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Top 10 of 2015 + A Question For You

Best of 2015-City Farmhouse

Hello friends, Happy Friday to you! There are no words to express how much your kindness has touched me. Reading through all of your comments about Murphy and the outpouring on Instagram & FB was overwhelming, in a good way of course, like the biggest, warmest hug ever & one that I needed:). The stories that you shared were heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. This blogging journey isn’t always about sharing design tips and pretty spaces, it’s also about connection, so thank you for reminding me of that.

This post has been a week in the making but I needed to share my heart before I dove back into blogging. I know there are a good amount of new followers on my blog so I thought a recap of the year would be helpful, in case anyone missed a post. You don’t realize how much you actually tackle in a year until you go back and do a round up like this, no wonder I was a little tired in 2105, lol.

Here are my Top 10 posts of 2015….

Dining Room Reveal

Dining Room Reveal

DIY Outdoor Light Poles

DIY Outdoor Light Poles

DIY Picture Ledges

{from my talented contributor Emily}

DIY Picture Ledges

The Easiest Planked Wall {with minimal tools}

DIY Planked Wall

BHG Fall Tour

Fall Tour & IKEA Ektorp Sectional

Master Bedroom Makeover

Mini Master Bedroom Makeover

My IKEA Ektorp Sectional 2 Years Later-How it Held Up

My Ektorp Sectional-2 Years Later

Spring Printable & Bookcase Vignette

Printabel Hop

Master Bedroom Desk Reveal

Rustic Desk Reveal-Campaign Desk from Cost Plus World Market

And my personal favorite, DIY Sharpie Grid Pillows. I popped into Target yesterday & saw THIS pillow on an endcap, I was so excited, I felt like I was on the cutting edge of design, haha.

DIY Sharpie Pillow

Ok….onto my question for you. What would you like to see more of from me and the blog in 2o16? It can be anything, more design, diy, recipes, video, personal, tips, where I live, etc.. you get my drift, I would love to know your thoughts.

I also wanted to take this moment to address a few concerns that you have graciously brought to my attention. Lets start with the subscriber box, I am pretty sure I have worked out all the kinks, it should only pop up 1x per device every 750 hours, if you haven’t subscribed. It is much easier now to close out that box, I know that was a little frustrating for you, my apologies and thank you for your patience. Another concern had been the ads. I am going to be honest in the hopes it sheds some light on the issue & doesn’t offend. I have been working on this blog tirelessly for almost 4 years. This is my full time job and in order for me to stay up and running I need to justify my time. Those ads, as annoying as they may seem keep this blog going. If I can’t earn revenue from the blog then I can no longer do it. My boys are both in school now and we need my income. I hope you can understand this. Please don’t think that I haven’t listened to you, I have.


If you are like me and feeling the urge to get your hands dirty with a good makeover project this wintery season, then you need to read THIS  post. I am also over at Better Homes & Gardens sharing some clever ways to create a bathroom with originality and charm using vintage vanities.

BHG Flea Market Chic- Bathroom Vanities

Have a beautiful weekend,

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  1. I’m so happy I found your blog. Thanks for sharing this post. I love the 2015 roundup and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

    1. Hi Julie, Happy New Year friend! Thank you, you as well!! Hope to see you in the New Year! Stay warm:) Jen

  2. The ads are not a problem at all. I’m glad you can make money while doing what you love and your blog has been one I always look forward to reading!

  3. Hi Jen,
    I have got to say that I love many of the bloggers out there. I subscribe to quite a few but you Jen, are my favorite. City Farmhouse was the first blog I ever subscribed to and although others have been added to that list you are the one I get the most excited about. Some I have simply lost interest in because of the lack of being able to “relate”, ya know the kind where they are so impersonal it seems like it’s a robot on the other side. Those are the ones where I just scroll down to see the pictures and don’t even read what they’ve written anymore. Some only seem to “plug” items from their sponsors and include a link where you can purchase them. But City Farmhouse is such a breath of fresh air. I love and appreciate the honesty, humor, the ability to stay humble and the REALNESS that is included with your posts. It’s like getting an email from your buddy which I think is so great! I have never left a comment on a blog before but when you shared the story about Murph it just compelled me to say something. Im sure you’re busy and I am most definitely rambling now so just know I’m happy that you get to do what you love and I, like others really enjoy reading. Keep up the good work!❤️

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. You have no idea the smile you brought to my face. This has always been what I hope people feel on the other side but never knew. That makes me so happy you feel that way when you get my post in your box! I appreciate your kind words more than you know. Have a wonderful weekend! Jen

  4. hey girl – Love your blog! What about recipes and more about where you live! I always love variety! Love ya !!

  5. I really love your blog and think you have a lot of talent. I am all for you getting paid for this and don’t find it any less authentic if you are getting paid to do what you love. (I don’t know if you’ve ever been accused of that but I’ve read it in comments on other sites and totally disagree with that). However, I gotta be honest, I frequently don’t click to come to your site because it crashes my browser, freezes the page and just generally makes it user unfriendly for me. A summery post seemed worth tolerating the issue so I popped on over today. The other blogs that I was having the same issue with, I stopped following all together because I found more frustration than pleasure from it. My husband is even in IT and has installed an ad blocker so now my browser doesn’t crash but still really slows it down. So I wish there was a way that the ads could be there, that it didn’t effect the usability. Many websites, I just read in my blog reader. Yours only shows a little snippet but I have to visit your site for the whole thing. Does that mean other bloggers aren’t getting a benefit from me reading if I only read it in the blog reader? I hope not. I would like to help maximize bloggers income but still not make my reading experience difficult. If you have any tips about that, I’d be interested in hearing them.

    1. Thank you Janet:). Gosh, I wish I knew! I do realize that, it does the same for me, a new browser did help though. Lucky you to have an IT guy, I wish, lol! When I read form my phone it seems to be easier. Oh well, have a nice night! Jen

  6. Dying to find the exterior body color on your house, I think I searched your whole site before I asked. 🙂

    1. Hi Carrie, I wish I knew. Its actually vinyl shake and everyone thinks it’s painted siding. We love close to the water and its been wonderful. Good luck! Jen

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