Farmhouse Wares and Awesome Giveaway

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you but we have been on the go most of the summer, which has been so nice!

But…with fall around the corner there comes a need to nest,

to get back to basics and yes, decorate:).

With that being said I am so thrilled to share a new sponsor-


Betsy has an incredible shop that I know you will ALL LOVE!

The BEST part,

she is giving away a $50 gift certificate!!!

Framhouse Wares 50 gift card giveaway


There is a beautiful and sentimental story behind her journey to open this shop,

you can read HERE.

Here are a few words from Betsy,

“I’m especially drawn to farm living because it embraces the same values of sustainability and caring for the environment that I grew up with.

When I talk about environmentally-friendly, I’m not just referring to our planet, I’m referring to the very environments we live in.

I believe home is the place that keeps us centered and gratified.

I also believe the simple pleasures in life provide much needed sustenance. Our products help you rediscover clean, simple, comfortable living.

Our fresh, farmhouse style home decor has an inviting vintage feel with plenty of practicality–perfect for any country home. This is my dream come true.”

Here are a few of my favorites…..

Rustic Glass Dryer Rack

Preserved Boxwood Wreaths with Ribbon Trim

Vintage Style Scale Clock

Feed Sack Style Table Runner with Blue Stripes

Apothecary Soap Dish

“Practice Conservation” Vintage Style Laundry Bag

Farmhouse Furniture Wax by Sweet Grass Farm

Zinc Chalkboard Flower Tags

Wire Mesh Cubby with Coat Rack

 To enter to win this awesome gift card,

1.     Comment on this post.
2.     Check out Farmhouse Wares and leave a comment here about your favorite product
3.     Subscribe to their email newsletter to receive info on special offers and leave a third comment
4.    LIKE their Facebook page and leave a fourth comment
5.     Lastly, follow them on Pinterest and leave one last comment
I will announce the winners Saturday morning:).
Good luck!

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  1. Wow! What fun stuff….love it all. I did check out the site and will be returning. Hard to choose a favorite, but the drying rack is pretty darn cute.

  2. Love this shop! Amazing products that will make your home feel so warm. My favorite product is the set of herb crates, but I’m getting married next August and would love to buy the cake stand for our special day!

  3. My favorite item on the Farmhouse Wares site is the adorable Nesting Herb Crates…I am attempting to make some of my own right now

  4. The vintage cheese label lazy susan caught my eye. Also like the boxwood wreaths as they go any old where in a farmhouse. 🙂

  5. . . . and finally, looking forward to the Farmhouse Wares newsletters. Thanks again for the chance to win.

  6. I love Farmhouse Wares. Their style is exactly what I love! I also love what Betsy had to say about the farmhouse style. I often comment on how I wish things were simpler in life!

  7. I love Farmhouse Wares! I’ve bought my daughter several gifts for her upcoming wedding from them because it truly fits her style 🙂 So many of their products remind me of visiting my Grandma’s house as a child. I love the feed sack table runners–so cute!

  8. I am already subscribed to their enewsletter and love seeing the product specials!

  9. So excited to find Betsy and her blog which reminds me an awful lot of my life growing up on a farm with the chickens and the pigs! It was dad’s dream farm although he had to go to the office every day to pay the bills.

    1. I’m in love with her Farmhouse Stoneware Measuring Cup Set! But there are several items that are close runner-ups to them. These items bring back memories and I’ve enjoyed browsing thru her wares. Betsy needs a blog!

  10. Okay… Must. Calm. Heart. It would be nearly impossible to pick one thing if I did win, but my favorites (so far) are the vintage scale clock, the white ware vases, or the nesting herb crates! But any of these would fit perfectly in my new lake-cottage/farmhouse style kitchen!

  11. I LOVE Farmhouse Wares! Trying to pick a favorite… I’m not sure I could pick just one!!! I love their cake stands, the nesting herb boxes, the cast iron twine and scissors is so adorable… I could go on, but suffice it to say, to me, this site is like a kid in a candy store! Thanks!

  12. I really like the Farmhouse Stoneware Measuring Cup Set but my favorite is the Antique White Coat Rack W/ Vintage Style Wires!

  13. I would have to say the cup drying rack and “it wasn’t easy to decide”. So many great and unusual items. I always have so many cups that I have used & hand wash… but also it would be great just to display your pretties.

  14. You know what, I would love to win this prize but I am not entering the contest. I have enough friends on facebook and it takes me forever to through each day – I don’t need more. I already get your blog by E-mail and approximately 75 more per day and I sign up for the ones I want not the ones I need to win a contest. I’m sorry but I’m through.

  15. I’ve always loved Farmhouse Wares. I’d probably buy everything they sell if I could haha! If I had to pick one (or two) things though, it’d probably be the galvanized pedestal or the drying rack.

  16. OK..checked out the farmhouse wares shop…what’s not to love!! Love the boxwood wreaths, the office sign and the water buffalo name a few. Off to follow you on all the other places!

  17. I think the boxwood wreaths are my favorite. I know just the place to put them in my house! 😉

  18. Thanks for telling me about this shop! I signed up for email!
    Love the hen casserole dish and many other things….

  19. I saw an ad in Romantic Homes and wanted to check out the screen dome food covers. Then I saw on their site that they have a blog & read about your blog! 🙂

  20. So far, I think my favorite item is the Farmhouse Stoneware Batter Bowl. I think I will have to get one of those soon because I don’t have anything like it. I am torn at the moment, between the yellow and celery green.

  21. I’ve wanted a glass drying rack forever and this one is the perfect size. Also, give me anything with a cloche on top of it! Love my cloches!

  22. I’m sorry .. I and other people don’t do Facebook, can’t they have a give away with out Facebook???

  23. I love the anchor door knocker & door stop. After visiting Cape Cod, I’ve come back all inspired and these would fit the bill nicely!

  24. Oh my gosh, the Coastal Farmhouse collection is amazing. I want all of it. The whitewash wire wall basket is so neat!

  25. Well, I’m excited for you and for me! This is a win ~ win! Good luck to both of us.

  26. I love the feed sack table runner with the red stripe. But I pretty much love everything!

  27. Love the Farmhouse Wares site. Don’t know if I could name just one item I love the most, their products are all amazing. I do say though that I love the metal cage flower frog vase & wire caddy and the fresh eggs sign.

  28. Oooh, love this stuff! I am closing on our house on Friday and I can’t wait to decorate my country kitchen. This store is perfect for me!

  29. I really like the whitewashed wire wall basket. That would be great to hang in my laundry room and use it as a catch-all! I liked the lanterns too!

  30. I love the site. I have wanted a Rustic Glass Dryer Rack for a long time. This has to be a favorite of mine! Thanks again!

  31. I signed up for their email.. Cant wait to see and read about all the new and latest items.

  32. My decor is a more primitive and Colonial, but I always love having time to visit you here, as you have WONDERFUL merchandise! And I see much that I can use in my own home.

    My favorite item of the moment is the zinc chalkware flower tags. So cute and I have a million ideas where I could use them!

  33. Especially love the Coastal Farmhouse items-the little brass sand timer is sweet!

  34. The red dog biscuit canister is darling! Exactly the type of thing a dog lover like me would have in their home. Marcy

  35. Excellent sponsor! I checked out their site and my favorites are the grain sack table runner and the Industrial gymnasium clock… which is currently out of stock… BOO!

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