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Birch Slice Antler Ornaments + Printable

Birch Slice Antler Ornaments + Printable City Farmhouse

 Happy Wednesday friends! Yikes, not much time left until the most wonderful day of year! I still have so much to share so I trying to squeeze it all in.

Some of you may already know this but I love handmade ornaments. It is a connection to my mother & the past. When my mom past away my father couldn’t bare to keep anything that reminded him of the holidays so he gave me ALL of their ornaments, many of which were handmade, for me it was like being given a box full of treasure and still feels that way each year I open it. The other night as my boys & I decorated their tree we took these ornaments out and began to talk about each one as we put them up. Each one has a story and they love hearing it. I still have an old ornament my father made when he was little, it is so worn & tattered but to me it is a gift.

Balsam Hill Vermont Spruce Tree + DIY Ornaments City Farmhouse

Each year I make a ton of ornaments, I always think wouldn’t it be nice if my boys held on to some and past them on to their own families someday:). You can see the tree is full of sentimental touches from POLARIODS of my boys, to their little gloves & shoes they once wore. You may also see some snow, Shane & I thought it would be fun to sprinkle some on for a woodsy effect but most landed on the floor but it was fun trying.

DIY Antler Ornaments

These were so easy & fun. Shane & I made these together and wrote the names & dates on the back.

Birch Slice Antler Ornaments + Balsam Hill Tree

DIY Birch Slice Ornaments

What you will need:

birch slices-mine were between 3″-3.5″

craft paint-I used Martha Stewart Gray Wolf & Arrowhead

cream marker-I used Recollections in Snow {in the scrapbook section}

cream paint-to fill in antlers





small fine brush

drill & bit



DIY Antler Ornaments & Free Printable   1.Paint your slices & let dry.

2.Take you print & cut out an antler.

3. Chalk the back.

4. Flip over & tape to slice right side up.

5. Trace it with a pen.

{tip-the darker the base color the better you will see the chalk}

6. Peel off the printable & trace the chalk outline with your cream pen.

7. Fill the inside with cream paint.

8. Sand it {optional}

9. Drill a hole through the top & tie with twine.

10. Handwrite something on the back.

To save print just right click & “save as”

Free Antler Template + Printable For Birch Slice Ornaments


Shane even made some of his own. You can see one towards the bottom. He is funny, he put it in the front and bad mommy me for the Christmas Tour pictures I moved it towards the side. Well he found it and said “mom you moved my ornament, you don’t like it?” ugh, my heart sank. The holidays are for them not to make things so pretty & perfect all the time. So I took it proudly and put it back where he had it & there it stayed for ALL of the pictures:).

Balsam Hill Vermont Spruce Tree + DIY Ornaments

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Oh one last thing,

we have a WINNER of the Favorite Holiday Things Giveaway!!!!

Congrats Beverly E!!!!

Have a beautiful day,

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  1. Sure wish I had some of birch slices. Didn’t find any at our Michaels. I asked mgr, said they haven’t gotten anymore in, doggone it. Short of finding a birch tree to cut down for my own, guess I’ll have to wait. Love how yours look. Thanks so much for antler printables. I’ll figure out some other way to or material to paint them on. Maybe some chipboard cut in circle? I want some of those.
    Where did you find all those deer to paint gold? Guess I don’t go to right places to find them. Would love to make my own little herd, would be cute in a vignette I have in mind.
    Just taking few minutes to relax then will get back to making/finishing up crafts for Saturdays’ show.
    I love all the incredible vintage ornaments you have on your tree. So glad your Dad gave you their ornaments, can understand how you’d feel so strongly about them. It must have been so sad and hard for him. He trusted you to take care of them all. Those stories will make such a difference to your boys. Boys remember and cherish memories and things you had.
    I’m surprised sometimes the things my oldest son remembers and will tell me about. His memories are a lot from when my hubs and I married, he was 6 (12/21/62) little after we married (11/30/68) and younger son was 4 1/2 (05/01/64), they’re 16 months apart. Hubs had to leave for Viet Nam on 12/26, was hard on the boys and oldest girl, she was 8 1/2 (07/10/60). Their real father wasn’t in their life much at all. They all consider hubs their Dad and have even changed their last name to his.
    I love it that you are so sentimental. I am too and sometimes have a few tears over things, can’t seem to stop them .
    Better get back to work. Have so much to get done before Saturday. Friday we can go to rec center to set up which is quite handy. Show is from 10a.m. to 3p.m. Our youngest grand child/daughter will be with us, she’s crocheting wash cloths. Will be so great to spend time with her.
    Happy week/end. Think you’re enjoying the season also.
    If you choose to reply please do to my email address, thanks

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