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Large Art Idea For a Dorm + Move In Day

We’re back from UNCW, and I am happy to say Shane is settled in. While I am still grieving the end of such a magical time as a mom, I am also thrilled for Shane’s new beginning. It’s been five days since we dropped him off, and I have to say the nights are the toughest. When I am closing up downstairs, and it’s quiet, I realize he isn’t coming home. On the plus side, I feel lucky to have some great friends who have recently gone through this and ones who are currently in the trenches of this new season. So we’ve made a pack to support one another.

Before I share more about move-in day, let me start by saying we didn’t have much time, and it was a hectic few hours, otherwise, I would have staged the room a little better. It was such a whirlwind, I was lucky to get the photos I did.

Large Art Idea For a Dorm Room. Create  a vinyl banner at Vistaprint for a cost effective way to make it feel homey.

This large wall idea was such a big hit that I wanted to share how I did it. So often, I just do things, not realizing that other creative people might want to know too. I found a picture from my husband’s old Aspen days and took a picture with my phone. You may remember it from THIS CHRISTMAS MANTEL. Well, I used that same image to create a vinyl banner at Vistaprint. This print is 4′ x 6′, but there are many sizes to choose from. I did no grommets, reinforced edges, and outdoor, but indoor is much cheaper. It’s that simple. I also hung them with THESE Command Strips. You can watch the video HERE.

Large Art Idea For a Dorm Room. Create  a vinyl banner at Vistaprint for a cost effective way to make it feel homey.

Yup, a steamer was needed, but we’ll all survive. I have to let go at some point. Getting back to move in morning. We went on the first morning at 8 a.m. and got so lucky. We waited ten minutes for Shane to check in and get his key, then we drove to the dorm room. There was no line, and all the students rushed to our car to help. What a great first impression!

Trip to UNCW

This is the area between buildings. There was such a great energy to this school!

UNCW Campus
UNCW Campus

He posed for a few more pictures that I won’t bore you with, plus everyone was crying. This one is funny, he’s like. “Enough, no more pictures!”


We drove to Wrightsville Beach every day, and I stalked the houses. This one is a beauty with its hunter-green shutters.

Wrightsville Beach House
Wrightsville Beach House

Shane and John surfed both days. I think he’s in his element and going to love being near the beach. I wish I had that proximity in college.

Wrightsville Beach
Sunset at Wrightsville Beach

You can find more of my DORM ESSENTIALS over at my Amazon Shop.

Dorm Essentials-Everything Your College Student Will Need
Dorm Essentials-Everything Your College Student Will Need

Happy day, friends!

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  1. When our “baby” leaves the nest… it’s surreal. I found myself remembering her first steps! First sentence. When we arrived at school to “unload” she was cranky, and abit nervous. She snapped at us for “helping” her assemble a book case! I knew she just wanted to make it her “own” room, so we left in desperate need of caffeine! She soared all 4 years, made so many friends and by year 2….she really blossomed into a young adult! Watching them become their own person, (no curfew or rules!)and trying not to worry all the time wasn’t easy. They come home in Nov for holidays and breaks and the quiet, neat house is no more again! We became closer. She called me all the time for advice and recipes and shared her crushes and dreams. She is now married with a beautiful daughter….man, time flies! Your son is gorgeous & I am sure he will do amazing this year! Hugs!

  2. My husband went to UNCW and was a pitcher on the baseball team in the early 80’s. We had a trip planned to the area a while back but, cancelled because the weather was gonna be yucky. He also worked at The Bridge Tender, as a server, which is still there.
    Hopefully we will get up that way soon. We have retired to Beaufort, SC. Best wishes for a very successful year for your son!

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