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My Ikea Ektorp Slipcover Sectional 2 Years Later

My Ikea Ektrop Sectional 2 years Later-How it held up with kids & a dog

Hi friends! Today is the day, I am finally answering all your questions about my Ikea Ektorp Slipcovered Sectional!!

I guess I should start from the beginning….

When we bought this house 4 years ago we had a brown chenille sofa from Calico Corners & another mocha one from Z Gallerie. They were bought for different rooms in our old house in Colorado. But because this room was so large we had to use them “temporarily” together . I knew a white slipcovered something would be perfect for our large family room but trying to convince my husband would be the challenge. At the time my boys were 1 & 5 and he kept saying “I don’t think so Jen, could you imagine messy fingers & juice in there?” At the end of the day we both wanted to be able to LIVE in our family room & not be scared of everyday mishaps.

So I did my research & then pleaded my case:). My husband caved, as I knew he would. I wanted this decision to be agreed on by both of us, as it is/was a big purchase. So after comparing a bunch of different white slipcovered sectionals with quality & price I knew my best bet would be to try the Ikea Ektrop Sectional. I used to compare fabricated furniture when I worked for Calico Corners so I knew fully what I was getting myself into but for the $ I knew it was worth the try.

My Ikea Ektrop Sectional 2 years Later-How it held up


2 years later I am happy to say I would buy it again & again. I am at a point in my life where I don’t want to have to worry or stress about something happening to my sofa. And if it does the replacement cover is around $100{which is steal}.


The things I love about it are,

1.it goes with everything! Every color, style, season, it is perfect!

2. it is so easy to live with! I know, you are all probably saying what?! But seriously I LOVE being able to wash my sofa! I wash it every few months or so and it comes out beautiful every time!

3. it is budget friendly, can’t argue with the cost, it is a steal.

4. it is the perfect size, not too big or too small.

5. the slipcover comes in a variety of colors so if you want to change things up you can. Currently I have Blekinge White.

6. the replacement cover & cushions are so reasonable{as I mentioned above}.

7. it is comfortable. Even though the bottom cushions are foam, they are a good & comfortable foam.

8. still looks as good today as it did when I bought it.

9. easy to put together.

10. it has held up great with 2 active boys & a dog, no bumps, bruises or tears.

My Ikea Ektrop Sectional 2 years Later With a Busy Household

Some things to consider……

1. when you put it together you may be frightened, it does look a bit like a naked baby bird.

2. it has a shallow seat depth. My husband is almost 6 ft & he thinks it is fine but a taller person may not agree.

3. the seat is foam, a good foam but still foam.

{be sure when you do shop around ask about the seat cushions, you may find  higher price alternatives have foam too}

The most important thing is make sure you go & sit in one before you buy it and do your homework. The highest price ones will have qualities you will not get with the Ektorp but if you are going middle of the road price you may find that {$} is only difference. My sister bought her sectional from another store a few months before mine, hers is a little larger and she has older kids but my cushions have held up much better.

TIPS-Washing The Ikea Ektrop Slipcover Sectional

I get more questions about general maintenance than anything else.

So here is the cleaning low down…

Like I said I wash it every few months give or take, I wash it on warm on delicate or in the gentle cycle. I wash the bottom piece first then all the cushions, so 2 loads. I use Gain-Lavender but you can use anything you want, then softener and 1 cup of Oxy Clean.

The important part-only put in dryer for 15-20 minutes on a medium heat. For your first time, just check them half way through just to be sure they aren’t too dry. Taking them out still a little damp will a. not shrink them & b. help you get them on, they will still have give. When I put the bottom large piece on I stretch it at the bottom & close pin the corners, above^^^.

If you get a stain before you wash it, you don’t have to worry, I have gotten pink highlighter out with Oxy Laundry Spray. Tip-it can make a ring if you spray directly on the cover so spray a few times into a cup, fill a little with hot water and you are all set. Plus it will prevent the stain from setting in. Also, the lint brush will become your friend, you need one of these in between washings.

Ikea Ektorp Sectional 2 years laterThe boys eat in here,we have picnics by the fire and things have spilled but the worst offender in my house is my dog:).

HERE is my originally sectional reveal & Family Room Makeover.

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My Ikea Ektrop Sectional 2 years Later With Kids & a Dog

I hope this helps you in making the best decision for your home & your family’s needs.


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 Have a beautiful week,

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  1. It still looks so good. Great tips! I actually always love buying white things, even clothing because it’s so much easier to wash than color.

