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DIY Denim Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Hi there friends!! Christmas decorating is in full swing over here and I have lots of fun and easy ideas to share. Currently I am working on my family room and tree, which I decided to go with a Norwegian vibe highlighting blues, organic elements, light wood tones and tons of texture. Every year I try to create a tree that reflects my colors and theme while keeping it family friendly.

This year I enlisted the help of Jack to make these fun denim ornaments made from cutter cutters of all things!

What you will need for this project….

cookie cutters


card stock

old denim shirt or denim fabric

tacky spray

drop cloth


thin twine



How to make your denim ornaments….

1. Lay out your drop cloth in a well ventilated area, maybe outside or in a garage.
2. Spray your card stock lightly & evenly and lay your denim over the top. Press firmly from the center out. Trim the edges.
3. Trace the outside of your cookie cutters and cut them out.
4.  Embellish them with a Sharpie or any kind of fabric pen.
5. Use a thick nail to create a hole and thread your thin twine. Tie at the top.

Cute right?!

Jack LOVED helping with these! They are also great to make with scrapbook paper too! Find an interesting pattern and it will be a cool addition to your tree! All in good fun!

In cased you missed my Holiday Den just click HERE to take the tour…

It’s a fun activity that promotes fine motor skills with tracing and cutting with your little ones.Have a happy day! Thursday is the Holiday Housewalk, so stay tuned!!!

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  1. Adorable! My 8 year old crafty girl will be all over this! 🙂 Thanks & hope you’re all doing well!

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