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Every once in a while I will scroll down Instagram and find a feed that I get lost in. You just know when you have found someone who’s style is authentic & original. A few months ago, while sipping my morning coffee I found Brooke from Nesting With Grace. I was blown away!!! I am beyond thrilled to have her here sharing her stunning home & story with us, I know you will love her!
Hi there City Farmhouse Readers! My name is Brooke and I write the blog Nesting With Grace. We recently moved from Utah to Connecticut in January of 2015 for my husbands job. I left my job as a store buyer and manager, where I worked for over 17 years. I am now helping local clients and E-design projects and most importantly being home for my girls.
  It was the worst time to move to the East Coast. School was cancelled once a week, we had a week and half of days to make up in June due to snow. The worst part was my husband left for the month of February and I was left to do all the snow shoveling and it didn’t stop. The home we purchased is a 1950’s cape and is about 1200 square feet with an unfinished basement that can’t ever be finished due to flood zoning, we are about a mile from the beach. We are really enjoying the beach and the community, so it was worth enduring the snow.
These built-in book shelves were what won me over on the home. I could imagine filling them, and I did just that. A lot of my pieces are one of a kind finds, I love antique and second hand shops. One of my favorite pieces in my bookcase is a poem that George wrote to me who I would visit in a nursing home when I was younger with my Grandma.
My piano was my Great Grandmas that I painted in chalk paint. This has been one of my favorite pieces I have painted and the most asked about piece from readers, you can read more about it HERE
When we purchased the home I knew that the kitchen had to be remodeled right away. We had thought about adding onto the home but have held off for now. It had dark cabinets, a small fridge, no disposal, limited plugs, bad lighting I could go on and on…. basically I didn’t want to do anything in that space. I am absolutely in love with it now. It is only about 10’x13′ but I was able to add a lot of seating to utilize the space, the previous home owners had their dining table in the room we are using as a guest room now, we needed an eat-in kitchen for our little family.
You can see the before and after pictures HERE.

Both bathrooms had to be gutted when we moved in. I used my daughters old changing table as the vanity in the main hall bath. You can read more about that HERE.  

 We decided to put our master bedroom on the main floor to give the girls room upstairs for a play room/family room. I have to say I panicked thinking I made the wrong choice, since the bathroom on the main floor is small and shared with our guest room but it was ultimately the best use of all the spaces. It is about 10’x10′ we had to downsize from a queen to a king, bright side we were able to fit in a chair!
My girls who are 7 and 4 share this bedroom. It is a large room with an entire other side where they have toys and a large pink rug to play. It was a blessing in disguise to have them in the same room. They weren’t used to sleeping on a separate floor so having each other calmed their fears. 
My girls love to read, this bookcase gets used and loved. The doll clothes used to by mine when I was younger. I framed them to have as a keepsake.
 This space the was used as the master bedroom by the previous home owners. It is used as our family room/play room now. It is right off of the girls bedroom. We had to rip out the carpet and put wood floors down right when we moved in. This sofa had to be taken apart and put back together in the room by upholsterers,  after my husband and I tried twice to get it up the stairs in our little cape, we did some major damaged. It doubles as a sleeper, we needed it for more of our friends and family to stay when they come from Utah.
  I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our home. You can find more pictures and our adventures on the East Coast on my  Instagram and BLOG and Pinterest

Thank you Brooke for this amazing house tour! Be sure to follow her, all of her links are above^.

Have a beautiful week!

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  1. I can’t even take how much I love your home Brooke!! And thank you Jen for sharing her beautiful home on your blog!❤️❤️❤️

  2. You know Brooke, your house is so cute! How I wish ours can become like what yours looks like. I just can’t help but stare to each of the details you did in your house. I love the idea of your little dresses being framed. That was awesome!

  3. The design here is beautiful, the use of soft colours keeps it fresh but nonetheless it looks inviting and warm because Brooke has avoided cold stark colours. This would be a great way to decorate a new house as it instantly feels like home!

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