  2. which white shade do you have? I am getting ready to order one this week and there are two whites currently avavilabe. I am interested in a softer white and not paper white.

  3. Perfect timing…Were looking at new furniture in the bonus room but with a bunch of dirt bike riding boys and a 105 lb chesadore I need something that can take a beating! I have wondered about slip covers but keep thinking I need leather … It’s so durable but a bit pricey for us right now. I will have to make a run to Ikea and check things out!

    1. Caitlin, I have two Ektorp sofas, and we have had them for 8 years now and the cushions are still as firm as when we bought them. When you stand up, there are no indentations. I highly recommend these sofas as well. We plan to buy the sectional as well once we move. My only warning is that the front board that spans the width of the couch is not solid wood. Both of ours cracked a few months ago. My husband and father-in-law easily fixed it though. I attribute the one crack to the fact that we have a lot of overweight people in our extended family who like to plop on our couches. The other crack was my fault. I was lifting the couch to move it to vacuum under and I accidentally set the couch down on a hard plastic toy, causing the board to crack where it hit the toy. If you’ve got someone who is good with wood, you could easily reinforce that front board right when you first buy it. Although I have never heard of anyone else having this problem, so it could have been a fluke, or maybe they make them differently now. Anyway, hope this helps you with your decision making!

  4. We have had our IKEA sofa for eight years, for kids (including triplets), two dogs, and a variety of large guests, and it has held up well. Wash is great, looks like new.

    My next purchase is the IKEA sectional

  5. Hello, you had mentioned replacement cushions but I don’t know where to purchase them. I have the same sofa and the cushions are hard and uncomfortable. The back cushions are okay it’s the seat ones. I’m considering another sofa. Thanks for your help.

    1. HI Debbie, I just meant from Ikea. Sure, no problem this sofa is not for everyone:). Have a great day!

  6. Yes yes and more yes. I’m beyond in love with my Ektorp sofa and arm chairs (2) in white. I get the same comments from friends about not being able to imagine it with kids (mine are 7 and 4) but my response is always “because bleach exists!” If I have a stain that just won’t come out with regular washing, I let a bit of watered down bleach sit on the spot for about 30 seconds and it always comes out. I don’t do this too often, since it can break down the fabric, but just little spot cleanings hasn’t been a problem.

  7. My husband has probably heard me say I want a white Ektorp sectional 100 times now. So glad to hear all of these great things about yours! We have a 2 year old and a dog and our beige upholstered sofas we bought last year are a total wreck now…should have known better. Thank you for the honest review!

    1. The trick is the slipcover Lauren, my couches would have been ruined too if I couldn’t take them off & wash them. Maybe in the future you can convince him:). Jen

  8. I have the Ektorp sofa and love seat. I have the white slipcovers as well. I’ve had mine for 3+ years and I love, love, love it!!! I have 3 BIG dogs and 3 messy kids! I’ve replaced my original white covers because we got a rip in one of the cushions but other than that this is the best sofa I’ve had! It’s exactly the look I want with zero of the stress!

  9. ive had an ektorp loveseat for well over 9 yrs. i love it. my only issue is one top cushion got smooshed down. i need to rip open the seam and add more filler. i have even dyed my cover a couple times.

  10. We’ve owned several pieces of the Ektorp line (including the sectional), and have been happy with all of them! The white slipcovers tend to attract pet hair, but it’s nothing a lint roller can’t take care of. I love being able to throw the covers in the wash with a little bit of bleach and have them come out looking like new!

  11. Hi Jenn! I have had the Ektorp sectional in Blekinge white for a little less than 2 years. I also do love it and being able to take the covers off and wash them. My friends cannot believe I have the white either with having 2 boys and several cats. But I always tell them that just because you cannot see the dirt does not mean it’s not there. I personally would rather see it getting dirty and know that it needs washing than to just have one that you cannot wash and is dark but the dirt is still there. My question to you is have your seat cushions have any intention in them? Mine seem to have an intention in the middle of the cushion. Also how to you put the cushions back in the cover: with the zippers matching or at opposite ends or do you rotate them around? Thanks. Angie

  12. Thanks for sharing you results and for all those that have left comments! I am pinning this entry to reference back to when I i finally order a new couch/sectional what ever after I update my den!!

  13. My question to all the owners is what washing machine do you have? HE or non HE? Since this is an important factor to get the slipcover clean. Thank you!

