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My Inspired Room


Hi friends!  We see beautiful house pictures all over social media & although I do love to be inspired, what inspires me even more is when I know a home is more than just pretty pictures. That a home has a life beat of it’s own, where there is lots of love, silly moments shared, chaotic ones too, where there are hugs & snuggles, laughter & tears and where there is genuine gratitude for all that it provides. So in celebration of my friend Melissa’s book, The Inspired Room, which is available Nov 2, I thought I would share my own inspired room and a little more about the “real-life” beat of my home.

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

When we began looking for a home on Long Island after living in a brand new home in Colorado, I had a list. I think most people do, right? On that list was old, but renovated, charming, in nice town, nice yard, bright, open….you get my drift. I never needed a big house, I like cozy but we wanted newish. My husband wasn’t handy, nor did he have the time to be & houses were so expensive here!!! So we looked for 4 + years, I know, that sounds a little crazy but at the end of a LONG, LONG wait we found OUR home. It wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect for us. There are no words to describe how it felt to have a home again after almost 5 years. I was just so grateful!!! I remember soaking in every moment, I will never forget those feelings.

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-$5 Mid Century Media CabinetOur home is nestled down a long, tree lined road and as soon as you get over the little hill you can see peeks of the bay. A little fun fact-I actually drove down my street in my 20’s and said to myself, if I am ever lucky enough, I would love to live here, no joke. We are on a little peninsula of sorts, which means we have water views that are expansive. I never, ever thought we would own a home so close to the water and when we saw this home, initially I said, no {can you believe that}, until I walked inside, it had all those things on my list and more. I think I was just afraid of what I didn’t know.

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

So that brings me to my favorite room, which you may have already guessed it, my family room. When we moved in Jack was 1 and Shane was 5, I wanted to do so much but…with little time and money we had to go slow. I did what I could, with what I had and began in the family room. I had chenille couches from Calico Corners and used my old furniture from Colorado, which was also dark. I had a bright vision for this room but needed to be patient. After a year we bought the IKEA sectional and the whole feel of the room changed. It felt like it belonged there and little by little I made the space my own. We have lived in our home for 6 years and the room finally feels done {ish}. I share this with you because often we just see the end result and not what goes on behind the scenes, the saving, hard work and patience that goes along with it:).

My Inspired Room-My Family Room  My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My family room if the hub of my home, especially this time of year when we spend more time inside. There is no better feeling than to see my whole family sprawled out on the sectional together, whether it be to watch a movie, read, play a game or maybe have a snack by the fire. I also try to grab a few minutes of quiet time when I can, before my boys come home from school, I sit in here with a cup of coffee and my magazines or catalogues and plot & plan:). At any given moment I can look over and see the glistening bay & instantly feel inspired.

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family RoomOn any given day there are toys, Legos, books, balls, floor hockey equipment, cars, etc.., you name it, my boys will play with it in here {just not play dough}. The slipcovers are amazing, you can read about how I care for them HERE.  I never worry about spills and messes because they always come out. The pillow covers can all be washed and the toys have little hiding places all over the room. I always want there to be little voices, creative play and noise coming from this room, that means it is loved, used and appreciated. My dad said to me one day, as I was feeling overloaded & overwhelmed with stuff, toys & life {it was when Jack was little}, “enjoy this.” I said, “huh…,” he said “you will miss this one day” and his eyes filled with tears. He told me after we all left {our childhood} home, the house became so quiet and he desperately missed those crazy, hectic days, I was one of 4. He is constantly giving me perspective like this, which I appreciate more than he knows. He is such a good man and I love him more than words.

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family Room My Inspired Room-My Family Room {leather pillows}

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

My Inspired Room-My Family Room

I wish I could get a good photo from my family room of the water but because of the porch overhang, it always come out dark. This is our master bedroom which is right above my family room so you can see a part of the view we see. It is very, very peaceful where we are, in fact today, it is so quiet I can actually hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore.

My Inspired Room-My Bedroom

DIY Herringbone Wall & Cost Plus Driftwood Chandelier

Master Bedroom

Thank you for letting me into your hearts and home, I always so grateful when you stop by!!!

This is Melissa’s book-The Inspired Room,  not only is it beautiful but a great read! If you have anyone who loves home this would be a nice holiday gift. IMG_4032


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Have a beautiful day & enjoy all of the festivities this weekend!

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  1. Your home is amazing, and I am like you…I love to know the stories behind those beautiful homes. It gives a more “real” sense to the space and the person behind the blog. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I just love how you have decorated your home. I feel so at peace looking at your pictures. =) Would you be able to share with me what color you used on the walls of your living room? Thanks very much! Michelle

  3. Hi Jen!
    What a beautiful story and tour! Good things come to those who wait, and that definitely was true for you! Your home is a true gem! How blessed to be so close to the water! You definitely need to let me know if you come visit Castle Rock again!

  4. I loved your story, Jen! I lived on a peninsula growing up and it was so amazing to see that much water from every room, what a blessing! I can see why your family room is your favorite, it looks like a great space to spend time in all year round! Thank you for sharing your room and my book, I appreciate it so much! xo

  5. Your home is stunning! Very comfy and the views are gorgeous! I have a lake view but there is something special about the sound of the ocean. I love the colors of the walls and woodwork, would you share the colors? Thanks. Have a great weekend. Peggy

  6. Beautiful home! I was wondering if you mind telling me where you got your wicker trunks that are being used as a side table? I’ve been looking for a long time for something similar but can’t seem to find the right size and style. Thanks!

  7. My daughter is looking for a desk just like that. Do you mind sharing where you got it? Thanks!

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