Getting To Know Bre- My New Contributor

Hello City Farmhouse readers!!! I’m so excited to be here, as a contributor for Jen. I love Jen’s style, and totally connected with her right away when we crossed paths in blog world. Sometimes though it’s not always easy to connect when you are just seeing them through the window of the world wide web. You miss seeing their personality come alive when you talk with them face to face. So before I jump in and share with you design ideas I love, or some of my tips and tricks for bringing any space to life, I wanted to share a little bit more about myself with all of you! I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of misconceptions here in “blogland” if you want to call it that. So allow me to introduce myself, in case, perhaps I am new to some of you!

I’m Bre (Hi)!

If we were to meet, first things first, you would be greeted with a big smile, and then most likely a warm hug! I love to hug, not quite sure why, I just do. I love to laugh, and I L.O.V.E. to decorate. I love to talk about paint colors – and get in high decibels when doing so! I love white slip-covered anything. To me it’s crisp, clean but relaxed!

Here’s our living room:

We live in a renovated 1846 farmhouse, and I’ve been known to bust out my paint brush one too many times, especially when I should be cooking dinner for my family. Speaking of which, yes we have kids! One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve come across after people see photos of our house, is that “they must not have kids”, “No one must be allowed in that room”, and my favorite “that is just not practical”. I chuckle to myself even as I write that, but I’m happy to be known among my friends and followers as the crazy lady with the white couch and two small children. We bought our white slipcovered Ektorp couch from IKEA almost 9 years ago, and while everyone including my mother told me I was nuts to have a white couch, especially once the kids came, I bought it anyway! While I like to have a clean house, it’s not always realistic for me, and I would rather my kids remember a home they could grow up in, not one they weren’t allowed to touch anything in. But most importantly it’s creating a welcoming, inviting space for your family + friends, where they can relax, and be loved on, and build memories that’s most important.

I can always remember having a passion for decorating, from constantly moving my room around as a kid, to creating gallery walls, and vignettes on my walls and dresser as a teen. Today I enjoy creating warm, welcoming spaces for clients, as well as in my own home. When people ask me what my style is, there is always a long pause with a question mark look on my face? Because the truth is I don’t feel I completely fit in one category, which is some what refreshing. I would love to give a solid answer, but not being limited to one certain style gives me flexibility to stretch my creative wings.

I avoid saying “Country” because I don’t decorate with roosters or the color red (which I like the look of very much). I don’t say “Contemporary” because I like to work with a bit too much vintage to fit in there. And I don’t say “Beachy” because while I love starfish, they only come out briefly in the summer, and that’s about it. I’ve said this before, but if Pottery Barn and Country Living had a baby, you would find me! My passion is for people to “Love the Space they Live in”.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a bit better today. If you want some more, feel free to check out my About Me page for a list of all my loves!  I hope to see you a bit more around here in Blog world. If you want to see what I’m currently up to, you can connect with me on Instagram,  at roomsforrent.


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  1. I also loved to decorate, move furniture around, sewing of my own clothes, making curtains, when I was a teen. Drove my parents crazy sometimes. My Mom worked 6 days a week and long hours to keep us afloat as my Dad was sick almost whole time I was in high school. Not easy as in those days there was no disability and women didn’t make much at all. I had to learn how to do many things, even washing my own clothes in wringer washer, no fancy machines in those days (50’s) Those were days of big crinolines that had to be starched and ironed.
    Even when I was first married at 19, had 3 kids in 4 yrs. no fancy washing machines and no dryers at all except the air outside.
    Many a time I’d be out hanging diapers, baby clothes when it was cold out, laundry froze on lines. No vacuum cleaners then either, fun trying to keep house clean with 3 small kids all over. I’m sure glad I did learn all I did at young age as it helped me cope with that young family and keeping a home nice. Only thing I’ve never been is a great cook, can cook/bake and make good meals but nothing spectacular. In our old age (me 74 and hubs (73) does all our cooking, I resigned from that job when all the kids left (4). I do clean up gladly.
    Now I still hang my laundry out when it’s nice enough, mostly in Spring, summer and fall, we live in western CO now. Hope you’re having great week

  2. I am interested in buying an Ikea slipcovered sofa, but am afraid. I live in a “Grannie suite” attached to my daughter’s house. My 4 grandchildren are in and out every day. I LOVE my life with them, 2 dogs and a cat. My fear is that the couch won’t hold up.
    I bought a very expensive navy blue suede sofa 6 years ago. Grammie lets kids eat on the couch while watching TV and have lost the battle of keeping animals off the couch.
    Do the cushions on the couch last if used and abused daily? Also, is it easy to wash the slipcovers?

    Sorry for the lengthy note, but will appreciate any advise you can provide.

  3. Bre,
    You are an excellent decorator and I’d love to follow you. What you did with this room is unique and I can see you don’t follow the crowd. Love the different tables and the stripey-ness!

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