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Pottery Barn Knock Off Drapes-How I Saved Over $350

Pottery Barn Knock Off Drapes-How I saved over $350

Hi there friends! Are you curious how I saved over $350 on my family room drapes and still got the Pottery Barn look? My mind is always going, if you are creative like me & enjoy saving a buck or 2 whenever possible, then you can understand and appreciate this post. It all began when I changed the shades in this room, I needed a contrast with the new woven texture. I needed 6 panels and we both know that can be costly. I looked everywhere for drapes, Ikea, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. After I realized I wanted a crisp white, it was a relief to be able to focus in one direction. The rug in my family room is a bold pattern, so I knew something soft and neutral was a perfect choice, plus it gave me options if I wanted to change things down the road. I found THESE pretty white sheer linen drapes at Pottery Barn and even though they were pricey, I though I would take one panel home to see. I liked them but after doing the math I didn’t wanted to spend $500 on neutral, white drapes for my family room, I knew I needed to find an alternate plan.

Pottery Barn White Linen Drapes

So….I began to look for tablecloths, they were the perfect width and length, plus I knew I could find them cheap, the only problem would be finding 6. Also, I wanted a natural material such as cotton or linen. No luck at the local stores, so I checked H & M and there it was, the perfect tablecloth.

H & M tablecloth 17.99

Once they arrived I rigged them up on my windows to be sure I liked them. I created a tab with organza ribbon behind the material {back tab}, you can find a tutorial HERE. Sorry, I work so fast sometimes I forget to take pictures:). Then I steamed them, they were long so I puddled them, which is a nice look.

Easy Tips for Styling Your Mantle

Family Room Drapes-how I saved over $350

Family Room-Pottery Barn Knock Drapes {I saved over $250!}

Mantle styling-bringing together the surf & turf palette

How I saved over $350 on drapes

How to style a mantle adding a focal point{Minted Art}

PB Knock off Curtains

You can read more about my framed photograph & how to style a mantle HERE. Mantle Styling-using a rich, earthy palette

You can also find more info on my new leather chair and why I think every room should have a little leather HERE.

Sven Leather Chair{City Farmhouse}

Yes, that is an IKEA sectional, I have had it for 3 + years and still love it, you can find out more HERE.

mini family room makoever-city farmhouse

So what do you think? Six windows cost me just over $100 with tax and shipping, which is a fantastic savings! And I do love the texture, it’s a natural, light weight cotton so you can see the weave, a little like the linen but for way less.

If your gut tells you something is too much, trust it. I find when I walk away from something & think it through it always is a better choice no matter what I decide.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I’m actually trying to achieve the same look. So since you are such a good bargain hunter…did you get a great deal on your roman shades? And if you did , where did you find there?
    Thanks, Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, I bought my woven shades at 3 Day Blinds. They are custom, so that always costs more, I do love them. If you are wanting a cheaper version I found them at ATG is width sizes at every inch, which is a great alternative to custom. I am not sure they have the color variation but I will let you know, I just ordered them for my boys room. Thank you so much Kathy!! Have a great day!

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks! Yeah drapes can be SO expensive so I was glad it worked out:). Happy Saturday!!!

  2. They look great. That length of drapery is always more expensive so you did good. Your space is very beautiful by the way, I love the basked you have your potted plant in.

  3. I always say anyone can go spend a bunch of money at Pottery Barn and have a cute house, but it takes skill and creativity to decorate without going broke! Great job!

  4. Another way to make plain curtains is to use flat bedsheets. You can find sheets in anything from linen to cotton, microfiber, fabric blends and in many different thread counts to achieve the weight/look you want. For curtains, you don’t even need to have expensive high thread counts because the wear and tear on them will be far less than what it would be used for use on a bed.

    Bedsheets in twin sizes are approximately 66″ x 96″. So you can easily just add curtain clips to the bottom of the sheet and use “as is” especially if you need 95 – 96″ length. If you need a more standard 84″ length, you can easily cut off the unneeded length or allow to puddle at the floor. The top of the sheet would be used as the hem of the curtain since there is usually a larger “hem” there and often it’ll have a bit more sewed detail. Plus with the width being 66″ wide you’ll have generous folds.

    Additionally, you could also sew a small rod pocket if you don’t want to hang with curtain clips. Another bonus of using sheets: the side seams are already done too!

  5. Looks Great. I took a peek at the H&M website and I love the charcoal grey tablecloths. They would look fabulous too.

  6. You have great taste! Everything in your home is gorgeous! I plan to make these curtains using the H&M tablecloths 🙂 One quick question, are these curtains pretty sheer? Do they block off any sunlight at all? Or are they purely decorative? I want these for my sliding backyard door and there are no blinds there. Also for my oddly shape huge window in the dining room (no blinds there either).

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