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New Slipcover For My Ikea Sectional + Giveaway

New Slipcover For My IKEA Sectional

Hi friends! I have completed a mini makeover of sorts in my family room, so today I am revealing part 1-the new slipcover for my  IKEA Ektorp sectional!!! I have been working with Comfort Works on this slipcover and I am overjoyed by how it turned out. They do Ikea & Pottery Barn slipcovers as well as custom, to get started you simply select your swatches, they usually arrive in a week or so. They have a beautiful selection of fabrics from linen to velvet. This was the tough part, I wanted a change from the Blekinge White but still wanted it fresh & a little modern.

Decisions, decisions….

Selecting Fabrics

After much debate I decided to go with the Liege/Biscuit, it has a waterproof Nano coating [see video below] which repeals all liquids, as if I needed another reason to love having a slipcover:).  I do like the white look but as soon as I put this new slipcover on, it was love at first sight. And with all of the white in the room, it is a nice contrast.

Ikea ektorp sectional blekinge white

The slipcovers came in 2 cotton draw-string bags, pretty color, right?!

New Comfort Works Linen Slipcover

They were super easy to put on and the bottom of the base cover is a gray ultra-suede, very durable.

New Comfort Works Linen Slipcover

 New Comfort Works Linen Slipcover

I am so thrilled with change in the room, I cant wait to see it all decked out for the holidays. Better yet when my family & friends are drinking red wine in here, I won’t be a nervous wreck, lol.

New Linen Slipcover for my Ekorp Couch

There were many afternoons spent over coffee debating which fabric to choose.

Selecting a fabric

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

Once the slipcover was on, I took a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed, I then took my iron and began to steam. It took all of 15 minutes.

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort WorksThe Liege linen is so soft that it actually makes the couch feel more comfortable. By simply changing the slipcover it seems like I have a whole new sectional and if I am being honest, it looks expensive.

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

New Ikea Slipcover

  New Ikea Slipcover From Comfort Works

 This is a video from Comfort Works to test the water proof coating on the Liege linen fabric with Nano coating using water and red wine.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!! The gift card is open worldwide and can be used for any products site wide. Comfort Works will also be launching custom curtains, cushion covers,  beanbags, bed frame covers, and more next year ; so you can subscribe to Comfort Works newsletter to receive info on special offers and new product announcements.

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This is a sponsored post by Comfort Works, all opinions expressed are my own.

To check out my review on the Ektorp sectional click HERE. I will be sharing a little video of the completed look later on Instagram so be sure to follow me HERE.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. The couch looks great! Can’t wait to head over and look at their products. Water repellent, can’t beat that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your new cover. I’m not sure what I’d pick, maybe a couch cover. I’m excited to hear curtains are coming to their site too.

  3. LOVE THE WATER REPELLENT FACTOR…I was convinced to buy an Ikea Ektorp after reading your blog posts about yours! I also have the white, and would love a change.

  4. I love the color of the couch! It definitely looks more expensive! I would love to get an Ektorp Sectional like you!

  5. Thank you for sharing! My Ektorp sofas both need new slipcovers! Fantastic fabric choices and I love that is water repellent! Yay for Comfort Works!

  6. My 8 year old Baldwin sectional is no longer looking so white. A new slip cover by comfort works would be dreamy!

  7. I just helped my mom made a slipcover for her sofa and it was a pain! Not to mention that it’s now ripped after just a month. Would love to get her something similar to yours. Would be perfect for her in the tropics, or for me at the lake house. Love it!

  8. Oh I love it! It does look expensive!!! And waterproof…. Are you kidding me?! Just what my couch needs with my 11 month old!!!

  9. I bought this same ikea couch this summer after reading your reviews. Love the new slipcover and also really love the water repelling feature

  10. Is the slipcover washable? With the coating, it seems like it wouldn’t be.
    We have a dry clean only slipcover and it never gets clean. The stains are never fully removed. Not to mention the expense.

  11. Looks amazing! Love the water repelling feature, almost makes me think I could have white with kids!

  12. I have an Ikea Ektorp as well, and would love another slipcover! Maybe red for the holidays, or navy for summer?

  13. Love this! i plan to buy an IKEA Ektorp couch and loveseat for our new home and didn’t even think about there being other options for slipcovers other than just the IKEA ones. I am pinning this post for future reference! Love your slipcover – I love the white but thinking for actual use I may need to go with something with a bit of color/texture to it.

  14. LoVe. LoVe. LoVe. We’re building a house and I’ve been looking for the perfect cover for the ikea ektorp sofa. Thank you for sharing and your beautiful inspirations.

  15. Your sectional looks great! I would love a slipcover for my sofa in one of the linen swatches, maybe a gray tone. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. One more reason to love slipcovered furniture! We have an Arhaus sofa that’s had about nine lives thanks to slipcovers and new cushions!

  17. I would love the opportunity to spend the gift card on the Ektorp sofa slipcover for my parents. They are in a new place and would absolutely love the Leige Linen color like yours. Thank you!

  18. I would follow in your footsteps and put away my white ektorp sofa cover and put on one of these bad boys!

  19. I have a world market slipcovered sofa. Too bad … but I could figure out a way to spend the gift card on new curtains!

  20. I would most definitely put it towards a custom slip cover for our old couch, trying to make it last till we can save up and pay cash for (or at least pay off really quickly) a new living room set!

  21. We are getting ready to move and will be purchasing the same couch from ikea as your recommendation along with several other bloggers has sold me on getting a white or light covered couch even with two little boys!

  22. I have looked at their site before when I first bought my Ektorp sofa from Ikea. Which I love, love, love! I’ve always been in love with their gray velvet slipcovers!

