then the voice of reason, Mr. Practicality, “they aren’t comfortable.” Complete buzz kill, but I went out & bought one anyways and put it in the dining room. He & my boys were not convinced, they ALL kept saying its too scratchy. And I replied “don’t worry its under the table, you will never know.” It was one of those indoor/outdoor ones and they were right, still rough on your feet. I convinced myself there was a comfortable, good looking sisal out there, so there began the search. And when I found THIS rug it was like the clouds opened up, ahhhh!!!!

Maui Chunky Loop Sisal Rug from Rugs USA

  Seriously, this is the most comfortable sisal on the planet. When it arrived I laid it out in the family room just to see what everyone would say. I tend to override a lot but a rug is important especially with little ones because everyone lays all over it, am I right?

Bleached Sisal-Rugs USA

 So there began the true test. It was nail biting, were they going to like it? The boys loved it, then came Mr. P’s opinion…..he was like “WOW!!! This is a sisal?! It’s really comfortable!!!” And there you have it, the seal of approval from the pickiest of nit pickers. Maui Chunk Loop Sisal From Rugs USA

 If you were to close your eyes & walk on it and not know what kind of rug it was you would think it was a wool blend.  And the texture is unreal, so pretty!!! 

Favorite Sisal from Rugs USA I have been around the blocked more than a few times with sisals & this is by far my all time favorite!!!All time favorite sisal rug from Rugs USA   A few tips though, when cleaning stains and spills, first blot well. I mix Oxy Clean Laundry with hot water, its maybe a teaspoon in a large filled plastic cup, real accurate I know, lol. I use a wet rag to blot it again. Don’t pour directly on it, it could produce rings. Or you can use any foam cleaner, just use a little at a time. Also, don’t be alarmed if the bottom sheds natural fibers, that will go away. I would suggest using this with a rug pad if it is in the family room or an area where extra loft is important.

Summer Tour-Dining Room Makeover Sneak Peek {Navy Walls}

If you are looking for a pretty & comfortable sisal this is it. They have many colors to chose from, you can find them HERE. The color of mine is bleached. Good luck!


This is a sponsored post by Rugs USA, all opinions expressed are my own.

Have a beautiful day & enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love that rug!! It looks so comfy. I need a rug for our front door (inside).

    1. It is a great rug, for high traffic maybe select a darker color. Good Luck Shawnna! Jen

  2. Love the rug! I’m shopping for one, so this is perfect timing. What color rug did you purchase? Thx!

  3. Thank you for this post! I have had the same trouble with my sisal rugs and have always wanted to find one that was pretty and comfortable! Yay!

    1. Hi Traci, I was so happy to find this rug!! Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend! Jen

  4. After a few disasters with jute rugs, I’m willing to give sisal a try. Anything is better than receiving something you have to hose the dirt out of (and then pray for sunny dry weather so you don’t bring a mold incubator into the house)!

    1. Unfortunately, any completely natural fiber is going to be the same way, except maybe manila. It’s part of the price you pay to avoid allergens and synthetics in your home.

  5. That looks like a really soft rug, I wonder what they do to it to get it that way. The sisal I’ve always seen is really scratchy, more suited for doormats and outdoors. Personally, I like jute, and crochet with it all the time. Same look, but not as scratchy, just a bit darker in color. That one’s gorgeous, though. 🙂

  6. Hi Jen, Do you recommend this rug for people with dogs? ie: Dogs who tend to do a bit of grand prix after a bath and when dad get’s home from work 😉 I LOVE this rug. And it’s on sale right not to boot!

    1. Hi Linette, great ?-my almost 15 year old terrier has the same problem. If you catch it right away its fine but if you don’t then it is tough to get out. I had this same rug in a smaller size. I actually close the room off to him when we leave so I can avoid that. Good luck! Jen

      1. Oh my…. I’m afraid you thought I meant something completely different than I intended by “grand prix”…. lol What I meant was, my dogs run around like maniac’s after their baths and when Dad gets home. They turn quite fast and maneuver around like wild animals. haha
        Will this rug stand up to that kind of action?

        1. Haha Linette, sorry, I get asked a lot about pets & how it will hold up, I just assumed:). Not sure, it may pull if they do it often enough. Have a good night, Jen

          1. i have 3 of these rugs…and 2 enormous labs who are “Grand Prix” veterans, lol. The rugs hold up well. They slip and slide a bit because I don’t have pads under but because of the need to vacumn up pet dander and fur, I won’t put pads. Love them and they totally changed the decor. I bid goodbye to my persian rugs for these and absolutely love them.

  7. Your favorite “sisal” rug isn’t sisal at all , it’s jute — totally different fiber! Sisal will always be scratchy and uncomfortable to walk on, never soft like jute is.

  8. Hopefully you see this question even though this is an older post! I am about to order this rug for our guest house but want to make sure I’m getting the right size. Do the dimensions include the length of the fringe or no? I want to make sure it works with the length of the nightstands I have. Thank you in advance!!

  9. I have been in a mind boggling search for the “perfect rug” for my bedroom. You are the second person who has wrote in their blog about this rug. I love the look of it and it is very reasonably priced. I just desperately need some advice before I order. I am beginning a total transformation of my bedroom. I just ordered a iron bed and bought an antique Scottish mahogany dresser. Will this rug look good with antiques and the iron bed (my floors are very dark and want to brighten room), or it is too casual? Thank you!

  10. I’ve know a well known website basically for online shopping which you might like homebrandsusa.com. It has a large collection of rugs brands like Safavieh, Oriental Weavers, Momeni and so on.

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