  14. I also purchased the IKEA Ektorp sofa about four years ago….in white! Love it. I purchased an extra set of slipcovers $50 so when I take off to wash I put the the new ones on. One year later I purchased the red slipcover for Christmas decorating when the whole house changed over to red and green. Loved the versality so much, I went back this year 2015 and bought another love seat and chair in beige for my den. Can’t say enough about it!!

  15. I LOVE THIS! I found your original post on Pinterest. The all white neutral living room. I LOVE this update…and love the review! I’m currently trying to convince my husband we need this sectional! I REALLY LOVE IT!

  16. Hmmm… I am seriously considering one of these for our house Jen, I was thinking I would buy both a white and a grey cover so I could switch it up if I felt like it. Thanks for your tips and suggestion!!

  17. You mentioned that you can purchase replacement cushions. I haven’t had any luck finding any. I need to replace two back cushions that have torn and the insides are falling out. Can you tell me where you’ve found where to purchase replacements for those?

  18. Your place looks great! Could you offer any more details about the rug… descriptive info to help locate it faster? Thank you 🙂

  19. was your rug more than your sofa? i just looked on rugsusa.com and the prices for larger rugs were a bit much. any suggestions?

    1. Love your blog! How does the back sit? Is it upright or slanted backwards? I don’t have an ikea close to me so will have to order sight unseen. Thank you!

  20. Just got mine last spring – I love them! I’m going to try the dryer step, as I really don’t want to iron them again…

  21. I have MANY pieces of Ektorp covered in white, and I am not as thrilled with the pieces that get a lot of use. The white does get dingy (it may be the water in my area), even with regular washings in our front loading machine. We’ve had ours for 6 years and replaced the white covers 2 times in those 6 years. If you get to the spills, crayon smears, food smudges immediately, I think the covers look better. I have not kept up with that to the degree I should so my covers do have stains that I can’t get out. I still love the look of the pieces, and structurally they have held up, but I can’t wait to switch over to something that won’t require as much care (when the kids go to college, in other words!). Yours look brand new!

    1. I hear you Georgie:). It is not for everyone. You are right, if you let the stains set then they are tough to get out. I still love mine but maybe in another few years I may also want a change. Have a great week, Jen

  22. your house looks beautiful! thank you for sharing your review! quick question… how do you keep your couch wrinkle free? do you use a steamer?

  23. I love reading about your Ikea sofa- I do have a question I hope someone can answer-I have a sofa that looks like the sectional Ikea sofa-I want to order the cover and it looks like it might fit but I need someone to measure the back cushion and bottom cushion -the website does not give that information.

  24. Thank you for this review! What color is your couch underneath the slip cover? Would a dark couch hold up better? I know I want a light colored slip cover, should they be similar to each other?

  25. Jen, this is fantastic. We live in a log cabin and I’m tired of the dark.want to do all interior in white. We love IKEA and how comfortable their furniture is. Time to replace with an ektorp.love your sire.

  26. Does anyone know what color this is ? There are a couple options.
    1. Blekinge white
    2. Stenasa White
    Thank You in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Teresa, its #1, I just wrote you back on FB, sorry for the delay, I was traveling. Have a good week! Jen

  27. I’ve had an Ektorp sofa bed (discontinued) and Ektorp chair for about 10 years. I’ve switched to a white cover so I am washing it more often than I had in the past. I have a problem that really bothers me…..when I remove the covers from the back cushions, I have accidentally poked my finger through the dryer sheet-type fabric that holds all of the stuffing in and maintains the shape of the back cushion. At first it wasn’t a big deal but each time I pull the cushion out of the cover, it gets worse and worse. I NEED to wash the slip covers weekly because they are white. I considered just buying extra loose stuffing and saying “who cares” if the stuffing holder rips. But that may stuff the back cushion but not be comfortable. I don’t know. Has anyone experienced this and have a solution? Thank you!

    1. I’m having the same exact problem. I posted a question on this post months ago wondering about replacement cushions but haven’t received much help. Would love to know what to do about this annoying problem as well. 🙂

    2. No Jennifer I haven’t, did you check Ikea to see if they sell replacements? Or call customer service? I wash mine about every 6 weeks and spot wash if I have to. Best of luck! Jen

  28. i love this post!! I have been looking for a white sectional and the Ektorp is too on my list for price so I’m so happy to know it holds up well and washes easily? thank you so much, this is a very helpful post.

  29. I know this post is a few months old, but thought I’d give it a try…Can anyone attest to whether the cushions stay in place? My concern is will I be constantly squishing them back where they belong. Drives me nuts when sofa cushions don’t stay put! TIA!