  23. I would love to purchase a new white slipcover! My husband and I just bought our first home (a lovely 1970s split level in desperate need of some TLC) and a new slipcover would help us spruce up the place and make it feel like ours 🙂

  24. Your couch looks so much better with her “new dress” on! I am looking forward to seeing what curtains will be offered in the future. Like the pillow covers too!

  25. I would love to cover my sofa. It gets so much use with the kids and their friends and I’d love for my sofa to look nice when I entertain my friends!

  26. Oh Wow, I am buying the couch this week but was concerned the white was too white. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I love your slipcover! I’ll check out the website. Thank You!

  27. I really think these sofa covers are terrific! They not only protect your sofa but also make it look great!

  28. We need new furniture as we left our living room furniture with my daughter for her apartment when we moved but cannot afford expensive (2 kids in college and one getting married). Thank you for the great posts on the couch and the giveaway for the slipcover. Both seem perfect for us 🙂

  29. Love it! I have the IKEA Ektorp and would love a linen slipcover, it’s such a beautiful fabric. Heading over there now to check out their products. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Wow… that is spill proof. Love that! I’m thinking about getting a couch from IKEA and I think it was your post a while back that convinced me that it would work for me. I’m just waiting for the right time to do it.

  31. I have a leather sofa with a chenille fabric on the seat and back cushions and would love to get slips for those cushions in the Nomad Sand fabric to change it up. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  32. excited to know there is good alternative to Pottery Barn for slipcovers for PB upholstered pieces – the swatches look wonderful

  33. I love the idea of slipcovers and fabric that is stain resistant is fantastic. I have a unusual shaped sofa so Comfort Works is a great solution. Personally, I love the fabric you chose, it would look great with my natural style.

  34. That looks great and that is the same fabric I chose years ago. I wish mine had come with that coating since I spilled coffee all over the arm and it ruined it. That coating must be new.

  35. So glad there are places to go for more variety in slipcovers for those popular sofas and love seats. Loved the white and now love this color, too!

  36. The slips look so nice! Really warm up the room. We need a love seat for our living room! Glad to hear how pet friendly the fabric is:) thank you for the give away!

  37. My husband has this ugly recliner that he wont let me get rid of . That is always an option. However I love the pillow covers also. Thanks for the chance.

  38. I think I would use the gift certificate to buy some new pillow covers and a custom cover for an ottoman that my sweet dog, Joe, lies on.

  39. Thanks for the information on Comfort Works. I just looked at their website and they have so many wonderful fabrics to choose from. You always share resources that I’ve been thinking about. Thanks for the detailed reviews!

  40. My husband and and I went to IKEA this past weekend (3 hr drive) to test drive the Ektorp and my plan is to purchase this coming week…I’m nervous despite all the good things I hear and my husband (and parents) think I’m nuts to consider white with 3 kids. This source is a good thing…just in case! 🙂 Thanks for the on- going inspiration, you never fail me! Happy Holidays!

  41. We’re looking for a new couch. How has your ikea couch held up so far? Looks nice with the new cover!!

  42. I really love the Leigh fabric in eggshell! I’d slipcover a chair I have that no longer coordinates with mydecor.

  43. The slip cover I have now is SO bad – it never really fit. I would love to get a better one, but choosing a color is tough.

  44. I actually have a question – your new color is not as white as your other sectional. DO you miss the lighter color?

  45. I NEVER get tired of looking at your rooms! Because of you I have a white Ektorp and it has held up with 4 grandchildren, thanks so much,

  46. Love it! I am going to finally pull the trigger and buy the Ikea sectional. Furniture buy is so hard because it can be very expensive and I do not want to be disappointed. But with all the various posts i have read about this one, I think it is a no brain-er! I love the option to have an alternative source for slipcovers too! Thanks for sharing!

  47. If I’d win, I’d love to get a couple of the Here’s a Moose Pillow Cover. Super cute. I’d also want to get The Mighty Advice Tree Pillow Cover.

  48. I am loving the pillow covers. I would get the Wayfare Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover, two of the christmas tree print pillow covers, a vanilla plush fur cover, and the red star pillow cover. Your slip covers look great!

  49. We inherited an Ikea Karlstad sectional that has been “well-loved” to say the least! I am super excited at the chance to give it a new look and some new life!

  50. Love it, looks great! I would for sure get the Ektorp slipcover for my sofa if I won. It would be nice to have another cover especially with two children that are 6 and 9. 🙂 Great giveaway!

  51. Thank you for sharing this giveaway with us. It was hard to make a decision. I would love to have new pillow covers and legs for the furniture. Yay!

  52. I have been wanting to slipcover my sofa but I know it would be a huge task to do myself. I hope I win! Your slipcover is beautiful. You can tell they do great work!

  53. I would love to be able to change out our deep tan couch color with a custom cover. I find it hard to decorate around with certain darker pillow covers and I change them with the seasons. This is great. Your cover looks amazing.

  54. Can anyone tell me what the length of one side of the Ektorp sectional is?? In other words, what it measures from the inner corner to the outer end of one side at the armrest?

  55. Wow, I’m really impressed with the beautiful fabric choices! I’d love the chance to update my ikea ektorp chair!

  56. we’re getting ready to buy the IKEA ektorp sectional like your’s and I would dearly love a linen cover for it. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  57. I am in desperate need of A new slipcover, these Comfort Works slip cover in linen would be a marvelous option!

  58. Love your slipcover. If I win, I’ll use the gift card towards a slipcover for my daughter’s Ikea sofa. With 2 small children in the house her sofa could definitely use it!

  59. Considering an Ektorp and would love a slipcover that looks more high end. Plus, repelling red wine? Can’t beat that.

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