A Little Corny But Heartfelt Video For You-Creatively Made Home{Home for the Holidays}

 Hi Friends!

I have attempted my FIRST video EVER on I-Movie


I wanted to share it with all of you.

Warning-this is a tad corny:) but very HONEST:).

I have often held back from sharing some of my experiences because I like to keep things light & happy.

But I felt my story was important to share.

It makes me-ME


so much of what I share on this blog{and in this class} is because my heart has been changed by those experiences.

I hope you will take away from this video that the greatest gift you can give someone

is YOU{your time}.


Creatively Made Home{Home for the Holidays} from Jennifer-City Farmhouse on Vimeo.

It is such an honor to make our house a home.

And it is so much more than making it pretty & perfect, it is about the little things, especially during the holidays, when it can crazy & stressful.

Shane & Jack Home

It’s about making home more meaningful, being present and realizing that each tiny moment spent together is a gift.

And so I don’t want to miss or forget a single part & I don’t want my boys & husband to either.

 WE have built  this life together, piece by piece, moment by moment, layered in love, meaning & deep gratitude,

it is not perfect but it is ours.

So much of what I share in this class is rooted from this, the stories, the projects & traditions, all of it.

Here are the homes of  the other beautiful ladies involved in Creatively Made Home{Home for the Holidays}……




ediecollageFINAL jeanneolivercollageFINAL




keeping it cozy feature





This class will open your heart & make you fell inspired to love your home, family & your friends differently

this holiday season.


or you can register directly, just click below

Many blessings for a happy holiday season,


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  1. Jen, thanks so much for sharing your story. I lost my mother 2 years ago and my father just last week. I want to make my holidays about honoring them and bringing bits of them into our celebrations. I always so enjoy your projects. I am in the Home for the Holidays class and I’m enjoying it so much. All the ladies are wonderful.

    1. Hi Karlene, thank you for sharing that with me:). I am so sorry! I can’t even imagine the raw sorrow you must be feeling right now. That makes me smile to know that you will be bringing them into your holidays.I am thinking of you & hope you enjoy the rest of the class:).

  2. Beautiful, heart filled and felt by me. One question. Has anyone consider those of us out here that cant travel? We LOVE ALL U GALS. I DO! But i became sick with 2 rare, incurable diseases just 3 years ago. Im disabled .im sure there are others like me. I want to be there! Yet travel could blow up my lungs or put me in heart failure. From my heart, damaged as it as, i implore you to spread the word to your friends. We r out here. We beg you to film your classes!! I will pay! I can pay!! I just cant travel, work etc. But i starve for friendships that r only available through movies or audable format. Im asking a lot here. But for all the housebound or sick people like me. With tears streaming; please help us to feel a part of u in all these wonderful classes. Now and in future. I have many friends. But my one passion, i cant physically be there


    1. Hi Beth! This is an e-course:). Just register above and you get 3 weeks of videos, stories, traditions and beautiful projects! You will LOVE every minute of this class, I think it is exactly what you are looking for:). Let me know if you have any questions, Jen:)

      1. OMG! You’ve just made my day! I’m on it. Hope u didn’t take that post as whining. Please know I was just reaching out! Thank u so much!!!!

        1. OMG, no not at all:). I was actually really excited to tell you it was an e-course! I know you will enjoy it Beth. Reach out if you have any questions. Have a lovely night,

  3. We just never know what suffering other people have. We may think our suffering is so hard to live with but then we hear about great people like Beth that have things worse. We’ve all lost people and grieve, that’s how we learn and grow, yeah it hurts something awful for a long time.
    I love blogs that tell it like it is, life isn’t always laffs and fun. After I hear what other people have to suffer I feel I’m extremely lucky in life at this point in my life. I’m 73, hubs will be 72 on 22nd. We can’t afford to do many things like other seniors but we have each other, we’ve been married 45 yrs. next month, we have a small mfg. home but it’s ours and two very loving furry kidz besides our very busy 4 kids with their families.
    We all have a story but we’re alive and care about each other on blog land. Finding all the wonderful people on here has extended my experiences to help me feel so much better about our lives. Thank God for what we do have. Amen.

  4. Jen, oh how sweet! I appreciate those raw emotions that you express. The love and adoration you have for your husband & children is very obvious in your video today, but also in your words in past posts. I can relate to the loss of a loved one too, my sister. It’s truly a blessing to come to that place of simple appreciation for the little gifts we have walking around in our homes and to be someone’s mommy isn’t it?! Allison xo

  5. I Love the video… it’s not corny at all 🙂 I feel like I know you even better. You are such a kind, genuine, sweet person. And so Adorable! Love your outfit too 🙂 I’m still trying to get into the class, I’ve registered but haven’t heard back yet. Maybe I’ll go try again.

    1. Emily, thank you, that means so much!!!! Did Jeanne email you yet? If not I will resend right away.

  6. Hello Jen, Thanks so much for sharing so much of you. I was so touched to hear you talk about your mother. I lost my father several years ago and recently lost one brother 4 years ago and another brother 2 years ago. I try to keep my family close and not sweat the small stuff. It changed my way of looking at life and what is really important. Again, thanks again. I am enjoying the class and just signed up for another.

    1. Thank you Lisa for leaving a heartfelt message:). It really does change how you look at life, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I am so glad you are enjoying the class & the connections with everyone involved. Please let me know if you have any questions at all:). Jen

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