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Mudroom Dilemma: Paint vs Removable Wallpaper

One of the many areas in my home that hasn’t been in touched since we moved in 8 years ago is a very small mudroom and half bath off the kitchen. I’m really not sure why it’s been so overlooked but it’s time for a little refresh. Now that the kitchen has been redone and painted it is obvious this area needs some TLC. It is the dumping ground for school bags, shoes, socks, coats, sports equipment and more. I am excited to give it the makeover it deserves.

First thing is first, the wainscoting and doors need to be painted. I thought about Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore, which would look pretty with some of the wallpapers and wall paint options. I could also do a crisp, bright white. So there is that choice to be made and then there are the walls. I have wanted to try removable wallpaper for SO long. When this small project came up, I thought “this is it!” I ordered many samples and loved them but as time wore on I realized that I love too many patterns to stick with such a large commitment on the walls. John’s vote was paint, not removable wallpaper but to be honest I am back and forth. HELP!

Expanding my brand into textiles has been an incredible learning experience, wow! One that has come A LOT of decisions being made in a condensed amount of time. Honestly, my brain hurts. I may need more time to decide on the walls, ugh! Or you could help me. What do you think???

Makeover-Half Bath and Mudroom

City Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover

Here are the wall choices. Let me just throw one more thing out there. I could paint the door an accent color as well, humm…

BM Bashful BM Classic Gray

Classic Gray Benjamin MooreWestcott BM

Westcott Navy Benjamin Moore

SW Still Water

Still Water by Sherwin-Williams

SW Cast Iron

Cast Iron by Sherwin-Williams

BM Sea Salt

Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore

Ok, here are the most versatile removable wallpapers out there. They are classic, casual and fun. The patterns, although they are large can work well with many styles. I could see bold artwork as well as soft photography with any one of these.

The most versatile removable wallpaper



So what do you think? Paint or wallpaper?

Have a happy day friends!


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  1. I think you should go for the wallpaper! I don’t think you would tire of the pattern very quickly since it’s not a space you don’t spend a lot of time in.

  2. I think I would paint the bathroom (because cutting around stuff in a small room is a pain, so I personally would do something more permanent in there) and do some wallpaper in the mud room. I’m not sure of the color in it, but I do love the wallpaper you have propped up in your bathroom now, and it looks like it might match the Stillwater color above. I’m sure it will look beautiful whatever you do.

  3. I love paper #2, and I think caulk and a fresh coat of white paint below on the beadboard would look great. I second papering the mudroom and painting the bath. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  4. I love #2 wallpaper for the mud room and agree with Holly, go for paint in the lavatory. Since the paper is removable and not pasted it should be a simple fix if your not satisfied. I think I would go for a darker grey to contrast yet blend with the paper when both areas are visible together.The white wainscoting will make them both pop.

  5. The wallpaper!! I love it. You should do the bathroom too. It looks like the wainscoting might run behind the toilet, so it would be a really easy room to paper.

  6. I agree with Julie. Since both rooms can be seen from door way, white wainscoting and #2 wallpaper. Accent color rugs/towels etc. Neat little space.

  7. I like #2 wallpaper in the mud room with white beadboard and bashful on the walls in the bathroom. Paint the back door the westcott navy 😊

  8. #6! I have so wanted to try removable wall paper, I have seen it in many photos of many blogs. I say go for it!! The best thing about it, if you do grow tired of it in a few years you just peel it off!

  9. I like Still Water or or Cast Iron for wainscoting and Sea Salt above. The dark colors will hold up well in the mudroom where backbacks, boots, etc. get thrown around. It will be more dramatic as well as a change for the powder room. Sea Salt, what can I say, you look out at the ocean all day. It’s a great and flexible color. When you get tired of Sea Salt that blush color would be fun!

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