DIY Graffiti Art Using Wedding Song Lyrics {a gift to my husband}

DIY Graffiti Art- Fun & Easy Art Project Anyone Can Do {City Farmhouse}

Hi friends!

I recently tackled some DIY art for my master bedroom that I absolutely LOVE,

so I thought I would share.

I don’t know about you but I so struggle with what to buy my husband for special occasions.

He isn’t a picky guy, he is just super simple, he always says “I don’t need anything.”

Does this sound familiar?

So for our 11th wedding anniversary I decided to surprise him with some DIY Graffiti  Art using our wedding song lyrics,

Annie’s Song by John Denver.

DIY Graffiti Art- Using wedding song lyrics-an anniversary gift

  When we met he was living in Aspen, CO & on my first visit, 14 summers ago it all began.

He was originally from NY but had a laid back mid-west attitude,

not like any guys I had ever met.

 He was a country boy {at heart} who was enjoying every minute of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

That summer we biked everywhere, had picnics, parked ourselves at outdoor concerts many nights, ate the most delicious food,

hit the local spots and drank lots of wine on his porch while starring up at the most beautiful Colorado sky.

The first time he played JD I was kind of blown away.

DIY Graffiti Art- Using wedding song lyrics-Annies Song

Not many guys my age from NY listened to him nor knew who he was for that matter.

He was a sweet soul & that was what I loved about him.

So Annie’s song hit a cord & always reminded us of that summer.

DIY Graffiti Art- Using wedding song lyrics- A great gift for under $30

I think it is so important to decorate with things that have meaning.

I love seeing this simple memory everyday of how it all began


how it felt to be young and in love:).

Life can get a little crazy,

good crazy of course so you need those little reminders.

Don’t you think?

DIY Graffiti Art- Using wedding song lyrics-base is Ben Moore Stormy Sky

I didn’t really have any idea of how this project would turn out & sometimes that is the best, isn’t it?

I took a large canvas, painted it with Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky and

used chalk after it dried to create lines.

I took a medium flat brush & some cream craft paint & just began.

I didn’t start the lyrics at the beginning  and ran off the page a few times just to give an informal feel.

DIY Graffiti Art- Using wedding song lyrics

I used a thin molding to finish off the sides.

Wedding song turned into DIY Graffiti Art for master bedroom reveal

This cost me under $30 & as it turned out, it is by far my favorite gift I have given my

country boy:).


Speaking of the country…..

One of the best parts of blogging is discovering new blogs.

I “met” Olivia from The Wannabe Cowgirl about  a month ago & I LOVE the authenticity of her life & blog.

This is one you will want to follow:)!

In her words…
I should have been a cowgirl…Instead, I went to college, settled down, and landed a “big girl” job.But, I never stopped dreaming about wide-open spaces, riding horses all day, and living simply.We moved out of the city. We bought acreage. We remodeled our not-so -dream-house.
And every morning I woke up before the sun, headed to the office, and didn’t come back until the sun went down.
That is my definition of crazy.So I quit my job, and bought some horses and a camera.I decided to pursue my dream of being a full-time “cowgirl” with my favorite two year old sidekick.

These are the chronicles of a wannabe cowgirl.


Sounds cool right?!!! I adore her, head on over & give her some love,

Have a beautiful & safe holiday weekend,

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  1. I love this. I love this song! Annie’s Song was the only thing that would calm my youngest in the car. And then to listen to my 5 yr old angel sing it to his baby brother made it even sweeter! Now my baby boys are 12 & 17 and do not want me to remind them of this. But for me, it is a wonderful memory.

  2. Love this and LOVE the song!!! This makes for a great wedding or anniversary gift!! You are so inspiring!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. What a beautiful love song and one of my favorites! I grew up listening to JD, he was the first album I ever purchased! Your art piece is very creative and inspiring.

  4. I love this! I think gifts of the heart are the very best. I also love the way you have the words arranged…such a natural feel.


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