DIY Feather Art-Collect & Create With The Things You Love

Happy Monday Friends!

Living coastally is such a blessing!

We get to enjoy life at the beach, even through the fall{the best time}.

Being that we spend many days at the beach it gives us plenty of opportunity to collect many pretty things found in nature.

This past summer my boys & I began collecting driftwood, shells(a staple:)) & feathers.

It really is a sweet experience to share these simple moments with my family.

What have you been collecting?

What do you do with the “things” you collect?

I decided after seeing art in THIS amazing shop to create my own DIY Feather Art with our own little collection.

DIY Feather Art City Farmhouse

Create art from the things you collect & love-City Farmhouse

This project is so simple & easy.

And it is the perfect addition to your FALL décor with all of the natural textures and neutral tones:).

1. I started with my feathers.

2. Rummaged through my frame collection and found a few different sizes.

3. I took some drop cloth fabric and sprayed tacky spray to the front of the backs of the frames.

4. I trimmed the excess, then sprayed the backs of each feather and adhered it to my fabric.

5. I added a matte to each frame, inserted the glass and ta-da.

DIY Feather Art -Easy Fall Project

DIY Feather Art & Fall Mantle

DIY Feather Art-Add texture to your fall decor & mantle

DIY Feather Art -City Farmhouse

I LOVE when I can create meaningful art for my walls that tells a story


reminds me to hold tight to those simple moments.

DIY Feather Art -Great neutral pallette for Fall

DIY Feather Art- Perfect for Fall

DIY Feather Art,Vintage books & Baby Boo

DIY Feather Art-layering fall textures

DIY Feather Art-Drop cloth, frames & some feathers-Easy fall project

DIY Feather Art-Seagull feather found on Dune Rd, Westhampton, NY

DIY Feather Art-Easy Fall Project-City Farmhouse

DIY Feather Art-Family collection of feathers from summer

DIY Feather Art-Create art from the things you collect & love

DIY Feather Art-Fall Mantle


If you have a bunch of different colored frames then paint them.

I used a dark gray on the larger frame and sprayed my smaller IKEA frames

with a cream.

Also, try to use what you have or buy some frames at a yard sale,

that is a great way to keep your cost down.

And who doesn’t LOVE a thrifty project that is meaningful & pretty:)!


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  1. I love this idea! I lost a beautiful Mille Fleur rooster to a predator yesterday… but have some of his gorgeous feathers left. I know what I’ll do to remember him now… though I will probably freeze them first to make sure there are no mites on them!

  2. I have a few feathers I have found on my morning walks and now know what I can do with them. Your frames look so nice!!

  3. I love not only the idea but also the colors you selected. I couldn’t agree more about painting frames. I do this all the time as I have boxes of them. Beautiful memories you collected with your family, too.

  4. oh I so love the framed feathers, now I am ready to go out for long walks to find feathers…
    I am just not sure if Fall in the larger Chicagoland area is a good time to find larger feathers.
    I will visit one of our on the lake bird sanctuaries there must be some feathers still be left behind.
    Thank you for sharing the idea. Does one need to treat the feathers in any way to protect them?
    [email protected]

  5. I’m always drawn to keep any feathers I find! I knew they were art! ha – now you’ve shown me what to do. Can’t wait to have this art in my home,

  6. Love your frames with feathers. They look so pretty and very now. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been seeing so much awesome art on blog land, the very simple things are what is most beautiful, what I’d most love to have in my home. You did a wonderful job framing your feathers. Do you ever make collages of shells to frame?
    When we lived out in country in KY (north of Bowling Green) our neighbor next door to us on farmland had guniea hens which loved to come visit our yard. They also liked to cross the highway we lived on and got run over so their feathers were blown back onto our yard. I’d go collect them, clean them up, freeze them so I could use them in arrangements later. Still have some of them. Poor dear hens. They were so funny, chased the cat and the dog.
    Smart to collect the feathers you find on the beach. Don’t know what beach you live by but I used to collect feathers at Pacific Beach in San Diego. Sure miss being able to find gorgeous shells and anything else on the beach. We haven’t lived there since May of ’92.
    Happy week

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