Thrifty & Pretty DIY Driftwood Mirror

Happy Monday!

I hope you ALL had a nice & relaxing weekend!!

This has positively been one of the BEST summers of my life:).

My boy are getting older, as am I

(just turned the BIG 40 a few weeks ago)


I just appreciate each & every day I get to spend with them.

Summers here on Long Island are incredible!

We live on the east end,  we have beaches, bays, the ocean, an abundance of natural beauty

& plenty of SIMPLE outdoor activities to enjoy together as a family.,

One of the things we love to do as a family is to pack a picnic and head to the beach at dusk.

And while we are there,

we pretend we are pirates and hunt for treasure,

AKA “driftwood.”

  We have been collecting all summer and decided it was time to actually make something with all of it.

Hence, my “Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror”…..

the best part- $3.00!!!!

City Farmhouse-Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror Using Found Wood From Dune Rd

Ever since I saw THIS mirror, I was smitten & had to try it myself:).

City Farmhouse-Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror

1. Collect your wood.

You will need about 40 large pieces, 20 medium, 20 small and about 15 tiny pieces.

2. I made a circle(12″) for the back out of heavy card board. Then traced a circle from a standard bowl(6″) in the middle.

My mirror was 7″

3. Brush off sand & debris from wood.

4. Using Gorilla Glue begin your first bottom layer with your longest pieces.

Lay heavy books on top, let dry.

Tip- the gorilla glue dries into a foam & spreads, so use a little at a time.

Then layer your medium lengths pieces into the bare spots, this time use Gorilla Wood Glue, let dry.

Then layer again using the small pieces & let dry.

5. Using Gorilla Glue adhere the mirror on top.

Let dry & set.

6. Using your tiny pieces layer around the edge of the circle to frame the mirror.

7. Hang & enjoy!

My helpers..


City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror, pieces found at beach with my boys

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror-perfect summer project

CF DIY Driftwood Mirror

City Farmhouse Driftwood Mirror-3 Bucks

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror-budget friendly project

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror, found wood on Dune Rd-Westhapton

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror, love the worn texture, each piece tells a story

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood MirrorI finished this project off with a hand written note on the back that reads

“Created With Love By Shane, Jack & Mommy- Summer 2013”

What a wonderful thing to create something for the home that has meaning & tells a beautiful story of simplicity, love and family.

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Have a great week friends!

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    1. Thank you so much Leslie! I love that part too:). I just want to freeze time some days! Have a great week, Jen

  1. Gorgeous!! I have on from Crate and Barrel and this one’s way prettier 😉 I like your handy helpers!
    Jamie @

  2. You all rocked that project! That is one awesome mirror and vignette. Wish we could find driftwood on the beach we frequent!

  3. Oh Jen, This is so Beautiful! Thanks for adding my link. You may have been inspired by mine, but yours is Perfect. I love that your driftwood is more flat, and I love the added layers as well. The writing on the back was a thoughtful touch. Now I want to go play pirates at the beach with my little guys 😉

    1. Oh my gosh your guys would love that! Thanks, really though I have loved yours forever, so thank you for the inspiration!
      Have a great night,

    1. Oh thank you Lisa, it is nice to know they helped create it.
      Hope you are having a great summer,

  4. better plan to make another- your boys’ future wives will be fighting over who gets it! Just lovely…

  5. This is simply gorgeous, Jen! I’ve been wanting to make one ever since I saw the same one that inspired you from The Wicker House. Now that I have 2 lovely sources of inspiration I think I will try to make one for myself with some Lake Michigan driftwood 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lady, you are so talented! What an amazing creation! I’ve never ever seen a sunburst mirror that I really liked (it’s my one design “thing,” I just can’t make myself like them) until now 🙂 I’m definitely going to try this project. thanks so much for the gorgeous inspiration!

  7. Love it! And love esp. that your boys helped make it – you’ll have to do another one – or else I can see that treasure being fought over some day way into the future. 😉
    Enjoy the rest of summer!

  8. What a gorgeous mirror! The best part is that your little guys were part of the process. What a wonderful memory you created with those little boys. I love it. I just finished my coastal cottage chic livingroom makeover and this mirror would fit in beautifully. How cool to live so close the to the beach. I need to head out to Long Island N.Y. Haven’t been there in a long time. I still have 2 cousins who live on the Island, one in Riverhead, and the other in Northport. My mother grew up there and attended high school in Hicksville. A walk by the sea refreshes me. Your home is beautiful!!

  9. Oh I am loving this mirror and have been wanting to make one for some time now but haven’t been able to get out to collect driftwood yet this summer. Yours turned out wonderful and I am even more excited to give this project a try. I’m featuring you this week at our “Inspire Me Please” blog party!!
    xo, Jennifer @Blissfully Ever After

  10. I bought gorilla glue cuz i saw it on your site and others. I must have used too much as it bubbles up and shows too much inbetween pieces of driftwood. Is there another kind I should have used?

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