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6 Great Alternatives To Carrara Marble

6 Great Alternatives to Carrara Marble Countertops In Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Hi friends, the biggest happy Friday to you! As you know I am planning a little kitchen remodel and finding the right countertop is a big part of this endeavor. We have a lot of surface space that right now is dark and makes the entire room feel closed in. By lightening up the counters I know it will change the look, it will make it feel bright, light and clean looking. My dream has always been to have carrara marble in this space but…we all know it has a reputation for staining easily and requires a good amount of maintenance to keep them sealed. Honestly if I was in another season in my life I might say “lets go for it” but being that my boys are still little and we are constantly on the go, I could see missing a coffee or juice stain as I head out the door and that would be it. So since I don’t plan on redoing these for a LONG time I want something durable, pretty and that will last through some major kitchen mishaps.

Here are 6 great alternatives to carrara marble that will give your kitchen a bright, modern-farmhouse look…..

1. Caesarstone – Calacutta Nuvo

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

6 Great Alternatives to Carrara Marble Countertops In Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Decor Pad

2. Allen + Roth Sugarbush

Allen & Roth Sugarbush Quartz

Zillow Kitchen Using Allen & Roth Sugar Bush


3. Silestone – Helix

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble AlternativeLiz Marie Blog

4. Caesarstone – Misty Carrera

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

Decor Pad

5. Quartzite – White Princess

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble AlternativeDecor Pad

6. Silestone – Lagoo

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

City Farmhouse - Carrara Marble Alternative

House Beautiful

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I love all these options. We debated for awhile on a cararra marble substitute like the ones above but my husband wanted granite so we chose one called White Ice. It’s a little more detailed than the ones you show above but it worked out and we are happy. Good luck choosing!

  2. I have Calcutta Manhattan marble that is honed. It’s beautiful it does not stain but it chips. I had an fancy edge put in (it’s been a few years I forgot the name). If I had to do it again I would not have gotten the fancy edge. Otherwise I love it! Come over and I’ll show it to you- ;-).

    1. Sounds so pretty Kim! Thank you so much for this great option. Hope to see you soon! Have a great Sunday! Jen

  3. My little one will be graduating high school this year. I am hoping this will be the year to up date our kitchen counter tops. I’ve been dreaming of marble counter tops since we moved into our home 15 years ago.Thank you Jen for sharing these lovely options.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

    1. I cant believe she is graduating, oh my goodness!! Bittersweet I am sure Julie:). You and me both, lol! Have a great day! Jen

  4. We’ve done a white Quartz in our kids bathroom. I think that’s the same as quartzite? Excuse my ignorance. And I just want to let u all know it’s awesome! It’s been three years and it doesn’t stain or chip or even show any marks if I don’t get to wipe it for a week from toddlers in their daily. I can’t say enough good things about it. I want to do it in the kitchen. Just waiting for $5k to magically appear in my bank account.:) hey it happens!;) thanks for the great post. This ones a saver! Xo- Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley, this is so great to know!!I am even more excited now if that is possible!! Yes, I hear you on the 5K, that would be SOOO nice!! Have a good Sunday! Jen

  5. Hi Jen, check out brand: Cambria, color Torquay, website: http://Www.cambriausa.com. I formerly had granite. Hated it! When we built our new home, we went with the Cambria. Love, love it. We receive a Cambria magazine and it appears a lot of celebrities have installed Cambria. Price was comparable to other Quartz.

  6. Great information, and I understand the concerns that people have about marble – I was concerned about putting marble (carrara) on my kitchen counters too, but after a year I have no regrets. It is also a significantly less expensive option than Caesarstone or quartz. I had people try to convince me not to get it, and I was almost swayed, but in the end I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the alternatives. I had grown up with marble counters and sinks in our bathroom, and they took quite a beating and looked fine. I’ve had a marble counter in our ensuite for almost 10 years and again, no problem. So, I did have some little experience with it that left me feeling the negative things I was hearing might be over blown. For me there has been no upkeep/maintenance issue in the kitchen (or bathroom). The countertop was sealed and I may reseal it again in a few months, but that’s easy too–just wipe on and wipe off. We’ve left blueberry’s on the countertop for the day and there has been no problem. Mustard, coffee and such may leave a little colour if let for s on end, but over a couple of days it seems to be absorbed into the stone and is gone. If you look at the counter from just the ‘right’ angle you can see some ring marks on it, but you have to go out of your way to see them, and I haven’t done anything to try to ‘fix’ them. I like the lived in look too, so for me it isn’t a big deal. So don’t give up on marble if it is what you really want. BTW, my countertop is honed – which I think makes a big difference.

  7. Had the white marble in master bath…took one week for Mitch to put a coffee ring on it!!!! Silestone this go round.

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