  30. I so love this whole post and all the comments! Thank you so very much for posting it! I am an Ektorp sectional owner as of two weeks thanks to Jen and all of your lovely followers:) and I love love it! I am so happy I made the purchase, it’s beautiful and comfy and when it gets dirty I’ll throw it in the wash, honestly how smart! Every sofa should come apart and be able to be washed ?

    Much love to you all, Tracy

  31. I purchased this couch in August and absolutely love it! I washed it for this first time yesterday. My washer and dryer are too small, so I took it to the laundromat. I used everything you used and it looks like there are blue spots all of the covers! I think it is from the fabric softener or laundry soap. Help! I soaked the big piece with a spot on it in white vinegar last night. Do you have any tips? I’m totally regretting taking it to the laundromat. But had no choice.

  32. I have a leather sectional, and I love how dog hair wouldn’t stick to it at all (after a microfiber couch that was constantly covered). However, I cat sat for 3 weeks at my home and unfortunately the leather sectional is completely covered in holes and very long scratches now. I would NOT recommend it with a cat.

  33. Hi, I keep going back and forth about purchasing the Ektorp. My biggest concern is the quality of the construction. Is the frame of the couch solid…i.e, if the kids (or maybe me) take a running leap, will it hold up? I’m hoping it’s not flimsy since it’s inexpensive!

  34. Your room is beautiful! I have the Ektorp chair and footstool in my son’s nursery and recently bought a used 3 seater for the family room – love them all. The Blekinge white covers are beautiful and so easy to keep clean with Tide and Oxy. I was really disappointed to see that they were discontinued recently here in Edmonton. If anyone sees the covers still in stores snatch them up at IKEA prices because the covers from third party sites are way more expensive.

    1. Hi Tara! What? That color is my favorite!! Good to know though, thank you for that tip:). I do love IKEA, and that whole series, glad it worked out for you! Jen

  35. I just got the Ektorp sofa with the Nordvalla dark beige cover. Honestly, it was a pain to put together. The screws are just barely long enough to thread the nuts. It took both my husband and I about 30-45 minutes to put it together. I was so tempted to get the pure white however I decided it would be too stark for our living room but I LOVE the color and texture of the beige. The fabric is very sturdy and thick. I ironed everything because it was so wrinkled coming out of the box. It took me about an hour and a half but it looks really good. The only negative (besides all the ironing required) is that the seat cushions are extremely firm. Maybe they will soften up as we sit on it.

    1. Hi Shari, they will soften up a bit as you use the sofa. When I switched from the cotton to linen slipcover it did change the feel of the sofa entirely. I know what you mean about the construction, although I have to say after 3 + years, 2 boys and a dog, its still going strong. Have a good night & enjoy it! Jen

  36. Thank you for the information! Could you confirm the dimension of each wing of this sectional? It looks so small in the store but when I measure my room it seems like it will be huge! Is the 95 7/8″ dimension they put in the product description each wing or the entire sofa? Many thanks!

  37. I just purchased the 2-seater with Chaise for my office, and the 2-seat and 3-seat sofas for my living room. I have a short haired dog and his hair just seem to stick to the cover like glue. Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping the dog hair off of the sofas? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy, the white shows everything and I think because the fabric is durable and slightly course it does catch a lot. I use a lint roller, I buy the big pack form BJ’s:). Or maybe put a throw on it where your pups sits:). Have a great day, Jen

  38. it’s a shame that the only white options they have now are polyester. The blekinge are 100% cotton.

    I actually have a complete set (sofa, loveseat, and 2 armchairs) of blekinge covers, still new and wrapped in their packages that I don’t need as we switched to gray. I have no idea what to do with them.

    Should I sell them on eBay? Craigslist? Is there another site that is better?

    1. I know. You may want to try Craigslist, just be safe about it:). Good Luck! Jen

  39. So you wash the large bottom piece in your home washer? It doesn’t get too heavy when wet etc? I am scared of breaking my washer with such a heavy piece.

    1. Hi Elise, I do wash the bottom in my washer. I have done it like 10 times and its not a large washer but if in question as someone maybe that has a front loader. Hope this helps, Jen

      1. Jen:
        This will be the 1st time that I will wash the covers for my sectional.
        I have the same as yours (Nordvalla Dark Beige – Linen); can you please advise cycle -temperature what products you use for washing and also how do you dry them….
        I have a HE washer and drier front load.
        Thank you!

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  41. Love this! And I just scrolled through all the comments hoping to find someone say something about the comfort level… is this sofa comfy?? We will have to order online, without sitting in it. So how comfortable is it? Thank you!!

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