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Free Watercolor Love Printable

Free watercolor printable

Happy Friday friends! I thought today would be a perfect day to share something free and to also say thank you for all of your support. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and although I do get excited to celebrate love on that day, it is a sentiment that I have in my home all year. Through the 15+ years I have been with Mr. CF we have moved 6 times, to different states and houses & each time I have always felt the same way, he {& my boys} are my home. I would go anywhere and live anywhere, as long as we were together. The saying captures this feeling perfectly and it’s a pretty blush color, which I love for a few reasons, you can find one of them HERE. You can use this saying all year, anywhere in your home from the bedroom, family room, bathroom and kids rooms. I was even thinking they would make a cute Valentine if printed in wallet size. However you use it, I hope you enjoy it. I have 2 versions below, the first lighter one is the one printed in this vignette, it prints in a light blush tone, the 2nd will print in more of a bubble gum hue and will be darker.

Before I let you go, I just wanted to address one quick thing, the iPhone pop up ads. Well they aren’t ads, they are spam and have nothing to do with me or my ad network. It has been brought to my attention that anyone who has an iPhone and views from one is getting this annoying pop up. I am going to be doing more digging today, you are all so important to me and I value your thoughts, so please know I am on this and if there is something I can do about it, I will. My apologizes, I know how frustrating it is and how I felt when it happened to me.

Love Printable

Love Printable {for all seasons}

You are my favorite place-Valentine PrintableJust right click & save as.

Version 1-light blush tone {like above}….

Free watercolor printable. You are my favorite place in blush.

Version 2-a little darker {will be a light bubble gum, perfect for a little girls room}…..

Free watercolor printable. You are my favorite place in bubble gum.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Hi Jen! I love your free watercolor Love printable! I am trying to print one for myself but nothing is happening when I right click the image. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Lisa, when you right click a window should pop up and then click “save as”. Hope it works for you:). Jen

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