The First Style House Pre-Post

Happy Monday!
 I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
I wanted to first off give a HUGE thank you to all
who voted for City Farmhouse in the
We finished at #37, which was a great accomplishment!
Maybe next year we can hit Top 25:).
I also wanted to share with you an exciting
NEW feature 
that I will be starting on
Friday, June 1st called
“Style House.”
It continue to run on the
 first Friday of every month.
We are all curious about how we choose to
decorate our homes & we love to get ideas
from each other so
I thought I would create a feature,
where we could embrace one
 another’s ideas & decorating styles. 
“Style House” 
celebrates everyday families,
living everyday lives with
extraordinary style.
Through narration and images, 
each month a different
 family will share with you a
look inside their home.
Here is a sneak peek 
at the very first home that will be featured.  
 home is owned by an amazing family in 
historic Bellport,NY
It is an original Sears, Roebuck & Co. Modern Homes
kit house and was restored in 2004. 
It is believed by the owners to be the 
“Maytown (Model No. 167)” 
built around 1910-1912.
At the time it was purchased all the
materials and instructions  were shipped,
probably by railroad,
to the buyer to be build on his own.
The cost would have been 
between $645 and $2,038.
Amazing, huh….

 The After
The Before

Excited to see more?

I know I am!
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Have a nice week:)!

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